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Ford EV Charging Partner Electrify America Outlines New Quality Pledge

While Tesla owns and operates its own proprietary Supercharger network, other automakers – including Ford – are relying on third-party companies like Electrify America to service EV customers in that regard, which has gifted both Ford Mustang Mach-E and Ford F-150 Lightning owners with free charging. The results have been mixed, however, with many of these chargers suffering from reliability issues that prompted The Blue Oval to launch its fleet of “Charge Angels” to check on those chargers. Regardless, Ford CEO Jim Farley previously stated that the company’s charging network needs major work, comments that were backed up by a recent study. Now, Ford EV charging partner Electrify America has responded by outlining its own quality pledge.

This pledge from the Ford EV charging partner takes a multi-faceted approach, starting with the fact that the company will be testing 20,000 of its chargers per year via what it calls its Roaming EV Test Fleet program. Since the company currently operates around 3,500 chargers at 800 stations, this means that each charger will be tested roughly every two months. A total of nine teams of inspectors complete a full checklist on each charger as they check it, ensuring that it’s functioning properly.

Additionally, Electrify America employs a team of engineers and software specialists in its Network Operations center, which monitors network performance 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Users can contact the company via its Customer Contact Center at all hours as well, which is there to answer questions or help with technical problems as they arise.

Finally, Electrify America’s Center of Excellence Test Lab is working to test network updates, new charging standards, new and existing hardware and software, and the charging capabilities of pre-production and prototype electric vehicles prior to launch, as well as diagnosing and solving issues as they arise.

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  1. Jim Glass

    At least for one, I’ve had no real issues with either EA or CP. There is an EA station outside of Charleston, SC, in a Target parking lot. I recall that there were 8 stations but all weren’t working. I recall that there were four separate stations. I found a 150W charger that worked just fine but it took three hook ups to fine a good one. Otherwise I’ve gone on several trips to Atlanta and
    D.C. with zero issues with EA on I-95 and one CP en route to Atlanta.

  2. David White

    Most artist renditions show EV charging stations as 1970’s gas stations with 6-8 pumps. I envision an airport cell phone type lot with 100 EV stations to meet the alleged demand. Plus- reliability of each station needs to be 99%.

  3. Steve


    1. Al Tunnissen

      You must be right! No other way to get electricity. All these nuclear plants, solar panels & hydro or wind power must be fake. No way a 6700 pound truck can go that fast w/o gasoline. Welcome to 2022

  4. Mike

    Too little too late. Where were they years ago with this program when they started installing charging stations?

  5. Tom

    No mention was made of actually fixing the chargers. They said they would do more testing, which is unnecessary. Just analyze the activity, I can pinpoint the ones that don’t work by the zeroes in the revenue list. This is just marketing hype. And if anything they promise is of value why didn’t they do this a long time ago.

  6. Mike Hunt

    this whole electric vehicle thing is a total cluster F***’s a joke…

  7. Dink Singer

    Electrify America isn’t exactly “a third party”. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America which has invested $2 billion in it. That was required as a condition of the VW Group settlement of its violations of the Clean Air Act by emitting 40 times the nitrogen oxides allowed by law from diesel vehicles and installing devices that only reduced NOx emissions when vehicles were being tested.

  8. Josh lander

    To those talking trash about electric powered cars.
    1.there is to comparison to how much slower and weaker a gas car is.electric motor output is 1rpm=100% torque to the tires .
    2.So of course there is gonna be some lag time building chargers.ive run out of gas in bfe a 100 times.
    3.Do you like paying all that money to middle eastern country’s to drive around? What is wrong with your brains.
    4.when those oil fields run dry we will be the new oil kings of the world having switched to electric propulsion ahead of the rest of the world and saved our very large oil fields to sell to them.
    OIL Will not last forever folks it’s not about being green.we use it for plastics for fertilizer for fuel.
    If you want this country to stay a world power and free and comfortable to live In we have to find new ways .
    We can’t wait till the last minute.
    We can do this people fought the steam engine and the people fought the gas engine.
    Do you want to go back to riding a horse everywhere?


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