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Ford Edge Top Ranked Vehicle In U.S. For Brand Loyalty In May 2022

The Ford Edge has enjoyed some success in recent months, posting a healthy 19.24 percent sales increase in Q1 of this year and ranking fourth in the mid-size and full-size mainstream crossover segment in the U.S. with a 6 percent market share. And even though it’s on the brink of being discontinued, the Ford Edge was also the top ranked vehicle in the U.S. in terms of brand loyalty in May 2022, according to new data from IHS Markit, with an impressive 71.2 percent score.

The Ford Edge took the top spot in this particular measure by a fairly healthy margin, beating out the second-place Tesla Model 3, which finished with a loyalty score of 67.9 percent, as well as the Toyota Corolla (66.1 percent), Mercedes-Benz S-Class (65.9 percent), Toyota Corolla Cross (65.8 percent), Chevrolet Equinox (65.6 percent), Tesla Model X (65.5 percent), and Chevrolet Trax (64.8 percent).

IHS Markit derives its data from new and used registration and loyalty information and publishes those figures as part of its monthly Top 10 Trends Industry Report, which aims to identify high-level trends in the new and used automotive markets in the U.S.

Regardless of this good news, as Ford Authority reported back in June of 2020 and confirmed this past January, the next-generation Ford Edge has already been canceled in a surprising move that seemingly stems from labor negotiations over the future of the Oakville Assembly plant, where the Lincoln Nautilus is also built. Ford and the Canadian union Unifor eventually came to an agreement that will see the Oakville Assembly plant retooled to produce five new EVs starting in 2025.

Meanwhile, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated that he believes the Ford Mustang Mach-E is a “much better product” when compared to the Edge, noting that range is the one thing the ICE crossover has over its EV counterpart.

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  1. Joe

    Yes, Ford you are getting rid of one of your most loved vehicle for EVS that you can’t make and people can’t afford.

    1. Gordon E.

      Amen! Bought Our 2015 Edge after test driving the daughter’s Edge. Overall ride, comfort,abd quality have been absolutely great! In 7 years and 80,000 miles, the Edge has required ONE tire pressure sensor!! And it was defective when new. I plan to purchase another Edge before they’re gone. EVs may be the future but in our hilly terrain, and NO charge stations for 75 miles or more, not going to happen!

  2. Rick

    I don’t understand Ford. First they get rid of all of their cars. I own a 2018 Taurus SEL and I love it ! The Taurus was a best seller that pulled Ford out of red ink many years ago and then they discontinue it. Now the next best thing they have going on is the Edge. I would definitely buy an Edge ST. The Mustang Mach E is butt ugly, is electric and doesn’t have good range and did I mention ugly ! With the decision to end the Edge I will be switching to Toyota and buying a Camry XSE V-6.

  3. Will

    We have owned 3 Ford Edges, we just moved up to the Lincoln Nautilus, which is based off the Edge to get a bit nicer interior. They are getting rid of the Lincoln also. Ford is running out of choices for our next vehicles. The push to EVS will not happen as quick at they expect and many recalls and tow trucks willbe needed.

  4. John

    I’ve more Ford’s than I can count starting with a ’62 Comet. Current garage has a ’14 Fusion Hybrid and a ’19 Edge ST. Getting ready to replace both of them and for the first time seriously considering a different brand. Why? Because I don’t want a EV to replace my Edge, and wife still wants a sedan. Farley you’re ruining Ford – you’re not listening to your most important asset – your (heretofore) loyal customers.

  5. Matthew

    We pick up our 6th straight Lincoln Nautilus next week. 2.7L GAS ENGINE. Looks like we might just buy this lease out in 3 years. Killing the best Lincoln vehicle with no replacement is a very bad move for the brand. I suppose they are working on a Lincoln version of the Mach-E, and in 3 years, maybe the infrastructure will be there to support it? I also have a 10 year old FLEX Limited 3.5L Ecoboost that I will keep until it no longer moves, as FORD has nothing close to as nice as it. Explorers all have cheap plastic around the wheel wells and cheaper interiors. Aviators are nice, but I’m not paying $80 grand to replace my FLEX.

  6. Bryan Mclellan

    So the Edge brings back more customers to Ford dealerships than any other vehicle. I would think they would cherish and evolve the product. No, Farley says “cancel the Edge”. Is this guy supposed to be smart?

  7. Shane McNulty

    I own a 2019 Ford Edge which I love. I am looking ahead as to what I will purchase in two years. I’ve been a Ford customer since 1993 (Explorer) and am not interested in owning an EV vehicle. Looks like I won’t be a Ford customer for the first time in three decades. Such a shame.

