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Ford Patent Filed For Vehicle To Vehicle Security System

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for a vehicle-to-vehicle security system, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on November 4th, 2020, published on August 16th, 2022, and assigned serial number 11417214.

The Ford Authority Take

Back in May, a Ford patent was filed for a vehicular key fob relay attack prevention system as criminals have become increasingly clever in their attempts to steal newer vehicles. Additionally, the automaker added a new feature to the Puma and Kuga in Europe that disables keyless entry fobs when not in use to block illegal hacking, as well as a new feature dubbed SecuriAlert – which alerts European owners if someone is trying to access their vehicle using the vehicle’s existing sensors, and formed a joint venture with ADT dubbed Canopy that uses a vehicle’s cameras to detect thieves. Now, this new Ford patent continues that trend by introducing an idea for a vehicle-to-vehicle security system.

This Ford patent outlines a security system present in multiple vehicles, with one vehicle containing a controller that can communicate with the other vehicle when its security system is activated. The idea here is to activate a vehicle’s security system in the event of an attack even if that vehicle is located in a remote area where the vehicle’s sensors aren’t able to track the thief.

Thus, if a thief does anything that might trigger a traditional car alarm, a vehicle can alert other nearby vehicles of that attempt, at which point those vehicles’ security systems can be activated, while the owners are also notified. The end result is a broad security network of vehicles working together to stop thieves, which could prove useful in a number of situations – including Ford’s own theft problem, which  has run rampant in recent months.

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  1. The Gentle Grizzly

    Do the buyers of vehicles so equipped have a choice to opt in or out? I no more want this than I want mandatory OnStar in a GMC.


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