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Ford F-150 Lightning Offer Protects Order Holders Against Price Increases

Yesterday, details regarding the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning were revealed by the automaker itself, including some substantial price increases, more range for standard range battery-equipped models, and the addition of a few new features. The automaker also noted that some customers would be price protected in spite of these increases via a private offer, though it didn’t elaborate on that particular topic. Now, sources familiar with the matter have provided Ford Authority with more information on this new Ford F-150 Lightning offer.

Officially called the Ford F-150 Lightning Customer Satisfaction Private Offer, this new program has been launched to protect 2022 reservation and order holders against 2023 price increases when they convert their orders. Any unscheduled 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning retail customer order that gets converted to a 2023 order is eligible for the offer, as well as any 2022 reservation holders who chose the “Extend My Reservation” option for an unavailable configuration. These customers must complete their order conversion by September 30th, 2022 to qualify for the offer, however.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Price Changes
2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Price – August 9 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Price – August 9 + / – August 9 Price Customer Satisfaction Private Offer
Pro $46,974 $39,974 +$7000 $7,000
XLT $59,474 $52,974 +$6500 $6,500
XLT High $68,474 $62,474 +$6000 $6,000
XLT High Extended Range $80,974 $72,474 +$8500 $8,500
Lariat $74,474 $67,474 +$7000 $7,000
Lariat Extended Range $85,974 $77,474 +$8500 $8,500
Platinum $96,874 $90,874 +$6000 $6,000

As we can see in the chart above, the figures from the new Ford F-150 Lightning Customer Satisfaction Private Offer match up perfectly with the pickup’s corresponding price increases, essentially locking in 2022 model year pricing for carryover customers. As Ford Authority reported yeserday, 2023 F-150 Lightning order conversion invitations will be sent out in waves, starting on August 11th for those with a reservation for a Pro trim F-150 Lightning, followed by a second wave involving XLT trimmed pickups on August 24th, while a third wave of invitations will follow in mid-September for all other unconverted reservation holders. More information on the third wave will be available next month, as will details regarding any remaining, unconverted reservations.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Aside from the aforementioned price increases, the 2023 F-150 Lightning lineup will be gaining a range boost from 230 miles to 240 miles for models equipped with the standard range battery, a new feature dubbed Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, which automatically controls steering, throttle, and brake inputs to make hitching trailers easier, and the addition of a police-focused SSV variant. However, the EV pickup won’t be launching with Ford’s new Android-based infotainment system, as Ford Authority reported earlier today.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning order banks are currently scheduled to open this Thursday, August 11tha couple of days later than previously expected – with production beginning on October 10th, 2022.

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  1. Kyle

    So Essentially if we are a reservation holder, who paid the $100 within an hour of the reservation system being opened, the night Jim Farley annouced the F150 Lightning, and did not get not get the opportunity to extend their reservation or even have their reservation number called has to pay the price hike? This seems hugely unfair for those of us who have been waiting since day 1 to place an order. No to mention these price hikes essentially lock all the trim levels out of the EV Tax incentives. Interesting timing much? I am so disappointed in Ford as a loyal customer.

    1. Kyle

      Reservation holder since 5-19-21. Cannot express enough my disappointment at Ford for not honoring the pricing for all reservation holders and pulling the bait and switch on us.

  2. Tommy

    My dealer tried forcing me to pay a HUGE ADM to be bumped up in the ordering line, even though I reserved on 5/19/21 and was 3rd in line. I REALLY hope Ford does the right thing and lets us convert our reservation at MSRP. I would rather NEVER deal with my particular stealership ever again, and it would be great to complete the order online.

    1. Hank1946

      Don’t hold me to it, but I think you can move your reservation to another dealer until your dealer says it is time to come in and fill out the papers. I called around and received E-MAILS that guaranteed the MSRP. With that in hand when mine is ready I will go in.

  3. Tom Connelly

    I think Ford Motor Co. has a much bigger plan to deal with their dealerships, hence the new Blue Oval separate company that’s not tied to existing dealership contracts allowing them to do whatever they want at the selling end. Ford recognizes this, it can’t be changed overnight, but it certainly will change. Dealerships should be getting the message, if Ford goes online in scale…just watch how the dealerships financial evaluations go…

  4. McKinley Williams

    I reserved my F150 lightening truck 7/2022 and I’m praying I do not have an increase in price. I ordered what I wanted for the truck and I expect to get what I signed for.

