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Ford F-150 Lightning Gets Retro Paint As Tribute To Sam Walton

Last weekend’s Woodward Dream Cruise offered up plenty of cool rides for Blue Oval fans, including the brand new 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition that offers fans loads of retro appeal, as well as a 2024 Ford Mustang prototype cloaked in heavy camo. But those weren’t the only vehicles present at Woodward that conjured up memories of days past, as this very special Ford F-150 Lightning painted to match Walmart founder Sam Walton’s 1979 Ford F-150 was also on hand for fans to scope out up close.

Comedian Jay Leno – who previously teamed up with Walmart to paint a 2021 Ford F-150 this same color scheme and add custom touches throughout – was present for the reveal of this Ford F-150 Lightning, which was also accompanied by Walton’s vintage pickup -or a replica of it, at least. In this case, the EV pickup is finished in the same red and white two-tone paint scheme, as well as a toolbox and a dog box in the bed – just like Walton’s very famous vintage ride.

One of the many reasons Walmart founder Sam Walton so easily endeared himself to people was the fact that even when he became rich and successful, he continued driving his same old, beat up 1979 Ford F-150. In fact, when he was once asked why he drove a pickup truck, Walton famously responded “What am I supposed to haul my dogs around in, a Rolls-Royce?” Today, Walton’s F-150 remains on display at the Walmart Heritage Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walton was a famously humble man, in spite of his success, and that was perfectly personified by his choice of transportation. Walton simply wanted a truck that was reliable and could transport him on his hunting and fishing trips and easily as it could from store to store. The F-150 did exactly that, and Walmart’s creator drove it until the day he died, leaving a lasting legacy that lives on today.

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  1. Devon

    Walton would not be happy woth a truck that goes dead after towing for only 70 miles. Farley needs to get a clue, Americans aren’t buying what he’s trying to sell.

    1. Akakoji

      the 1979 F150 got 9 miles to the gallon when not towing and had a 19 gallon tank.

    2. Trev

      Really? No one’s buying? The 2022 production run is completely sold out and 2023 soon will be if it isn’t already. Seems more like Farley can’t make enough of what they’re selling, but you can keep trying to convince yourself otherwise. No one’s buying what you’re selling, champ.

    3. Carl

      Yeah, that is why they shut the initial orders off at 200,000 and can’t produce them fast enough for us who are waiting. You might want to get your facts right too.

  2. David

    Hey Ford you missed Sam’s point the last truck he bought was a 1979 F150 because there hasn’t been a reliable truck built since then, if he was alive today he would still be driving that truck just as I am doing with my 1974


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