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2023 Ford Super Duty Will Officially Debut This Fall

The 2023 Ford Super Duty has been spotted by Ford Authority spies in a number of configurations multiple times over the past several months, giving us a preview of what to expect from the refreshed model when it debuts. As Ford Authority reported last month, 2023 Ford Super Duty order banks are scheduled to open up on October 17th, 2022, with production following a few months later. Now, Ford CEO Jim Farley himself has revealed a rough timeline of when we can expect to see the 2023 Super Duty in the flesh.

“And also, this fall, we’ll be introducing an all-new Super Duty pickup, the workhorse at Ford, and it sets a standard in our industry. There’s much more to come,” Farley said while speaking on the automaker’s Q2 earnings call.

Most recently, Ford Authority spies have spotted a 2023 Ford Super Duty F-450 dually, the rugged, off-road-focused Tremor for the very first time, and an F-350 XL regular cab model, giving us a look at a wide array of available configurations. Though all have been wearing a considerable amount of camo, we can clearly see that the refreshed pickup will sport a new front end design with C-clamp headlights and a revised grille, an integrated bed step, and restyled taillights in the rear.

The interior of the 2023 Super Duty has also been spotted on multiple occasions, starting with a peek at the bare-bones XL cabin and an assembly line video showing off its Ford F-150 inspired treatment. More recently, Ford Authority spies gave us our first look at the truck’s single binnacle design, which is a big departure from the existing model’s dual binnacle layout. As for powertrains, the 2023 Super Duty will not be getting a hybrid option, as Ford Authority recently reported.

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  1. Jane

    Ford already raised the price a few times this year alone on the Super Duty line. They better not raise it yet again. We will be switching to RAM since they give $10k off of sticker, and RAMS interior is much nicer.

    1. Eric Ledger

      Agreed Jane, Ford needs to also honor their preferred customer discount offered on placing a order with a 90 day offer only to shut down the order banks on the Super duty in 2022 just 7 days after the email offer was sent.

    2. Darrell

      Where are you guys getting 10k off of MSRP for Rams? I’m in the market for a new dually and have given up on Ford

  2. Martin Dekubber

    Still waiting and waiting and waiting for a word on my 2022 platinum ordered in September of 2021 not a peep so far.If you order your 2023 you may get it by 2025 .

  3. John

    I driven ford trucks for 42 years. I ordered a super duty in Jan.22, because of course you can’t walk on their lot and buy one! No one calls me for any updates. They say “ ford hasn’t picked up my order”…? If they try to up-charge me, if it ever comes in, I’m done!

  4. Harry

    You’re definitely going to see a lot of changes with this new Super Duty. We’ve already seen spy shots of a side bed step. But, if you look closely at the rear bumper, I did see that it looks like Ford is sticking a step on the corners of rear bumper. Something GM has been doing for years.

  5. DJ

    What big changes? New frame, better brakes, better fuel economy would be nice. O yea, stop increasing prices on old tech. I see more overloading on the highways more than ever.

  6. Dawayne

    We are thinking after 22 yrs of walking away from Ford, we’ve always bought them for our small fleet but Ford and GM lots are empty and look like buy here pay here lots. If this chip was so important why are they outsourcing it? Ram has a great looking truck since 2018 and with the Cummins 6.7 turbo maybe it’s time to switch, Ford has the trucks with market adjustment of $15,000 per truck our salesman told us to hold off and sent us to ram no market adjustment and they have a lower price than the f250/350 chevy/2500/3500. Ram has come a long way. Doing my research with ram owners just in case Ford keeps this market adjustment then we’ll definitely change our small fleet to ram in Brookville fl.

  7. David Middleton

    Ford is doing there best to be put out of business it seems, dealers marking cars up 10 k just because they can , ford motor company can stop that if they want too,that’s the key word if they want too ,the ram dealers owner owns the ford dealer here too and the salesman there said this and I quote GM,Ford and Ram have gone totally crazy but the least crazy of the 3 is ram ,but I was going to buy a new ford F350 dually till the dealer told me it would over 100k cause of the mark ups on it ,I told him to go screw himself really good then I went to ram dealer the ram dealer was willing to knock 10k off the sticker and so was GMC Dealer but Ford hell no so when all of Fords management are sitting in their marble shit houses they had built in their offices and wondering why they are going the way of Pontiac , Oldsmobile ,Mercury then they can think about the way they done the American people ,and why they are going broke and electric are not going to save them because whe we have a regime change in this country electric cars will go by the way side its just a fad the people in power will not let the internal combustion engine die because of the money big oil put to them rest assured on that .

    1. Darrell

      Same question as above. Where are you guys getting 10k offers off of GMC and RAM HD trucks?

      1. Chad

        I’m waiting for someone to answer this question as well. Right now your lucky to get one for msrp.


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