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Here’s Why The Ford Maverick Pickup Is So Popular

The 2022 Ford Maverick has dominated its segment though the second quarter of this year amid tremendous demand for the new compact pickup, which has faced a tremendous backlog of orders since its launch. In fact, the Maverick outsold the Ford Ranger through the first half of 2022 and its chief rival, the Hyundai Santa Cruz, by a significant margin, in spite of facing numerous production constraints. There are a few simple reasons why the Ford Maverick has been such a hot commodity thus far, too.

Sales Numbers - Compact Pickups - H1 2022 - USA

FORD MAVERICK * 38,753 0 68%
HYUNDAI SANTA CRUZ * 18,203 0 32%
TOTAL * 56,956 0


With a starting price of just $20,995 (sans destination and delivery), the Ford Maverick is a tremendous bargain by any measure, and particularly so given the fact that it’s a four-door pickup with a bed. Aside from anyone looking for an affordable and efficient mode of transportation, the Maverick has also proven to be a big hit among Millennials and Gen Z – it’s TikTok’s most popular vehicle by far, in fact – as well as fleet owners and first-time truck buyers as well, largely because of its bargain-basement price tag.

Standard Hybrid

That small outlay of cash also nets buyers a standard hybrid powertrain in the Ford Maverick, which is, in many ways, more appealing than the optional turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost powerplant. The hybrid’s 2.5L I-4 gas engine and electric motor provide an incredibly impressive EPA estimated 42 miles-per-gallon in the city, 33 on the highway, and 37 combined, which is on par with many economy cars on sale today.

In fact, the Maverick’s biggest conquest is the Honda Civic, and it actually beat out that same model in a recent comparison test. Thus, it’s no wonder the Maverick Hybrid has exceeded Ford’s expectations thus far, while also remaining a mainstay on Kelley Blue Book’s list of the top considered electrified vehicles.

Platform Advantages

For many years, any truck that didn’t feature body-on-frame construction was largely shunned by enthusiasts and traditional pickup owners, who will point to the fact that a unibody design is less capable. However, the Maverick’s Ford C2 platform – shared with the Ford Bronco Sport, Ford Escape, and Lincoln Corsair, gives the pickup an advantage in terms of its more composed ride than body-on-frame pickups like the Ranger and Ford F-150. For those that prioritize ride over capability and don’t need to haul or tow heavy loads, that’s a big advantage, and yet another reason the Maverick is so appealing.

Unfortunately, popularity doesn’t come without downsides, and for the Maverick, there’s a big one – it’s proving rather tough to get one’s hands on the red-hot compact pickup. Many order holders have been left in the proverbial dark for months and don’t even know the status of their orders, as Ford Authority reported back in May, while the limited dealer stock that is available is frequently accompanied by large markups.

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  1. Aggies76

    Ordered a Hybrid in Lariat trim and rapid red paint on Jun 18, 2021. Got a VIN from Ford/dealer about a month ago. Status on Fords site says order is confirmed. Still optimistic I’ll own one someday.

    1. Wendell Farrow

      Usually when you get a VIN, it means it is in production. I waited almost a year to my new Platinum, hybrid eco, ordered a 2021. It took so long , I now have a 2022, AND 0% financing…woo Hoo.

  2. Familycircus

    Almost at the 1 year mark since my order and no word. Really don’t think they should be taking new orders?

    1. JohnTaurus

      They haven’t, for months.

  3. Aaron

    Since November 18 2021 I put in my order, still waiting for my xlt hybrid, I even went to Hermosillo Mexico where they they are assembled visited a ford dealership it wasn’t available. I’m patient hopefully this year it will arrive

  4. Gary . Virginia.

    I’ve seen one on a dearlers lot that was ten thousand over MSRP. Ford can count me out.

    1. art

      i agree with u gary…10,000 above msrp—i have seen the same bs

    2. Stan Wallace

      Same here in St Louis, sorry, not paying $40,000 for a Maverick.

