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Ford F-150 Remains Second Most Considered Vehicle In Q2 2022

The Ford F-150 has long been a fixture on Kelly Blue Book’s list of the most considered pickup trucks on the market, which is one component of its quarterly Brand Watch report. That was true in Q1 of 2022, when the Ford F-150 slipped to second place in that regard,  relinquishing the top spot to its chief rival, the Chevy Silverado. Now, as Ford held onto its second-place position in the non-luxury segment for the second consecutive quarter, the F-150 has done the same, according to KBB’s Q2 2022 Brand Watch report.

The Silverado once again ranked at the top of the pickup heap with the Ford F-150 landing right behind it, though both experienced a decline in terms of the number of consumers shopping for each. The Silverado dropped four percent, while nine percent fewer shoppers looked at the F-150 in the second quarter, part of which can be attributed to limited stock stemming from supply chain challenges and high gas prices, according to KBB.

Meanwhile, the number of shoppers considering a pickup truck in general declined in Q2 as well, from 35 percent in Q1 to 33 percent this past quarter. This is nothing unusual, however, as Q2 2021 produced a pickup consideration score of 31 percent, and KBB notes that pickup truck sales tend to be stronger in the second-half of the year than the first.

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch Report is a consumer perception survey that also weaves in shopping behavior to determine how a brand or model stacks up with its segment competitors on a dozen factors key to a consumer’s buying decision. KBB produces separate Brand Watch reports for non-luxury and luxury brands each quarter.

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  1. john G.

    $5,000 added to the MSRP on Dealers lot did not help sell F150’s.
    Silverado’s Rams, and GMC were available at Dealership in my City.I
    I ordered a 22 F150 King Ranch back in January, production will begin 15 August according to E mail sent to me from FMC.

    1. Jeff C.

      You sound luckier than me. I ordered a 2021 King Ranch in September. Converted to 2022 in Oct. Ford sent a confirmation in Dec. I didn’t get an email and Ford website doesn’t say it but my dealer got a VIN and build date for late September.

  2. firefox1

    The Silverado available in Australia have a V8 petrol (gas) motor coupled to an 8 speed automatic transmission. The Ford F-150 has a 3.0L V6 Twin Turbo motor coupled to a 10 speed automatic.
    An Australian motoring reviewer group set up a towing comparison between the latest Silverado Z71, Ram V8 Hemi engine and the Ford F-150, the test included a 4,000 KG caravan, city/country driving including steep hills, vehicle stability/comfort/braking length and 0 to 110KPH (60MPH). the BEST end result of the tour was given to the Ram. The Silverado Z71 was the most powerful overall achieving the best miles per gallon and speed on hill climbs of the three vehicles. As all three makes have to be converted to Right Hand Drive it adds considerable cost to the buyer, both the Silverado and Ram are approximately $AU130,000 Plus on road costs. As the Ford Lariat costing were not available no total cost was give. The test driver’s stated the Ford Lariat was smooth, road hugging with no sway, roomy and comfortable, however, they didn’t mention the motor’s performance other than to say the Ford motor didn’t perform the steep hill test very well (test was 80KPH to 110KPH) the result was 89KPH, The Ram achieved 97KPH and the Silverado achieved 108KPH.
    Although there is much interest in the Lariat F-150 and due to their unavailability (not even on Ford’s Official Website) people are purchasing the 2023 Silverado and the 2023 Ram.
    Even the Ford Ranger Utes especially in XLT AND WILDTRACK configuration and the coming EVEREST SUV are getting on the expensive side gaining the name “Rich Man’s Toys”. Basically Ford US provides the Ranger’s, Everest and the Mustang to the Australian market, however, not everyone wants a Ranger Ute of SUV and the Mustang costs about $100,000 plus excluding on road costs (Licensing and Insurance). The view of driver’s is that Ford is pricing themselves out of the market. Ford Australia was a major supplier of vehicles to Law Enforcement Agencies followed by the Holden Commodore but since production was ceased in Australia. LEA don’t like the replacement vehicles supplied to them by their government agencies even being approved for LEA work. Ford needs to get their act together and stop believing the clime changes BS hyped around by government and minority groups. The EV infrastructure is going to cost Billions if not Trillions plus the EV’s are expensive to purchase and service with many motorists are concerned about the amount of batteries exploding around the world.

  3. Dennis J

    Do you have an idea when they are projecting to start production on the 2023 F150 Lariats??
    Just curious.


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