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Ford Officially Endorses Expected CARB Vote For 2035 ICE Sales Ban

Back in March, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reinstated California’s right to regulate automotive emissions under the Clean Air Act after former President Donald Trump set forth in motion a plan that would eventually strip it and other states of their ability to set their own standards. Since then, a number of states and countries have imposed a future ICE sales ban of some sort, including Washington State, New York, and Canada, to name a few. Today, the California Air Resources Board is expected to vote on its own ICE sales ban – set to take effect in 2035 – and it’s a move that Ford is publicly endorsing.

“At Ford, combatting climate change is a strategic priority, and we’re proud of our partnership with California for stronger vehicle emissions standards, forged during a time when climate action was under attack,” said Bob Holycross, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ford. “We’re committed to building a zero-emissions transportation future that includes everyone, backed by our own investments of more than $50 billion by 2026 in EVs and batteries. The CARB Advanced Clean Cars II rule is a landmark standard that will define clean transportation and set an example for the United States.”

The proposed Advanced Clean Cars II rule aims to rapidly scale down light-duty passenger car, truck, and SUV emissions starting with the 2026 model year through 2035, and by 2035, all new passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs sold in California would be required to emit zero emissions. This move has been in the works for some time, as the state originally stated its intentions to impose an ICE sales ban back in 2020.

Ford has long supported similar measures, previously backing California’s right to set its own standards while also joining a European Union-led petition that calls for a 100 percent zero emission mandate by 2035 and signing a pledge to phase out all of its fossil fuel vehicles by 2040.

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  1. William

    Glad I don’t live in a tax and regulation happy state like CA.

  2. John

    Thankfully I live in the United States and don’t have to worry about that kind of idiocy

  3. Mike

    Anyone who is in the new ICE vehicle manufacturing business, now knows when they will probably be out of a job. So start planning.

  4. Thurston Munn

    Of course they support it, they have bet their Ford Nuts on EV sales which only a few want and will eventually stop the poor from owning a vehicle.

  5. Jerry M

    Ford Motor Company used to be the “Peoples Car for the Masses” I am sad to see the direction that Ford is going, I have owned and driven countless Fords but I’m afraid I am done supporting this once great auto manufacturer.

  6. Sean

    We will not be buying any manufacturer’s vehicles that support this. Thank God for engine rebuilders to keep a car going another 20 years. Not a surprise customers are abandoning Ford in droves.

  7. Chad

    You know folks, I have not posted in quite a while. Read daily, just quit posting. This one brought me out of “retirement” however. I have owned Fords exclusively for the last 40+ years. My Father before me (a General Motors Employee for 30+ years) also drove Fords exclusively during his time at the Fisher Body Plant in Pittsburgh. I just took delivery in May of my 2022 Mustang Premier Convertable which I ordered last October. This is my LAST new Ford product and I purchased it to carry me thru retirmement. I will pamper this baby and resort to after market parts when OEM becomes non existent. Ford has gone a direction I will not travel and I wish their EV charging butts the best of luck. Move the HQ to San Diego for all I care at this point. I wish the very best to all of you who ordered and are still waiting for delivery. I am certain the awe inspiring Ford Customer Service and Marketing Team will be in touch with you any day now!! Back into retirement I go! Cheers.

  8. Ron Bearden

    Don’t know what this will achieve.Far too little far too late if there trying to save the planet. Hang on to her newt we are headed for the rhubarb. Enjoy the ride.


    I am a Ford Retiree having worked 42 years in their engineering department. Living in Florida now. I can envision when perhaps half the Floridians drive an EV and a mandatory hurricane evacuation is ordered. Just think about thousands of EV’s trying to get out of town. I-75 N will be a sight to behold. A true life science fiction thriller.

  10. Mike

    No worry, if Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and the rest of the ” evil axis ” countries that have nuclear weapons keep pushing the way they are, there is not going to be a world for EVs to worry about.

  11. hot toddy

    the 2 Americas in 2035 will be pretty obvious. Most of the people that put this plan in action in 2022 will be long gone

  12. HarleyRich

    To all you EV Lovers•••• Hate to burst your bubble!!! There is NO such thing as “ZERO-EMISSIONS”•••••••• IT DOESN’T EXIST!!!!
    That said••• excavating for battery minerals… raping the earth with front-end-loaders……. is not emission free••••••
    Your extra weight causing increased tire residue….. is not emission free••••
    We as a world will need fossil fuels forever…… Ahhhhhh….. think plastics and more•••••••
    You all are in a tunnel vision world, run by wokeness, scammers & a DELUSIONAL DREAMER at the hwholeness, who rules not represents!!!
    God bless you all… my 2022 Mustang GT will probably be my last Ford!!! I am not one of your EV chums!!!!!!!
    Good Luck to us all?????


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