  5. Paulqual

    Fair? Legal? Possibly thousands of people who reserved their Lightning AFTER me are effectively being offered 2023 price increase protection . . . but not me with my 5/19/21 Live Reveal-time reservation . . . still waiting for my order invitation. I wonder if Bill Ford is aware of this?

    1. Kyle

      Agreed. Ford is screwing loyal customers who reserved their spots day 1. It’s not my fault my dealer didn’t get any allocation this year and thus was never invested to extend or convert my order. So I get f*cord by ford with a $8600 price increase plus $7500 because the Lariat ER is out of range of the $80,000 limit for EV tax credits which will be law soon. Bill Ford and Jim Farley need to make this right and offer some kind of price protection for those who orders within the first 24-48 hours. Been a loyal ford customer and employee for years and this is the thanks I get. Love getting screwed by corporate greed.

  6. Oscar

    How do I make a reservation or get a invitation to order a F-150 lightning?

  7. William chin

    I ordered within the first couple of hrs. 5/19/21
    They only alloted 2 pro model
    So now I have to pay the new price. This list doesn’t mean crap.
    I might as well wait for the cybertruck now.

    1. Kyle

      Agreed. It is not our fault that Ford allocated most of the Lightning sales to BEV states. I’ve been a loyal Ford customer for years and now they are screwing people interested in getting into EVs by jacking the price up. It is bad business practice to do this and I sincerely hope Ford makes it right for those who at least reserved within the first 24 hours and price protects those reservations.

  8. Nate E

    I agree Ford needs to think about how to treat customers fairly. I reserved during the announcement on 5/19 and have not been offered the opportunity to convert my reservation to an order. I suspect this is partially due to the fact I am in a none BEV state. Why should I pay more then those who reserved after me because ford choose to let them order first? Please make it right Ford.

  9. Mike

    I am still waiting in line to place my order. Been waiting for over a year now. I contacted the dealer and they said I was 131 in line out of 204. I asked what number they were on , no answer.
    I am praying I get to keep my 2022 pricing for an XLT model.
    I did try to purchase one that someone backed out of and the dealer kindly offered 30k mark up, so i passed.

  10. Alfred Gipson

    What is a private offer?

    1. Jim Figler

      Private offer was made available to anyone who was given the opportunity to order earlier in the year but then decided to extend their reservation because the trim they wanted was sold out. These people were again invited to order in august for the trim they wanted. On august 11th the people who extended for the PRO got invites and two weeks later people who extended for the XLT got invites. These people will see 2023 pricing on their orders but will be given a private offer that reduces that price back to the 2022 pricing.

  11. CJ Johnson

    Ordered on 5/19/22 and because I don’t live in a BEV liberal POS state, I get hosed? I have been loyeal with 5 FORD vehicles and this is the customer service? If I don’t get the discount I’ll sell them all off and go Toyota.. F this…

  12. Jon

    Super disappointing… At a minimum, seems unethical… Going to cancel both my reservations.

  13. Jeff

    well I just got my email to order from a 5/24/21 reservation. So I called Ford and not surprising they are so screwed up they couldn’t tell me if I was getting the pre-price increase price and to call the dealer. i’m sure they will screw me and given the truck is close to $98k I won’t get the EV tax credit thanks to the dumbsh-t Biden and his new changes with the Inflation Reduction Act. So based on the messages above i’ve reached out to the dealer but they can stick the truck where the sun doesn’t shine. Not only have they lost a Lightening customer but they’ve lost a Ford customer in the process!

  14. Jay

    I have a reservation for an lightning XLT butwant to change it to the Pro lightning. Dont want to pay the high XLT price.

  15. Adam Latapie

    I should have qualified for the price increase protection “Private Offer” based on my reservation and order timeline according to a Ford customer service rep. Reservation 5/20/2021. Order Date: 09/09/2022. Purchased 12/31/2022 However, when my Lariat ER (Tri-coat, Max Trailer, Bed liner) arrived the private offer wasn’t in the system “Vincent”. I had to pay the full MSRP with the price increase which came to $95,500. Is there anything I can do now to get a rebate on that price protection? Has anyone else had the same issue and received anything from Ford?

  16. Gary

    Dealer screwed me as well said no private offer and add 10K adm. Took all the deletes from my Platinum. After 45 years of only buying Fords they can stuck thier trucks and won’t own another one. I hope a lot take the same stance as that is the only way Ford will get the message is the bottom line. They don’t care about their customers.


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