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2024 Ford Ranger Will Debut North American Variant Of All-New Midsize Pickup

Over the past few months, Ford Authority has received a not-insignificant amount of letters asking when the all-new, next-gen Ford Ranger will launch in North America, since Ford has already debuted the next-gen Ranger in a few worldwide markets. So, we’re here to set the record straight about the 2024 Ford Ranger, specifically as it relates to its production and launch timeframes.

Customers in the U.S. should expect to see the all-new, next-gen Ranger arrive as a 2024 model year vehicle. This means that the 2023 Ford Ranger will be the final year for the current-generation model, for which it received the Splash Package, Splash Jungle Package and Splash Limited Edition. The current-gen Ford Ranger is expected to remain in production until April 2023 at the Michigan Assembly Plant, after which assembly of the next-gen 2024 Ford Ranger will begin, roughly in May 2023. In fact, the all-new model will remain in production for eight years, as Ford Authority exclusively reported earlier this year, though it’s worth noting that Ford can modify that timeline if it deems fit.

Next-gen Ford Ranger interior (Australian-market model).

Next-gen Ford Ranger interior (Australian-market model)

Since the next-gen Ford Ranger has already been announced globally, Ford Authority already knows quite a bit about the all-new midsize truck. That said, the 2024 Ford Ranger slated for sale in North America will have some important differences from the models sold in international markets. For example, we know that the next-gen Ranger features a digital instrument cluster as standard, abandoning the old-school analog instrument cluster in favor of a fully customizable eight-inch display. Additionally, the 2024 Ford Ranger offers a choice of either a standard 10.1-inch infotainment screen, or optional 12-inch screen, depending on the owner’s preference. It will also ditch the traditional hard copy owner’s manual in favor of a digital version.

Next-gen Ford Ranger WildTrak (Australian market model).

Next-gen Ford Ranger WildTrak (Australian market model)

The next-gen Ford Ranger is better at being used as a truck, since it will feature a wider bed than the current-gen model, along with a myriad of storage and organization solutions to make the process of hauling cargo smoother and more convenient. The truck also boasts 360-degree load and zone lighting, making it much easier to unload or load up gear in the dark. Additionally, the tailgate features a built-in ruler and clamp pockets, turning the next-gen Ranger into a mobile workbench of sorts.

Next-gen Ford Ranger Raptor undergoing testing in early 2022.

Next-gen Ford Ranger Raptor undergoing testing in early 2022

Perhaps the most exciting change on the way to the 2024 Ford Ranger is the addition of the Ford Ranger Raptor as a high-performance variant. The upcoming Ranger Raptor will be powered by Ford’s 3.0L EcoBoost V6 as Ford Authority was the first to report last year. While exact output figures are currently unknown, we expect the twin-turbo six to throw down around 400 horsepower 400 pound-feet of torque. The same engine in the Ranger’s T6 platform mate, the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor, is rated at 418 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque.

Ford Authority expects the 2024 Ford Ranger to be offered in the SuperCrew cab (the one with four full-size doors) and an option of a five-foot or six-foot bed. Though not confirmed, it’s likely that the SuperCab option (the one with full-size front doors and two rear half-doors) will not be offered in the U.S. or Canada.

Under the hood, expect the current 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 engine as well as the aforementioned 3.0L EcoBoost V6 in the Ranger Raptor. Both boosted gasoline sippers will be mated to Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Matt

    12.1 inch screen…I am so over the big screens in the center dash. I want buttons so I can keep my eyes on the road.

    1. Rich G

      I see multiple knobs there, so I don’t know what the big deal is.

  2. Adam

    And what about the PHEV version?

  3. Tim

    Agreed Matt ! So much concern about talking on your phone but it’s ok to scan a huge screen to see what’s on the internet or scroll through multiple menus to adjust your radio volume !

    1. Dave

      That’s ridiculous, you can’t access the Internet on the screen and there is a volume knob and volume buttons on the steering wheel for the radio, no need to scroll through menus. Besides, you can use voice commands for most functions on the screen.

  4. blksn8k

    No mention of the 2.7L V6 EB? I guess I’m not surprised seeing as how that particular engine is also used in the F-150 and Ford has never shared the same engine in the F-150 and Ranger. Never. Can’t have that even though it’s also used in the Bronco and would make a great compliment to the Tremor package. Wouldn’t want to make the Ranger too attractive now would we?

