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U.S. Ford Motor Company Sales Up 37 Percent In July 2022

Ford Motor Company sales jumped 37 percent to 163,942 units during July 2022 in the United States. Sales increased at both FoMoCo brands, Ford and Lincoln.

“Ford was America’s best-selling brand in July powered by strong demand across our lineup. Our overall sales rose 37 percent in July and electric vehicle sales grew at three times the rate of the EV segment,” said Vice President, Ford Sales U.S. and Canada, Andrew Frick. “F-Series hit the 60,000-truck mark for the first time this year, with our all-new electric F-150 Lightning having its best sales month yet. Ford SUVs were up 70 percent, while E-Transit leads the electric van space with 95 percent of the electric van segment,” he added.

FoMoCo Sales Notes – U.S. July 2022

Sale types:

  • Total Ford Motor Company sales during July 2022 increased 37 percent to 163,942 units
    • Truck sales totaled 87,335 units, up 20.3 percent total and up 33 percent at retail
    • SUV sales totaled 73,234 units, up 69.9 percent total and up 81.6 percent at retail
    • Electrified vehicle sales totaled 7,669 units, up 7 percent total and up 147.3 percent at retail
  • Ford total U.S. share in July expanded to 13.9 percent as sales outperform the industry
    • On improved inventory flow, Ford is the only major automaker to produce sales gains for the second month in a row
    • Gains came from higher EV sales and share, F-Series and high-end large SUVs
  • Ford overall pickup sales, including F-Series, Ranger and Maverick produced total sales of 74,034 units – up 27.0 percent over a year ago
    • Ford’s total pickup share for the month was 31.6 percent – up more than 6 percentage points over last year and the highest share of any brand in the overall pickup segment
    • F-Series overall truck sales hit the 60,000-unit threshold for the first time this year, expanding its sales lead over its second-place competitor to 66,691 trucks through July of this year
  • Ford’s overall share of the electric vehicle segment is rapidly expanding
    • In July, Ford established 10.9 percent share of the segment – its highest level on record. This compares to 7.3 percent in Q2 and 4.4 percent in Q1 of this year
    • Combined, Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning and E-Transit are conquesting from competitors at a rate over 60 percent this year
    • Ford now ranks as America’s second best-selling EV brand behind just Tesla
  • Ford brand SUV sales increased 70 percent to 66,266 SUVs
    • The Bronco family of vehicles, including Bronco Sport, sales totaled 18,228 units in July – up 227 percent over a year ago
  • Lincoln utility vehicle sales posted a gain of 68.3 percent in July
    • With 6,968 Lincoln SUVs sold, July represented a record sales month for Lincoln SUVs
    • Lincoln’s best-selling SUV, the Corsair, provided over a three-fold increase in sales volume over last year
    • On improved inventory flow, Navigator sales increased 32 percent and Aviator gained 71.1 percent

Inventory & SAAR:

  • Ford did not provide inventory or SAAR information, representing a notable change in the amount of information offered by Ford when reporting sales

Brand & Model Sales

Ford sales increased 35.5 percent to 156,974 units:

Lincoln sales increased 64.5 percent to 6,968 units:

During the first seven months of the 2022 calendar year, Ford Motor Company sales decreased 3.3 percent to 1,079,762 units.

Sales Results - July 2022 - USA - Ford

MODELJUL 2022 / JUL 2021JULY 2022JULY 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
BRONCO+224.11% 10,6213,277+1,505.27%65,463 4,078
BRONCO SPORT+229.92% 7,6082,306+5.31%66,157 62,820
E-SERIES+13.86% 2,8102,468-22.50%15,347 19,803
ECOSPORT-23.94% 3,2254,240-30.76%21,149 30,544
EDGE+59.27% 5,3343,349+32.98%56,787 42,704
ESCAPE+137.96% 9,8544,141-6.54%83,774 89,633
EXPEDITION+27.93% 6,9815,457-43.68%29,828 52,965
EXPLORER+32.37% 17,67313,351-8.36%120,590 131,592
F-SERIES+21.08% 63,34152,314-12.47%362,686 414,346
GT-68.42% 619-21.95%64 82
HEAVY TRUCKS+6.78% 1,2131,136-6.71%7,301 7,826
MAVERICK* 6,720**45,473 *
MUSTANG-18.36% 3,3674,124-17.92%29,611 36,074
MUSTANG MACH-E+74.14% 4,9702,854+43.06%22,645 15,829
RANGER-33.34% 3,9735,960-41.22%37,813 64,331
TRANSIT-16.90% 7,4668,984-18.79%49,294 60,697
TRANSIT CONNECT+5.84% 1,8121,712-14.65%15,919 18,652
FORD TOTAL+35.54% 156,974115,816-3.16%1,029,901 1,063,553

Sales Results - July 2022 - USA - Lincoln

MODELJUL 2022 / JUL 2021JULY 2022JULY 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
AVIATOR+71.14% 1,9271,126-0.81%12,877 12,982
CORSAIR+231.39% 1,985599+13.59%16,023 14,106
NAUTILUS+22.81% 1,7391,416+5.85%13,594 12,843
NAVIGATOR+31.96% 1,317998-27.96%7,367 10,226
LINCOLN TOTAL+64.46% 6,9684,237-6.21%49,861 53,161

Sales Results - July 2022 - USA - FMC Totals

BRANDJUL 2022 / JUL 2021JULY 2022JULY 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
FORD TOTAL+35.54% 156,974115,816-3.16%1,029,901 1,063,553
LINCOLN TOTAL+64.46% 6,9684,237-6.21%49,861 53,161
FMC USA TOTAL+36.56% 163,942120,053-3.31%1,079,762 1,116,714

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