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Five 2023 Ford Vehicles Qualify For New Pre-Order Discount Incentive

Last year, Ford launched a new custom order discount that takes $1,000 off the cost of a new vehicle that customers order, not in-stock inventory. At that time, the Ford custom order discount was available on virtually every vehicle in the automaker’s lineup, save for its hotter new models. However, back in May, Ford eliminated this discount for four models – the Ford Expedition, Ford EcoSport, Ford Ranger, and Ford Transit Connect. Now, a dealer bulletin seen by Cars Direct reveals that these pre-order discounts are returning for select 2023 Ford vehicles.

However, these discounts only apply to five 2023 Ford vehicles, and the incentive is half of what it was last year – $500 this time around in the form of the Retail Order Bonus Customer Cash Certificate. The vehicles that are eligible for this new offer are the Ford F-150 (the Tremor, Raptor, Raptor R, and Lightning are excluded, however), Ford Bronco Sport, Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, and Ford Ranger.

To get the deal, customers will need to place an order for one of these 2023 model year vehicles within a specified period – between August 2nd and September 5th, 2022 – though the custom-order discount is set to expire on January 3rd, 2023. For those that prefer to lease, the automaker is also offering those customers a a separate $500 Retail Order RCL Cash incentive.

It’s worth noting that this pre-order discount incentive is able to be combined with some other offers, including a recently-announced financing rate lock deal for retail customers that order a vehicle from the 2023 Ford lineup and is part of the automaker’s Summer Supercharged Sales Event. The deal – officially called the Retail Order Rate Lock Low APR Private Offer – is only good on select models, but ranges from a 2.9 percent APR for 60 months, 3.9 percent for 72 months, and 4.9 percent for financing over 84 months.

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  1. Clare

    Anyone know if the ‘23 order bonus is available in Canada as well? Nothing on Ford Canada website about it.

    1. Liam

      Why is it in many many of the last 8-9 NASCAR races Chevy’s were that much faster than Ford? What is the big mystery, why isn’t Ford blowing away Chevy? Yes they won Michigan more by happen-stance than performance.

      1. Ford500guy

        Yeah, ya know that Kevin Harvick is on a roll to win his 3rd Nascar championship and just because Ford has only 6 wins this year is a big learning curve due to the new car… So don’t slam the Ford’s to bad cause they may just come back and bite you in the ass…

  2. Peter

    Here is what I noticed. The vehicles that Ford is taking the longest to deliver on, are never the ones that qualify for lower APRs or cash incentives or any type. Hey, thanks for your Bronco order, we will deliver it sometime before 2024, maybe. We don’t have any incentives or bonus cash for pre-ordering the Bronco. Oh, btw if you order an F150 ot will take less time you get 2.9% of 60 months and $500 off. Plus it arrives in 90 days.

    1. Tom F.

      Ford isnt even opening the bank for Broncos in 2023. All orders jave been promised to be delivered that ate currently in. They have 160,000 overdue 22 Broncos, which after a certaon date will be switch to 23 model year and delivered on customer orders as filled. All orders not in are dead. All reservations not already converted to orders are dead… Try again for a 24 next year.

  3. Robonoris

    Bonuses 500, and dealers charge you 5000 over msrp, what is that good for, just another BS from ford

  4. noname

    my dealer said no incentives on a 2023 f150. what gives?


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