  8. Lyle

    I have owned a 2011, 2014 and 2020 Edge. I have always liked the size of the vehicle for my purposes and I have gotten good gas economy out of each one, especially the 2020 with a 4 cylinder eco boost engine (about 29+ mph on the highway). I am very disappointed that Ford is dropping this vehicle and going all in for battery powered vehicles. I expect to stay with ICEs if Ford makes something that that fits the bill. I don’t need a X-mile long extension cord to keep me going on trips.

  9. Jim O

    As others have said, typical Ford. Taurus, dropped it. Fusion, dropped it, now Edge, dropping it. They are not listening to their most loyal customers. I’m as much a Ford guy as anyone. My wife has a 15 Escape. I saw that there is a possibility that after 25 they will drop that also. Then they wonder why the Korean cars do so well……..its all that will be left that is affordable!

  10. Dave P

    RE: Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated that he believes the Ford Mustang Mach-E is a “much better product” when compared to the Edge. What is he smoking?
    Current owner of an Edge.

    1. Michele M.

      Not better for us either…try putting a car seat in a mustang🙄

  11. Tim

    We went from a 2013 Edge to a 2017 Edge, sad it won’t be around when we’re ready for another one.

  12. Robin Yoder

    FORD – you’re not listening to your loyal customers! EV’s are not what we want – you’re a sellout to the green – not anywhere near developed enough to be reliable or useful yet! I’ve had three excellent Edges! I’ll look elsewhere when you drop the edge— I’ve owned only fords since 1971. I guess all good things end 🙁

  13. Robin Yoder

    I’ve owned a 1994 cobra, a 1999 cobra and now have a 2007 Shelby and a 1969 Boss 302– ( since 1971)
    Your “mustang” Mach EV – is a terrible representation- the Mustang name should have never been allowed ! So disappointed

  14. Steve Downer

    Since 1988 I have drive a car with a GM 3800 engine or a Ford Edge and can’t believe they would discontinue two such dependable products.

  15. Dwight Mayers

    This is the worst thing you can do to a loyal customer. I will look elsewhere.

  16. Sean O\'Hara

    I just bought a ’22 Edge & love it. Ford, you need to get rid of Farley! Henry would have already sent him down the road!

  17. Marilyn

    Getting rid of the Edge is a huge mistake and will make Ford lose thousands of dollar’s from consumers who will go to another carrier of suv’s!! Had I known this, I would have gone to Toyota for a rav4. Super disappointing!

  18. Ann

    Have a 2022 Edge and I love it.

  19. Michele M.

    I have owned Fords since 2000. I’ve loved each one I’ve had. 2 were windstars then I downsized as I had less kids at home. Fell in love with the Fusion a roomy satisfying sedan. Then I had a Licoln MK Z which I loved for the room. After the kids were grown I downsized to the Eco Sport. Very happy with that. Also was impressed with the C Max. Now I’ve gotten to own my first Edge. I’m in love so roomy and the cargo space is perfect for a day away with the grandbaby and his stroller.( something that I couldn’t transport in my Eco Sport without losing seating space. There are so many on the road in my travels obviously people love them!! Why would you discontinue something so popular!! Not to mention somewhat affordable. EV is going to leave people broke when it comes time for battery replacement or stranded somewhere needing a charge and many issues occurring for me to leave here. I too may have to consider leaving Ford down the road when the time comes for the need of another vehicle for me and my family. I know I’m not alone in this one from reading other comments.

  20. George

    Have had five Edges in the last thirteen years between my wife and I.
    Every single Edge we have had was a trooper and also feel Ford is in error discontinuing this vehicle. The Mach E is too pricey and unproven in compared to a crossover that is big enough to move people and stuff yet efficient enough to still be affordably practical.

  21. Thurston Munn

    My wife has a 2019 Edge Titanium. She loves it. She and her 3 girlfriends take regular girls out on trips. They always end up taking the Edge. They all have small sedan/suv crossovers but the Edge accommodates all their gear where the other won’t. It’s roomy, has great performance and get good MPG.

  22. Gordon E.

    Absolutely HORRIBLE DECISION!! Everone that has ridden or driven our family’s Edge has purchased one!! And would purchase another! Reliability, workmanship, drivability…all have been great. Electrics are not an option for folks in my part of the world and I am amazed at the cost of replacing EV batteries. Not going to happen, Ford! Must have a GM mole making decisions at Ford as the Edge demise makes about as much sense as swimming with sharks.


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