  5. Joe

    Ordered one last July and got it in 13 weeks under invoice with the X-plan and a $750.00 rebate. Ford had .9% for 48 months so I took that also. Great deal , great truck.

    1. Janiene

      was it a hybrid or ego friendly?

  6. Steven Gobble

    I have had more awesome comments on my 2022 Maverick Lariat than on any vehicle I have ever had the opportunity to own. I was fortunate to be able to purchase my Lariat for cash and I have added several items to the vehicle; side rails, hood scoop, tonneau cover, and window air vents. I am so awesomely satisfied to call this my own.

  7. JC

    Ordered a base model maverick in January 2022. I haven’t had to wait as long as others. But I drive by the dealership and I regularly see 20,30 white maverick truck waiting to be delivered.Why are fleet sales being fulfilled and personal vehicle sales allowed to go unfulfilled?

    1. mike s

      The reason is because Ford does not care about you or anyone else. Ask Aggies76 how he feels to hear that information. 14 months for that customer and still no vehicle. Now they have jacked up the price of the base truck to 21,995.00 and those people will get their cars before Aggies76 because they make more money on them. Anyone that puts in an order for a 2023 Maverick is a fool. Go buy something else and enjoy your new vehicle NOW, not years down the road. FORD DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!

    2. Ford500guy

      you just answered your own question… $$$$$$$

  8. Glenu

    What about the Roofs…

    1. Ford500guy

      ROOFS? they all got them….

  9. Joe Oliver

    13 months and still waiting. Hope the wait is worth it.

  10. Mick1


  11. Peter

    how can I buy a ford maverick? Lubbock ford dealer says ” go pound sand”

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      Step one: find another dealer.

      Step two: when times are good again, and the Lubbock dealer is screaming for sales to meet a monthly quota, tell THEM to pound sand.

    2. Ford500guy

      Go online and look for a second hand one, be prepared to pay up BIG time as they are priced more than new ones…. They are out their…..

  12. Walter

    I AGREE, Ford should take the oldest orders first then move on to new customers. And Ford should let standing customers know where they are in line. It’s only courteous, witch seems to be in short supply with Ford.

  13. Kevin Jeffries

    I’m 6ft 7 in tall. I’m wondering what the interior space is like?

  14. Nick

    I ordered my maverick in oct 21. They had a price increase in December 21. Why should I have to pay price increase since I ordered before Dec. not pleased. Still haven’t received my vehicle. Almost a year and get price or slit y on top of it all. Not good business ford. Can’t wait to see what the finance rates are going to be when it finally arrives

    1. John

      You won’t pay an increase. You’re price protected to the day your ordered.

  15. finalley99

    Maverick’s Ford C2 platform – shared with the Ford Bronco Sport, Ford Escape, and Lincoln Corsair, Escape and Focus…
    SO…why call it a truck, isn’t it a car with an open trunk?

  16. Rick Ohnsman

    If you build it, they will come.
    Hardly a surprise that when you listen to your customers, build something that fits their needs and budget, and fills a niche no one else does you will have a runaway hit. Welcome to the VW Bug for a new generation.

  17. Mac31912

    “…incredibly impressive EPA estimated 42 miles-per-gallon in the city, 33 on the highway, and 37 combined”,
    Look at the Maverick forums, and you’ll learn that the mpg estimates are generally quite conservative. This has certainly been true with our hybrid Maverick too. Measuring it since receiving it in late December till today, our *lifetime average* is 43.8 mpg, and it averages much higher when driven locally – ours is seeing 49.8 mpg over the last several tanks (which have all been suburban driving).
    In my opinion, this truck is everything good you’ve heard about it and more. My wife & I still love it as much as the day we received it. The only real complaint I can think of is that I wish it was built to remember to stay in the “ECO” mode after stopping and restarting the vehicle later.

