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Ford F-150 Regular Cab Spotted Wearing Lincoln Mark LT Grille, Tailgate

Lincoln attempted to make a dent in the pickup market in 2006, introducing the Lincoln Mark LT, a luxury pickup based on the Ford F-150. This oddball pickup didn’t garner much interest and was discontinued after the 2008 model year in the U.S. However, the luxury pickup soldiered on for a second generation exclusive to the Mexican market, this time based on the Ford F-150 Platinum. Recently, Ford Authority spied a peculiar pickup that looks like a second-generation Mark LT on the surface, but upon closer inspection, it seems this truck is a regular cab F-150 dressed up like a Lincoln.

This curious vehicle is not a true second-generation Mark LT, as it was never offered as a regular cab. It’s obvious that this is a customized Ford F-150 that’s been outfitted with pieces and parts from the elusive second-gen Mark LT. Note the front grille emblazoned with the Lincoln star, along with the chrome Mark LT badging on the door and Lincoln logo on the fender. The tailgate is also reminiscent of a second-gen Mark LT. It also sports a set of aftermarket chrome wheels, along with aftermarket headlights, clear indications that this particular pickup is simply the result of a creative Ford F-150 owner.

The first- and second-generation Lincoln Mark LT didn’t have a very long lifespan, and previously, Lincoln stated that it wasn’t interested in producing a successor. At the end of June, though, Ford Authority reported that the automaker may have had a change of heart when it comes to reentering the luxury pickup space, although nothing is in development at the moment.

“I wouldn’t rule anything out,” John Jraiche, Global Lincoln Product Director, said during an interview at the Lincoln Star concept reveal event. “I would say we serve our customer well with our F-Series with the Lightning coming out. But you never know.”

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Kenny D

    YA…… The $200,000.00 LINCOLN PICK UP TRUCK.. NO Thank’s!!!!!!

  2. JR

    That white “F150” has to be the ugliest truck I have every seen

  3. Ryan Stensland

    I’ve read this article and have an idea that LINCOLN with it’s Luxury is far to expensive for the same FORD pickup product. And one thing for sure is a Pickup or so called Truck needs the ability to work.. Big and Small. On that note I’d love to just hint a bit farther with this Lincoln idea… Seems the main thing is selling what is popular and due to heavy fuel cost right now… I’d say this for Lincoln to consider….

    How about the MID WAY level size of the Brand New coming FORD RANGER.. Now that might be a little better budget minded to freshen up. Only the small added Lincoln ways just never Cut It. They are far to frugal with real needs, wants & uses of vehicle when the same does it for less cost.

    So if that Ranger is yet a bit too high priced. WHY NOT NOW try the Brand New FORD MAVERICK in the LINCOLN NAME SPOT LIGHT…

    Here is an off the wall thought to place in.. With the ADDITION ABILITY to this Maverick by it’s Buyers. Let the Customer’s by to change it up to a Lincoln.

    Just some silly notion’s here. But like all new things. If have the stuff people will want to fancy it up to there taste just a bit or over time even…

    THIS IS THE MOMENT and got to Seize the idea simple and quick !!

    Thanks for that expression now let the Lincoln Brand go with it – – – –

    Rancher/Ford fan but only up to the Steel Body’s then I quit…
    I would believe if Lincoln really wanted to up set this market..
    Make a slightly larger Golf Cart like double dimension size and build out of steel body. That thing could be a new FORD like Side By Side Product that FORD does not seem to grasp…
    Maybe Lincoln might in the Luxury world and do quite alright.

    I wanted it Steel body with and older hint of the past Later 70’s Ford’s.
    Bring on the Model’s that was once used by the Mercury Pickup too for added coolness..?

    YEA pretty simple but would strike a lot of Wow of all generations… USES IN HOUSE PRODUCTS FOR RUNNING GEAR.. and Most of Equipment but build into it an old retro Lincoln idea of there version for Looks… in the late 70’s era.

  4. Matt

    This is just some guys custom truck. What’s with all the negative comments?

  5. Dave Mathers

    Uh, NO!!

  6. Martin Crutchfield

    Im the owner of this custom Mark LT & got a lot of looks !!! The Mark LT clone has a Boss 302 Roush tune 5.0 coyote !!!

    1. Matt

      Nice truck, looks great.

  7. Falcon

    Please say it ain’t so. Lincoln can’t have cars so let’s sell trucks! Nothing says Lincoln Luxury like a truck!

  8. MarkV

    Just stop right here with this thing. No, No & No. Use the dollars to give us a proper LS and Continental and Mark 9 off the S650 please……

  9. Jim Giovagnoli

    I have a 2006 Mark LT with about 150,000 miles on it. As it is my 3rd Mark LT, I have a total of 220,000 miles driving them. The comment about not being able to do actual work with Lincoln trucks is probably referencing the Blackwood, which has nothing to do with the Mark LT.

    I like Lincoln’s. And I need a truck. If Lincoln comes out with a new Mark LT in the US, probably I will buy it.


    This is one of the ugliest vehicles I’ve ever seen, if it’s goes into production, it will be a sales failure just like the Blackwood and Mark LT, and Ford will lose a billion dollars or 2 in the process.


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