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Ford Maverick Chase Rack Headed To North America: Exclusive

Back in June, the Ford Maverick catalog was treated to 18 new parts and accessories in Brazil for customers to purchase, including a bed extender, a locking tonneau cover with either power or manual operation, a Nomad Trucks Sportspad, cargo containers, fender flares, a satin black hood scoop, side steps, a sports bar, a chase rack, a trailer hitch, and running boards – many of which have yet to be added to the Ford accessory roster for North America. Luckily, the Ford Maverick chase rack is coming to North America.

Ford Authority has confirmed with Ford Performance Parts officials that it will offer the chase rack in North America, and that the part should become available around the first quarter of the 2023 calendar year.

Ford Performance Parts testing Ford Maverick chase rack in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford Performance Parts testing Ford Maverick chase rack in Dearborn, Michigan

In these exclusive photos, we can see the Ford Maverick chase rack installed on the North American market version of the pickup in Dearborn, Michigan, as Ford Performance Parts works on bringing the part to market. The rack is essentially identical to the one that’s already on sale in Brazil, which is shown in the photo below. The metal rack is finished in satin black with “Maverick” script on the side panels, and can be used to transport all sorts of items, including kayaks, canoes, boards, and much more, adding quite a bit of extra utility and cargo capacity to the compact pickup’s bed area.

As Ford Authority reported in May, Ford Performance is currently focused on offering more off-road oriented parts and accessories, while Maverick buyers, in particular, gravitate toward all sorts of parts and accessories at a rapid rate. Thus, it makes perfect sense that owners of the popular compact pickup will soon have many more to choose from via Ford’s own catalog, which figures to expand rather rapidly in the coming months and years.

In fact, as Ford Authority exclusively reported just yesterday, Ford is currently considering offering the Maverick running boards in North America as well.

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  1. Mike TowpathTraveler

    All well and good, but when you go Sunday Morning Car Dealership Car Spotting to see how many Maverick’s are on the lot & that grand total number is……1……..well, Ford needs to focus less on accessories and add-ons and actually build the vehicles so customers can buy them.

    Oh, and a 41 grand total for that Lariat FX4 is insane. No matter how nice the vehicle looks.

    1. RAF

      i agree 100% i’ve been waiting & and waiting and get no valid answers .

  2. Michael Edward Williams

    I’m from a 100 year firm Ford family? Re-write that as EX-FORD FAMILT! After the fiasco of trying to buy a new Maverick I have sworn off Ford and Gone to Hyandi. Base
    price was higher ,but lower in the end run.

  3. mike s

    This is interesting. I made a comment on Fords abuse of customers. It was initially posted but has since been removed. It appears Ford Authority is censoring peoples views of the situation. CAN’T TRUST THIS SITE. I did not use profanity. This post will probably banned as well. What a shame.

  4. Bill Byrne

    my faith on Ford from a 1-10 is now about a ZERO ! our family has had over 30 fords/mercury’s over the years.I ordered a bare bones maverick hybrid xlt only a trailer hitch ,10 months ago and NOTHING ! the real complaint is NO response ever from Ford,I had to call and check,not too happy, and still NO Maverick in our driveway

  5. John NUTT

    My only interest is the hybrid maverick. When will anything happen?

  6. Chris

    The problem is i see them everywhere in super rich neighbourhoods.(idk why maybe the scarcity of them makes the affluent want to buy them up) But the average joe still cant get them…. so much for an affordable truck. It really ticks me off that the leople that need trucks to work or like me who want to start a bussiness cant get them. But every inveatment banker has a superduty.

  7. elmer stanley

    waiting 6 mos for my maverick but nothing but crickets from ford. guess ill check out the new dodge competitor.


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