    1. BigRichard

      Totally feel you. I’d like to see a V6 option in a non-Raptor trim. The Bronco spec 2.7L would be a great fit for the Lariat trim, or Tremor package as you said. They are so afraid of putting a tiny dent in their F-150 sales that they are willing to completely sell the Ranger short until it withers and dies (again).

  5. Shaun

    I love my 2021 Tremor XLT, it’s been a solid little truck.

    I am eagerly waiting to see details of the upcoming N.American version of the Ranger. Seems like the Maverick is getting all the love…and I’d really hate to see the Ranger get squeezed out….again….

    If they do indeed go again with the 2.3 I4 turbo I hope it is tweaked a bit now that GM has countered with their 2.7 I4 GM

    Ford Ranger 270hp / 310 ft lbs tq
    GM Canyon/Colorado 310hp / 420 ft lbs tq

    If I had a small wish list for my next venture into the Ranger it would be the following:

    – PHEV variant – ( puts power #’s and mpg back on top)
    – Heated mirrors ( All trims for Canada for sure)
    – Power rear sliding window
    – Sunroof

    1. finalley99

      Ford Performance has a tune upgrade to increase HP/Torque for the 2.3

  6. James

    Is there any chance the non Raptor variant could get passive and GDI rather than just GDI? Ford (and now Toyota due to the exchange of info) are leading with this. It would be a benefit to their small truck engine to have GDI + passive injectors.

  7. Michael

    I will be very disappointed if I can’t get a supercab !

  8. JG Indiana

    It seems Ford is doing the same thing as they previously did when they stopped Ranger production. What do you hear most about, the Ford F-150 lightening (EV) or the Maverick (EV made in Mexico) or the same old Ranger ?

  9. Daniel

    Why don’t ford build ranger in size it was once , it would sell more ranger. I self and others ,I talk to would buy it . We don’t want some truck like what you see on road today

    1. Ryan

      The size is driven by overseas markets. The target markets don’t drive F150s so they keep wanting more and more capability out of the midsize trucks. Which is why Ford created the Maverick for the domestic market.

      If the Ranger was smaller maybe they would sell more in the US, but overall worldwide they would sell less

  10. Daniel

    Ford needs ranger the same sixes it was once, small quirk horse of a truck

  11. Scotty

    I’ll probably buy the 2023 Everest variant of this when I move overseas. Something the US will never see.

  12. Rick Way

    How about an all aluminum body.. ?

  13. Mr Thomas

    Has anyone heard anything about a moonroof roof??? It’s kind of ridiculous that the past 2019 Ford ranger did not have a moonroof and then they stick a moonroof on the Ford maverick.

  14. Randy H

    I thought the new generation of Ranger and Ranger Raptor was coming to the United States in 2023? Isn’t that what the CEO c5 and media outlets have stated for the past year?

    1. wasteoftime

      i feel lied to as well. im done with ford

      1. Larry McElvogue

        I Was looking for an extended cab Ranger now they say the U.S.and Canada are not going to be able to get it. I think FoCo doesn’t get it.

  15. Anthony

    Thank you for this article ! I have been digging for info on a release date for the ranger raptor on America cecause I am planning on buying one. If production begins on may 2023, does Antone know of roughly when books would open to order one? I literally can’t wait and need to decide on buying a 2023 canyon or wait for this beast.

  16. Robert

    Don’t forget to add a manual transmission!

  17. Todd

    Meh, glad I love my 2019 Lariat fx4. Although a 2.7 option might have made me curious. Now the question will be can you actually buy one with a less than year wait with all its electronics?

  18. Bill

    Slightly annoyed that the look that made me want to order a ranger is not the look that I’m getting when, up until now, all I’ve seen about 2023 has been the new model. May cancel the order, honestly.

  19. Dan Komray

    When will a Hybrid Engine Option be offered on the Next Gen Ranger?

  20. finalley99

    I want to see a Ranger Raptor with a 30+ gal extended range fuel tank option with an aluminum body like the F150.

  21. Ryan

    I hope those sport bars are optional and not tied specifically to a trim level. I personally do not like them and while I have noticed some pictures do not have them, I fear that it may be specifically tied to a trim level and not a removable option.

  22. Michael Randolph Gray

    crew cab – no thanks – you just told me i won’t be buying one.

  23. 3Pedals

    Bring back the manual transmission!

  24. wasteoftime

    waited two years for the model change only to find out its only coming out overseas. they get a single cab version too. im tapping out from ford, sorry you lost another customer to toyota.


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