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Ford Maverick Incentive Offers 3.9 Percent APR In August 2022

A Ford Maverick incentive offers 3.9 percent APR financing for 60 months during August 2022 in certain markets.

Ford Maverick Incentives

Below, we’ve compiled the 2022 Ford Maverick incentives for four major U.S. markets:

  • New York City: 3.9 percent APR for 60 months
    • Requires Ford Credit Financing
  • Detroit: 3.9 percent APR for 60 months
    • Requires Ford Credit Financing
  • Miami: 3.9 percent APR for 60 months
    • Requires Ford Credit Financing
  • Los Angeles: 3.9 percent APR for 60 months
    • Requires Ford Credit Financing

The above Maverick incentives will run thru August 31st, 2022. Prospective buyers should note that the above is not a comprehensive list of every Ford incentive available for the Maverick, but rather samples for select markets. As such, we recommend checking with your local dealer to see exactly what Ford discount offers are available in your area.

It’s worth noting that Ford Maverick inventory remains extremely limited as The Blue Oval works to fulfill existing customer orders in the face of constrained supply of various parts, including but not limited to the infamous microchip shortage. The circumstance has resulted in Ford suggesting customers remove certain options and features from Maverick orders in order to expedite the pickup’s assembly and delivery. In addition, order books for the compact pickup are closed for the 2022 model year, with some existing orders being pushed back to the 2023 model year. Similarly, Ford has also removed all Maverick lease deals.

Ford Maverick Pricing

For reference, here are the 2022 Ford Maverick trim levels and their corresponding starting MSRPs, including the destination charge and acquisition fee (when applicable):

  • XL – $20,995
  • XLT – $23,360
  • Lariat – $26,860


  • Must take delivery from an authorized Ford dealer’s stock by August 31st, 2022, unless specified otherwise.
  • See dealer for details.
  • Incentive for the United States of America, unless otherwise specified.
  • Some customers may not qualify for this offer.
  • Residency restrictions apply.
  • Offer not available with special finance, lease, and some other offers.

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the vehicles and their incentives in question, but errors and misprints can happen. In addition, the manufacturer can change incentive information at any time and without notice. Always consult with your dealer regarding color availability information before making purchase decisions. Ford Authority will not be held responsible for any misprints, typos or any other errors.

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  1. Bill

    Strange that one cannot order or buy a Maverick here in Texas yet the truck is on offer on the East and West coasts. You’d think Ford would be more FAIR to all customers.

    1. Greg

      I don’t think you can order them anywhere at this time.

      1. Bayman71

        That’s right. Not until September. What day, I do not know. Plus production will not start until November.

      2. ART DECARO

        yes u r right, but FORD will give u 3.9% on a vehicle that u CANNOT buy or order?WOW!

    2. Tammy

      You cannot order them. But you can buy one if the original person refuses the order they placed last year. I ordered mine Oct 5 2021. It is up for production the week of Aug 29.

    3. mike

      Just more BS propaganda from Ford! I ordered my Lariat Hybrind NOVEMBER 10 2021!! I have NOTHING in the list of “features” that supposedly are slowing down orders. If my current Ranger doesn’t LAST until I get my truck, will obviously be buying a DIFFERENT maker’s truck. Ford has been completely irresponsible in how they have handled this. I have received a total of TWO communications from Ford since I put my deposit down. NONE from the dealership. I have to drive 30 minutes to confront the sales manager every time I need info and he always tells me that I have more info than him!

  2. Frank Harper

    I ordered my Ford Maverick out of Eugene, Oregon on Oct. 10, 2021 and a few weeks ago I had the bed liner and bed cover removed to hopefully get my truck in production faster!

  3. Bayman71

    Biden Inflation Act Promises Tax Credit Worth Up To $7,500 For New Electric Vehicle Buyers – Ford Increases Price Of Electric Vehicles By Up to $8,500.

  4. mike s

    It’s nothing but a game for Ford. Tax credits are certainly something Ford uses to promote their vehicles while once again the customer gets the shaft. They are the greediest company in the USA. They care nothing for the customer, except the one, of course, that pays thousands over MSRP. And Ford Authority censors postings. When I advised people to buy a Santa Cruz, they posted it but later removed it. Know that this site will remove your info if you step on too many toes. Anyone that gives their business to Ford deserves how they are treated. Buy a vehicle from a brand that can deliver the same day. They are out there and you can enjoy the car NOW, not years down the road. This posting will probably be removed before the day is done.

    1. Greg

      The dealers mark up above MSRP- not Ford. You can find dealers that don’t mark up and use them. I’ve seen one that advertises as such from Kansas, I believe, and will deliver and even take your trade. They may want the buyer to use their financing as a requirement.
      Also, this is a Ford dedicated site and I’d venture that most consumers here are quite aware of the Santa Cruz and don’t want one.

  5. Bill Byrne

    they must be DRUNK !! I cant find any NEW on lots ( all used and plus $10,000) I ordered in Oct 2021 STILL WAITING FOR MINE !! but I can get 3.9 % to finance air??

  6. TOM

    you can’t tell me in the age of computer systems that can do trillions of computations a second that there’s no way of approximating the availability of needed resources to assemble a vehicle and offer at least a ballpark date for getting the vehicle. after seeing how the logistics of vehicle assembly are closely coordinated where each component is tracked, received, staged and intergrated into the assembly process, there is no way that the info needed to estimate delivery can not be available for Ford to pass on to its’ customers. someone (some titled VP of this or that) should be in charge of these processes and seemingly has completely dropped the ball or as usual “it ain’t my job” mentality has bit us in the a__ again, but i bet that come stock option time they scream bloody murder if they get passed over, when as buying customers we control the stock prices but do they offer us anything for our support of their company?? NOPE!!! GO HOME, SHUTUP, WE’LL GIVE YOU A TRUCK WHEN WE DAMN WELL READY!!!

  7. donnie

    nothing like an incentive on something you cannot get but they can raise the price three times on something you do not have yet-one year and all i have is a vin # ford an American institution?????


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