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Ford Exec Says Certified Pre-Owned Lineup Fills Entry Level Vehicle Hole

Ford’s decision to discontinue its entire sedan lineup in North America years ago was one that was met with a fair amount of criticism then, as well as today, even though the numbers generally support such a move. Regardless, many have still expressed concern regarding the lack of low-cost, entry-level models in The Blue Oval’s new vehicle lineup, though Ford Blue president Kumar Galhotra recently stated that he believes the automaker’s certified pre-owned lineup fills that hole quite nicely.

“And actually, Ford Blue Advantage serving that purpose that you just mentioned, it is an entry-level product that our dealers sell to our customers who are looking for a price point that is lower than a new vehicle. And the customers get many of the benefits of the new car ownership experience, you know, we do have very thorough inspections. They get warranty coverage, they get roadside assistance, they get a free trial of Sirius XM, just like we provide for our new car customers, and we also give them a 14-day, 1,000 mile money-back guarantee. So you buy a used vehicle from this platform that comes with that guarantee, it’s a lot of peace of mind for customers.”

Ford’s certified pre-owned lineup has certainly enjoyed a boost since the launch of Blue Advantage early last year, with CPO sales increasing 26 percent in 2021 and 14 percent through 2022 thus far. However, the automaker does have one entry-level vehicle in its lineup at the moment – the Ford Maverick – which has proven elusive amid high demand since its launch.

Somewhat uncommon for a pickup, the Maverick’s low cost of entry and impressive fuel economy have made it a popular model among former Ford sedan owners, and it has attracted more Honda Civic owners than any other conquest. The biggest problem, it seems, is availability, as demand for the compact pickup has far exceeded Ford’s ability to produce it thus far.

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  1. Tom Fargher

    Will the Maverick be offered in a Hybrid AWD version that will be flat towable behind a motorhome this year?

  2. Greg L

    The problem is that Ford does not have any entry level vehicle at all in the USA, with nothing announced in the future either. Maverick is a “truck” that customers who are accustomed to SUV’s or cars would never consider. What is a motorist who wants to carry something large supposed to do on a rainy or snow day? Just let it get ruined because the pick-up provides no protection from the bad weather? Pick-up trucks have no appeal at all with most consumers.

    The Ford exec in the article says that entry level customers should buy a used vehicle instead. What kind of solution is that??? A used vehicle is not a new vehicle. What if the entry level customer only wants to buy a new vehicle? The answer is: Ford has nothing therefore buy from the competition instead.

    The Escape is no longer an entry level vehicle. The price and size had gotten too big over time especially the larger than needed 2nd row. Ford designed Escape’s 2nd row seating area to accommodate Chinese families that want the extra floor space, and American critics who complained (who actually should buy an Edge / Explorer / Expedition instead if they want more leg room).

    Looks like Ford may have compact / subcompact entry level electric vehicles in the future built and sold in Europe: Puma and Capri, which likely would never be imported to the USA. I hope Ford will read my message and realize that the competition will continue to offer entry products which single people and first time buyers want.


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