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Ford Maverick GFC Platform Camper Debuts For Overlanding Enthusiasts

Since its launch, the 2022 Ford Maverick has proven to be rather popular with a diverse group of customers, and perhaps unsurprisingly, is also a popular vehicle to modify. As such, we’ve seen a host of aftermarket parts and accessories launch for the compact pickup over the past several months, including a new intake manifold and throttle body spacer kit from Boomba Racing, powered tonneau covers, an air strut suspension kit, and an active cargo system. Now, a company called GFC has debuted a new platform camper for the Ford Maverick that should prove pretty appealing to those that like to sleep in the wilderness.

The Ford Maverick GTC Platform Camper features an aluminum space frame and is designed to fit the pickup’s 4.5-foot bed perfectly, yet offers up a 50×90-inch sleeping area and 7.5-feet of standing room inside. The camper weighs 255 pounds and sits 6.5 inches above the top of the cab when it isn’t in use, and that’s only because the pickup’s “shark fin” is in the way. The camper comes with an upholstered two-inch mattress for sleeping purposes, a translucent roof, and all the required mounting hardware and seals, as well as GFC’s Transform-A-Floor modular floor system that allows for further customization.

GFC tested the camper’s impact on fuel economy on a Ford Maverick equipped with the turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost powerplant and found that it didn’t make a noticeable difference in that regard, though we imagine that the extra weight and aerodynamics will have some sort of negative impact.

The asking price for this new camper is $7,700, and it’s available to reserve now. Customers can choose to drive their Maverick to GFC and the company will install it for them, or they can have it delivered and someone can actually drive to them and do the installation at their home. Combined with the Maverick’s reasonable asking price, this certainly seems like a compelling combination.

“For someone looking to get out and have adventures every weekend, I can’t think of a better combo,” said GFC Founder and CEO Wiley Davis. “The Maverick is easy to park, easy to drive, and will take you almost anywhere you’d want to go. And the GFC Platform Camper is an American-made product that turns the Maverick into a blended indoor-outdoor living space that works like a portable cabana. All that for less than the purchase price of a camperless Tacoma seems like the hot ticket if you ask me.”

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  1. Joe

    It is way cheaper and more comfortable to buy a used popup. You can get bigger beds, heat, hot water and some have bathrooms and a/c.

    1. Bob

      Touché, and you wouldn’t have to break it down every time you ran to the convenience store.

  2. Mike

    People are not buying the Maverick, to be spending 1/3 of the price of the vehicle, to buy a camper for it. Everyone is trying to make this vehicle something it is not.

  3. Roger Biddle

    i have been waiting 9 months for my Maverick, how long a wait for a CAMPER ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. TOM

      same here roger, waiting since dec for a plain jane xlt nothing and i mean nothing special, told at ordering it would be probably 8 weeks since it was so plain jane. the jokes on me, now we’re in limbo with when or even if we’ll get a truck,now the dealerships are gonna dig their claws into us, i’m hoping that ford will at least make good on the deals we made so long ago, how many loyal customers have jump off this bandwagon and probably will never look back, another hit against one of the worlds oldest and most powerful institutions that used to support our society and national wellbeing but lets flush it all and be totally dependent on our enemies boy what would ole Henry say

  4. Pete

    Too much $.. for what you get.. Where is that 200 LBS?

  5. Mike Buonaugurio

    Waiting since Jan 7 for my Maverick XLT FX4 – normally I’m a minimalist but such a good deal – my friend got his 911 quicker – first Ford in 20 years… maybe not


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