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Here Is Every 2022 Ford Impacted By The Wi-Fi Hotspot Removal Update

The 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot feature is a handy one to have in a vehicle, helping to keep occupants connected no matter where they are. However, the formerly standard feature has been constrained from quite a few 2022 Ford vehicles, and the list continues to expand with each passing day. Below, Ford Authority has compiled a list of all of The Blue Oval’s products that no longer include Wi-Fi Hotspot functionality.

Vehicles from the 2022 lineup that now exclude 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot features are as follows:

As of this writing, the vehicles that are not impacted by removal of the Wi-Fi Hotspot include the Ford Ecosport, Ford Edge, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford Ranger, Ford Expedition, Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect and Ford F-150 Lightning. Additionally, none of the vehicles produced by Lincoln, Ford’s luxury division, are impacted.

Vehicles that are assembled without Wi-Fi Hotspot capability will be granted a $20 credit, which is reflected on the window sticker. Additionally, customers who order one of these models in the future may have the option to voluntarily opt to have the Hotspot feature removed in order to avoid production delays, depending on the vehicle. However, it’s important to note that any 2022 Ford that was built without the 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot will not be able to have the feature retrofitted in the future. As this situation is subject to change in the future.

Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature is only the latest in a steadily growing list of features being removed due to supplier constraints. That said, as Ford Authority previously reported, Ford CEO Jim Farley is optimistic that the ongoing global microchip shortage could ease by 2023, but for now, the once common feature remains absent from

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Keith meulemans

    My 2023 aviator reserve just came in with out the foot operated feature on the tailgate. The dealer has no idea if the chip will be added at a later date. Any idea?

    1. Gary

      Exactly why I am not ordering a 2023 Ford product. I have a 2020 Explorer lease ending soon. They have eliminated many features on the 2023 which I have and like on my 2020. I may buy mine when the lease is up this fall or I may be one of their lost customers. The Explorer is one of their best selling vehicles and eliminating these features is simply stupid. The are making one mistake after the other

  2. Samuel

    Amazing that a budget Toyota has more tech than Fords that cost twice as much. Ford has gone into the toilet.

  3. Larry Stobaugh

    How do I use navigation from my I phone (google) navigation to work in my maverick lariat hybrid.

    1. Rob A

      Just open Google maps on your phone and plug the phone into your USB outlet in your Lariat. Apple Carplay will then pop up, (or I guess if you have an Android phone their ap will open) and the Nav screen will appear on your big screen and it works great.

  4. John

    You can’t install what you don’t have!

  5. Rick

    Sell it! Whatever it takes to sell it! Lol

  6. Bill C

    Who cares. More electronics just means more problems.
    Vehicles are meant to be driven not to act as “wifi hotspots” for all the multi media junkies that people are raising. Let the kids (and anyone else) who can’t live without the internet read, listen to music, play a game or talk to each other.

  7. The Gentle Grizzly

    My question is: not just for Ford, but industry-wide: what is the renewal rate for Wi-fi once the trial is up? The per-gig rates are priced like it’s some scarce commodity, and I, for one, don’t see this as some burning, gotta-have thing.

    Computer connectivity? Why not tether your phone like I did for the two times in six years I needed, right then, to download a file in the field, rather than waiting to hit a hot spot in town?

    The kids want to watch Disney+ while you are on a road trip? Tough! Look out the window and learn about your world, kids. And, mom and dad? Stop using electronic pacifiers to keep your kids busy so you can ignore them.

  8. Ron Walker

    I agree! With every passing month Ford is removing more and more features. When I built my Platinum and saw the final price, I was good with it because the value and utility of every advertised feature/package that I chose was considered worthy. Now that a lot of the features have been removed (they even changed the color of my interior), it will be interesting to see how much the cost of the vehicle has changed.

  9. RD VanOrsdale

    No Wi-Fi hot spot? Who gives a crap?! Just another high tech toy to go bad.

