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Ford Maverick Air Strut Suspension Kit Now Available For Certain Models

The Ford Maverick has been quite the popular pickup to modify among its owners thus far, even though the fairly new model doesn’t have what one might call a robust aftermarket at the moment. One thing missing from most parts catalogs, currently, is an abundance of lowering kits for the Ford Maverick, though Tucci Hot Rods built their own custom, lowered version of the pickup for last year’s SEMA Show, while others have followed suit in the months since. Now, the folks at Iceboxx Customs are making that job quite a bit easier thanks to its brand new Ford Maverick air strut suspension, which was recently discovered by The Drive.

Currently, this particular kit will only fit front-wheel drive Maverick models, and it comes with a pair of Iceboxx’s custom front air struts and rear shocks, as well as two UAS airbags and all the required connections and hardware one needs for installation. However, an air management system is still required for the airbag setup, which is sold separately. Regardless, the kit offers a significant 5-7 inches of total drop compared to the stock pickup’s ride height.

The beauty of this particular kit is that it’s a straight bolt-on job, with no cutting required. This isn’t the case with many airbag setups, which often require quite a bit of custom work to fit and function properly. This kit is reportedly completely reversible if the owner wants to go back to a stock setup or sell their rig, and it apparently rides and handles in a very OEM manner, albeit quite a bit lower than stock.

Iceboxx is currently working on developing a similar kit for all-wheel drive Mavericks, which features a completely different rear suspension setup and will obviously require different components to make work. Regardless, those that want the slammed look for their front-wheel drive model can pick up this new kit now for $3,000.

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  1. John

    What about the reverse, an air strut LIFT kit, or a complete air over strut system like Land Rover for improved off-road capability.

    1. S

      They are coming out with a Tremor Maverick that has a 1 inch lift factory.

  2. Roger orr

    Trying to buy a new Maverick local Ford dealers in my area is ripping people off charging 10,000 15,000 over manufacture suggested retail that is costing ford money And customers Albertville Alabama

  3. Jonathan Aaron Ransom

    Buy from a reputable dealer even if you have to go out of state. Fly in to pick it up and call it a road trip delivery. Drive home by a fun route and it’s a win win for still less than the rip off dealers’ up charge

    1. Tom

      Most t dealers that i have talked to will not sell to out of state customers.
      A dealer near me has had a Maverick on the lot since May of last year.They are asking $20K above sticker.

  4. George Murray

    2017F150, intermittent no start problems. I mean a blank dash, no lights, NOTHING. One hour later all ok. A week later No Start, nope not battery or any other common issue. Towed to Ford 13 times. They say they tried EVERYTHING, even kept truck for 3 weeks, nada. Had to park it on side of road, a gallon of gasoline & problem gone. Ford design it, built it, sold it to me & can’t fix it.
    Toyota here I come

  5. Reginald E Cullen

    I just bought a 2022 Maverick and am very excited about a air ride lowering for my truck.I have a 2.0 awd.

  6. Ed Brennan


    I am looking for a garage to install a lowering kit on my 2022 ford maverick, Lariat Hybrid front wheel drive. A garage near Tampa.

    Thank you

    Ed Brennan


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