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Ford F-150 Lightning And PowerBoost Pickups Being Sent To Kentucky

Pro Power Onboard-equipped Ford F-150 PowerBoost pickups have proven to be a literal life-saver through a variety of major weather events in recent years, providing portable power for those in need. Ford has used this capability to help others affected by natural disasters by shipping these pickups to different parts around the country in the past. Now, it’s doing that once again following some devastating flooding in Kentucky – where the automaker owns and operates two assembly plants – by sending a number of PowerBoost and Ford F-150 Lightning pickups to the area, CEO Jim Farley recently revealed via Twitter.

According to Farley, the effort – which is taking place with some assistance from the automaker’s charitable arm, Ford Fund – involves both hybrid pickups and the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning, which will be used to help clean up the destruction left behind following the recession of flood waters in the area, as well as provide mobile power for those that need it.

This sort of thing actually began back in February of 2021, when a handful of Texas-based F-150 PowerBoost owners used their pickups to power their homes in the wake of historic winter storms that knocked out power across the state. Ford wound up asking nearby dealers to loan out more hybrid trucks as a result, and later shipped some of the same models to the Midwest after a series of devastating tornadoes ripped through the area.

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  1. Al

    Instead of 1 – $100,000 truck for one location of power, wouldn’t 100 – $1000 generators be a better investment and do more than just be a publicity stunt??

  2. Akakoji

    As someone who could not get a Lightning Pro due to no supply even with a early reservation it’s pretty annoying that they apparently have spares laying around to send on publicity stunts that a honda generator would be better suited for.


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