  18. Rjb

    So realistically i ordered xl mav inlate jan of 2022 and no word from anybody til i called dealer and he told me i was 18th in line amd mexico was sending 23 orders the next month and that he would be calling me with my vin soon. That was 70 days ago havnt heard a word it was just a lie from michigans largest dealer. Im so pissed off you cant believe so if i get bumped to a 23 model am i in for another 8 months does anybody know. Im only buying it cause it suits my needs as a small pickup and its 26k. Im praying Chevy or dodge puts out a simular priced truck so i can jump on it. Ford s new vehicle program sucks and i cant believe they are doing this to paying customers.

  19. Rjb

    Hey nick thats a valid concern my banks interest rate has gone up 3.69 points since i ordered mine in jan

  20. Gmckenney

    In the 1987 to 1998 I worked for Acura at the Dealer level. When the NSX came out, many of the Dealers hosed the retail invoices with markups. I get it, but what’s the point. Now, several years later they are accessible, but they did dwindle for a long time. I on saw on on a lot for 40k over invoice at $160k. That’s baloney, you keep up the invoice and blowout additional customers. That’s really stupid.

    Be the man or woman, and make your vehicle available. Why hinder the buyers when 2k over allows constant accessory improvements, and vehicle design improvements.

  21. Dottie Simundza

    When should I place my order for just a plain FORD MAVERICK? Any color will do.
    Thank you very much

  22. Kevin McCabe

    The Maverick is a non-starter for me because Ford does not offer a Sirius capable radio for vehicle.

    1. Rusty Shackelford

      The Lariat Lux Package includes a radio capable (Sync 3) with Sirius XM as part of the package. You’re right that every package below the Lariat Lux package does not technically “include” Sirius XM in the form of an activated head unit. However, I plug my iPhone in for Apple Carplay every day anyway and SiriusXM app is automatically added to my main Carplay screen; it works well and the audio fidelity is no different in my experience. Just my two cents, I prefer the app now since I can listen seamlessly from care to home speakers no trouble.

  23. Michelle

    I ordered my Maverick Ecoboost w all the pkgs on Dec 7 & I recd my Vin# & production date for Sept 19th. Ford requested that I remove certain pkgs but I held out. It has been a long wait but I am not going to change my pkgs just to get a truck. Why buy something you don’t want.

  24. commbubba19

    what’s funny is i give it 3-5 years and these will be on used lots for cheap. once owners figure out they’re too small to do anything well they’ll be trading them in quick at the end of their lease terms. laughably stupid vehicle. it’s only in demand now because the boomers need the low step in height and it’s a niche style vehicle with currently little competition.

    1. John

      The vast majority of these are not being purchased by “Boomers”. I’m not sure what you consider “doing things well”, but 30 mpg and 4,000 lbs. towing is pretty capable.

  25. FlashG

    Some of these dealers have no shame. These ridiculous mark up should be stopped.

  26. Patrick Doaahue

    Ordered my maverick last October with the xl pkg was thinking of switching to the xlt pkg afraid to I will never see the truck

  27. Vic Mic

    I ordered 2 one ice one hybrid got both of them January 3rd and July 17th no problem I don’t feel lucky

  28. Sarah Cook

    We ordered our hybrid September of last year. Crickets!! Wondering if they forgot about us!!

  29. Karen

    hey commbubba19, a boomer here I , need a smaller truck not because it is popular, Iam only 5 foot and I can’t get in and out of the very big trucks , so if I need a smaller truck good for me ,you can’t get the Mavericks any way , the dealer where I live sells them before they get on the lot

  30. Jeffrey Sproul

    Be patient I ordered my hybrid XLT July 2021 and got it in early April. It took 8 1/2 months and the only extras I ordered were a spray in bed liner and a full size spare. It is definitely worth the wait and it is everything and more than what I expected.

  31. donnie

    we will see how priced protected we are-Ford has made many promises and has done a poor job keeping them-xlt ordered a year ago-got a vin several months ago and two e-mails saying not yet-they are filling lariat orders-how can you offer incentives on stuff you cannot deliver-how about giving us customers waiting a year some incentives—-I wonder if Farley waits a year for his company car????????????????????????


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