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Ford Maverick Running Boards May Come To North America: Exclusive

As Ford Authority reported back in June, the Ford Maverick recently received a host of new parts and accessories in Brazil, including a bed extender, a locking tonneau cover with either power or manual operation, a Nomad Trucks Sportspad, cargo containers, fender flares, a satin black hood scoop, side steps, a sports bar, and a trailer hitch. That recent Blue Oval catalog expansion also included running boards, which have yet to be added to the Ford accessory roster for North America. However, it’s very possible that these Ford Maverick running boards may soon be available in the U.S., after all.

“Ford Performance Parts is investigating the potential to offer Maverick running boards in the North American market,” a Ford Performance Parts manager told Ford Authority. Also known as assist boards, these Ford Maverick running boards function the same as essentially every other similar part on the planet – they exist to help aid ingress and egress and are particularly useful for trucks and SUVs with increased ride height.

While the standard Maverick rides a bit closer to the ground than the average body-on-frame pickup, the new-for-2023 Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package does sit a bit higher than other models in the lineup and could certainly benefit from a set of running boards, as would Mavericks that have been lifted by their owners using aftermarket parts. However, some also like running boards merely for their looks, too.

Ford Maverick

As Ford Authority reported back in June, many Maverick customers are clamoring for running boards to be sold in North America. In fact, quite a few Ford Authority readers reached out to express their interest in these new parts, which would make a lot of sense given the automaker’s focus on off-road oriented goods, especially since Maverick buyers – in particular – are gravitating toward parts and accessories at a rapid rate. Thus, we’re curious to hear what our readers think – should Ford Maverick running boards be available via The Blue Oval’s official catalog? Let us know in the poll below!

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  1. Moe Colvin

    Manufacture a “Raptor” grill for the Maverick. Trust me, they will sell.

    1. James L Hartfield Jr

      I am really considering buying a trimmer Edition as soon as I can…. I didn’t see Ford doing this but they hit the nail on the head with this one!!!

  2. Mike

    Please include more updates on the order period opening for the 2023 Mavericks as well as any PRICING news.

  3. Jerry cooper

    When can I order a Maverick?



      1. NoComment

        That’s when it will arrive. You can order a MY23 in September.

  4. Bill C

    That’s earth shattering news. I have to lay down now that was too much to handle.


    Running boards? Now I like visual upgrades as much as anyone else…but…my 90 year old grandmother can get into my Maverick with no problem!

    1. Joe b.

      Mr. Kendall, or anyone else out there. Can you tell me the ground clearance height of a Maverick. My wife has trouble getting in and out of sedans and if your grandma has no problems getting in and out then I would feel confident my wife could do it as well. Thank you for any info you may have.



    1. Jim

      Amen to that. This is the “new FORD motor company. Don’t run an assembly line until new orders reach a critical mass. The spectre of price increases that override the PA means we could be seriously “shafted”. It’s a new play on the old “bait and switch”.

  7. Maryann

    Hey, I needed running boards on our 2005 F-150 … no need on our
    new 2022 Ford Maverick … this from an 80-yr-old great grandma 😉

  8. Steward

    OMG…. Just build the Maverick! Forget new accessories…. We can’t even order a truck. And Ford is thinking about more accessories. Maybe we should check the cost to buy my Maverick in Brazil because you can’t buy one here unless someone doesn’t accept their order then the dealer adds 3 to 10k to the MSRP. Shame on dealers that do that. Hope I live long enough to get my Maverick!

    1. Earl

      FYI….Come yo Canada and order a Maverick. Dealers there do not add to the MSRP.

      1. Jim

        Yes but they are still holding onto orders, and specifically mention that the Purchase docs that I filled out in May this year ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WHE ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED IN SEPTEMBER. Canadian Maverick orders are supposedly being built in Mexico , which is notorious for poor workmanship. I signed the purchase docs in good faith and now Ford says they may not honor that PA ? That’s downright dishonest if you ask me. Load up with pre-build POAs, keep the buyers anxious as to when production will start, and cap it all off with, “and oh, by the way, your prices may increase substantially between now and then”. Whatever happened to Ford’s integrity ?

  9. Chuck

    I had a Maverick and I loved it. Got it in October, wrecked it in January and the Ford body shop had it just south of 6 months before Ford bought it back under the “Lemon Law” since they couldn’t supply parts in a timely fashion. They’re the ones that made the offer and gave me every cent I paid plus an expedited build on my new one. Supposed to be built Labor Day week.

  10. Frank Burns

    Do you think there is a chance there might be a different choice on interior colors on the Lariat model. Don’t care for the orange color?

    1. Charlie Gramlich

      Orange sucks! It clashes with everything else in the subtle tasteful interior.

  11. Edward Huntington

    I love my 2022 ford maverick lariat fully loaded got in Nov. handled Michigan winters great. I loaded the bed up with stone couldn’t till it was loaded drove great.
    i like one of the roll bars in seen on them they said Maverick on it

  12. Steve valmassoi

    Ordered my Maverick out of Harlingen Texas in january, I will put dual exhaust, hood scoop, fog lights take off stickers labels details, bought Maverick letters for tailgate, still waiting for my two-door Bronco

  13. Steve valmassoi

    I just left the comment like Fords where did it go now incredible


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