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2023 Lincoln Aviator Production Update May Ditch Subwoofers, Amplifier

The 2023 Lincoln Aviator has been in production since late May, bringing about minor changes to the luxury crossover ahead of its expected 2024 model year refresh. For starters, two new exterior colors were added, while a black roof option was made available for the Black Label trim. More changes are on the way, however, this time in the form of feature deletions, as Ford Authority has learned that the 2023 Aviator lineup may lose the subwoofer and amplifier options.

As of August 29th, 2022 production, 2023 Lincoln Aviator units that roll off the line at the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant will have the subwoofer and amplifier removed. At this time, it’s unclear if this will be a required option for all models, or if it will apply to specific trim levels. While it’s also unclear if this change is related to the ongoing global microchip shortage, it’s highly possible that the circumstance contributed to the decision to delete the aforementioned audio features.

As a reminder, the 2023 Lincoln Aviator currently offers two sound systems. The first is the standard Lincoln Premium Audio System, which includes 10 speakers spaced throughout the cabin, including subwoofers. The second is the Revel Audio System, which is available on Reserve, Grand Touring and Black Label trim levels. This system upgrades the sound story to 14 speakers, including one subwoofer.

The Aviator has been steadily improving its sales position in its segment. Sales of the three-row luxury crossover fell eight percent to 10,950 units during the first six months of the 2022 calendar year. While that might not seem like great news, the performance outpaces the segment – which contracted an average of 19 percent.

While the 2024 Lincoln Aviator is expected to bring a refresh to the Lincoln Aviator, bigger changes are on the horizon, as an all-electric version is expected to launch in late 2024.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Roy Jones

    Lincoln should offer any changes as an option to add back deductions for owner satisfaction. We experienced a deduction with the self closing doors in our 2022 Grand Touring. We have found this deduction to cause our Lincoln into a hard door closing Chevy. We hate having to slam the doors due to a tight cabin pressure.

  2. Barbara

    I own a 2022 Lincoln Corsair. The sound system is a joke. It sounds like an old transistor radio.

    1. Edward

      I have a 2022 Corsair Grand Touring, with the Revel sound system. It is sublime. Listening to everything from grand classical pieces to jazz to Eminem or Lady Gaga, all sounds amazing, with great range and clarity.

    2. Chuck H

      Barbara: I got a real kick out of the transistor radio comment because that’s how my daughters Navigator sounded until I went into the settings adjustments. Now it actually sounds pretty good. I have a hard time believing the Factory Engineers put their best foot forward in the tuning of these sound systems, to wow their high-end customers. The hardware is there and impressive, but the final ability for tuning to excellence is not.

  3. Dewarn Reed

    Lincoln need 2 really come stronger & think outside the box 1st what about suicide doors on the corsair, bigger grill, much needed new instrument panel the back looks good with better rims then bring back the MARK X (10) as a 2 door convertible sport luxury price at $45 starting & stop making the Nav so boxy

  4. Dewarn Reed

    Corsair needs suicide doors, bigger grill, fresh new colors, bigger screen, with a new security find system, then bring back the MARK series as a 2 door sport luxury hard top convertible starting at $45 to $75 thousands

  5. Eugene

    I just purchased/ordered a 2023 Reserve trim model with the stereo in mind. It is on order, and I hope they will replace said system parts when they are available, over time, per the purchase contract.

  6. Eric

    They are saying there is a chip shortage going on cause we are still experiencing from this pandemic. Auto industry is taking hits from this pandemic. That is the reason they aren’t installing these stereo speakers. They have to make changes. All auto makers making changes. My brother ordered a Porsche like 1 1/2 going on 2 years now. Still not in. World we living in right now. May have to wait out this pandemic for a while for things to get back to prepandemic times. Or at least somewhat what it was.

  7. Eric

    Dewarn Reed, suicide doors on a corsair? Lol 🤣 out your mind? Would never do that. That is Lincoln trademark for the continental. Maybe would think about doing on the navigator but corsair cmon now lol ridiculous 🙄


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