  10. Steve

    Talk about burying the lead! Apparently you can add WiFi hotspot capability for just twenty bucks! I’m heading to my dealer today. I’m sure they’re being upfront and honest about the cost they’re passing on.

  11. RML

    Hey just leaving this comment while connected to my Hot Spot in my car. Kidding. I just received my notice on my new built B.S. of the 4G credit I will receive. As far as me personally I am fine w/ it. As G Grizzly stated curious to know the renewals? I am leasing this vehicle and would not have used it after the trial meaning would not renew. If I was to purchase and go to resell maybe I would have been a tad upset knowing someone might be looking for this feature in the car. I think FORD looked at this as a point to move vehicle production along and found this to be the easiest item to sacrifice. Yes/no? Yes they as all are trying to get by anyway possible with the chip shortage. If I get a credit for something else I ordered and really want on this BS yet to be built. I might be back on here complaining and not riding the fence as on this one. I guess I would question the Credit back of 20$ as someone else brought up. That’s something I find interesting. The invoice to the dealer is the sum of all parts of a vehicle cost to make from a manufacturer to a dealer then an added MSRP. I have set price agreed upon at this time based on the invoice to MSRP via X Plan. Is this a module/chip that is not being installed? Which we know cost more than 20$. Then should be deducted from the Invoice and affect the MSRP. Now, If this is for the trial portion only. Why would Ford credit us the 3 month FREE trial? I just think the 20$ is a sorry hope you understand payment from Ford. Which I do I will take it.

  12. David A. Wier

    Now, have been waiting 23 months for my Bronco Wildtrac, so disappointing waiting so long, have had no updates from Ford of what is going on, WHAT IS GOING ON??????? It would be nice to know!!!!!

  13. RocketPak

    Got three months free when I got my Mustang. It’s through AT&T so coverage and service is spotty. Ended up just putting a Verizon 5G in my glovebox.

  14. Captain

    Ford has balls offering 3.9% financing on a vehicle you can’t buy, order or steal. They should give 0.0% for 10 years. It won’t cost Ford a dime.

  15. Alan Williams

    I added a mobile Hotspot through T-mobile. MUCH faster and reliable!

  16. Mary

    I think Ford dealerships should make sure there is one person a service or sales person that knows how to program & operate the entertainment monitors (TVs).

  17. Jesse Hodges

    While I did use my In Car Hot Spot for business purposes and it was extremely convenient and only cost me $15.00 per for unlimited data, so yeah when I just picked up my 2023 Explorer St-Line, which almost cost me as much as an ST would without the double panel moon roof, I am irritated and will tell Ford that this feature and cost of installing the hot spot in the car’s modem or wherever is worth at least a $300-$500 discount. Clearly, this feature is not a $20 feature or it would have been added. Yes, I will likely end up purchasing a Verizon or T-Mobile hot spot and place somewhere so I’m consistently connected for business, but this will cost me much more than $15.00 a month which is what I was paying for on the vehicle I just returned from a lease, so I’ll be contacting the dealer in the morning to inform them I was misinformed about the in car hot spot being present in my vehicle and I am not paying the remaining $500 deposit (already paid $4500) down.

  18. Dre B

    I had a 2021 F-150 STX with hotspot. It was useful and reliable, especially as I used it for work. My phone’s hotspot is not reliable in rural areas. Unfortunately, the Ford Hotpot is NOT available in my 2022 Bronco Sport. I figured it would be included. The monthly service is usually about 15.00/month for 2 or 3 gigs from At&T. I was received an email for renewal a renewal rate at 20.00/month unlimited. Unfortunately, I cannot accept, being the option is not in my Bronco Sport! I was unaware of this situation and was not informed by the dealership. Yes, it shows the $20.00 discount on the window sticker. I believe the discount should be more! Really, $20! Ford should discount not having floor mats for the back seats in this Bronco! Ford has been doing a lot of “nickel and diming” and taking shortcuts such as not including rear floor mats, not including driver-side mirror/light in the visor, etc. I am contemplating going back to Nissan.


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