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Here’s How Many Ford F-150 Lightning Pickups Were Sold In July 2022

Production of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning began at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center back in April, but the all-electric pickup quickly sold out for the 2022 model year and has remained in high demand ever since. Regardless, the very first F-150 Lightning deliveries began back in May, and the new model has been quickly spreading across the U.S. In fact, at least one 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has now been delivered in all 50 states, as Ford Authority reported earlier today, and now we know exactly how many units of the all-electric pickup FoMoCo sold in July, courtesy of the automaker’s latest sales report.

Ford sold a grand total of 2,173 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning pickups in July, the model’s best sales month since its launch back in May. That represents a significant increase over the trucks’ sales of 1,837 units in June and brings the Lighting’s cumulative year-to-date sales to 4,469 units, nearly doubling the previous total.

Meanwhile, the F-150 Lightning remains in high demand and is a regular atop the most considered electrified vehicles list in Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Watch Study, and currently touts the lowest starting MSRP of any EV pickup on the market, too – a mark that Ford apparently set specifically to force Chevy’s hand when pricing the forthcoming Silverado EV.

However, it’s the Lariat – not the entry-level Pro – that’s proving to be the most popular trim thus far, and it’s one that Ford calls the “sweet spot” in the Lightning lineup. Regardless, the F-150 Lightning has received nothing less than stellar critical acclaim since its launch as well, even recently beating out the Rivian R1T in a rather close comparison test.

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  1. Tim

    Who cares, give us how many factory orders vs deliveries numbers. Why haven’t these been stolen oh yeah who wants them.

  2. Ford Owner

    Nobody steals an electric vehicle. That is how safe it is to buy and drive one.

  3. NCEcoBoost

    MUCH ado about VERY little.

  4. Not for poors

    That first picture is correct. If you don’t live in a house like that, it’s not likely you’ll afford one in this current market.

  5. JR

    I just find it funny that so many people are raving about how beautiful the Lightning is YET it looks exactly like an F150. Have these people been driving with their eyes closed for the last 20 years (at least 10 maybe) F150 are everywhere, at every stoplight, in every shopping mall, at every construction site. I guess it’s just sexy to say you got a Lightning and everyone can oogle how “beautiful” it is. I think the F150 nameplate as a “truck” has been diminished because of the Lightning and it “frunk” I will stick with my 250SD 6.7 🙂

  6. Marc

    Doubling to 4000 is a far cry from 100k+ initial reservations. This will take decades to build. Which is okay, since the infrastructure isn’t ready for everyone to own EV’S. Let alone the extremely high cost to purchase.

  7. Tim

    “However, it’s the Lariat – not the entry-level Pro – that’s proving to be the most popular trim thus far, and it’s one that Ford calls the “sweet spot” in the Lightning lineup.”
    When you only produce 500 Pros out of 20k trucks, it’s definitely not going to be the most popular. If they produced enough of them, the Pro trim would be the most popular by a large margin.

    1. Steve Ketterer

      Yep–that’s the media doing what they do best: manipulate the facts.

  8. Jerry

    The most popular trim option is not the Lariat because of customer choice its because Ford would not allow orders of the Pro or XLT after the fourth wave of orders were accepted. I know because I had to push my slot out to 2023. Also selling less than 5000 total units all year for the most popular vehicle in a long time is not that impressive. Did Ford write this article for you? Its straight propaganda.

  9. Jim M

    An F150 Lightning Lariat arrived at my dealership with a window sticker showing MSRP $81,554 and they are getting another priced at MSRP $79,169.
    I expected the first lines of the Lightning vehicle to be cheaper. Now consumers are going to rely on government tax credits to assist in buying.

  10. Kenny D

    Had what I “thought” was an EARLY Reservation on one a these Units, NEVER got any Notification from Dealer that I could Build/Place My Order, I was really Bummed Out cause I actually wudda Placed an Order. However, I cancelled that Reservation and was totally Bummed out that I had to do that, I ordered an F-150 on March 6th, Had No Communication from the SAME DEALER on what was happening with that Build, and “5” Month’s Later on Aug 22 got a Notice from Ford Dearborn that my F-150 was Scheduled for Build Sept 26th 2022, Then the Following week another Notice from Dearborn that it is being Pushed out to Oct 3rd 2022. In the meantime, I kept Looking and found an F-150 and Bought it. Sent an E Mail to the DEALER that I was Using to “CANCEL MY ORDER”!!! Very frustrating to say the least!!!

  11. Mike

    Ford took 100k orders and allotted 15k chassis for the Lightning. They knew from the start they’d never sell that many. If there’s one thing Ford knows how to do is wring profit from their trucks so it’s no surprise that most of these first 15k will be Lariats and up.

  12. Dee Hart

    How many were stolen from Ford’s dearborn parking lot???


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