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Lincoln Brand Loyalty Has Declined By Nine Percent Since 2019

Lincoln has produced some mixed results in recent studies, ranking third among all luxury brands in terms of affordability and first in driving comfort in Kelly Blue Book’s most recent Brand Watch report, second in brand loyalty according to IHS Markit, and near the bottom of KBB’s brand consideration list, while the Lincoln Nautilus landed among the top 10 models with the highest brand loyalty. However, according to new data from S&P Global, Lincoln brand loyalty has declined considerably over the past few years.

From June 2019 to June 2022, Lincoln brand loyalty has dropped 9.3 percent, which ranks it behind a number of its competitors including Tesla and Maserati – which were the only two brands to see an improvement in loyalty at 13 and 5.8 percent, respectively – as well as Porsche (-0.4 percent), Genesis (-0.5 percent), Cadillac (-0.6 percent), Lexus (-4.3 percent), Volvo (-6.5 percent), Mercedes-Benz (-6.9 percent), Alfa Romeo (-6.9 percent), and Jaguar (-7.1 percent). Lincoln did fare better than BMW (-13.7 percent), Audi (-13.9 percent), Acura (-14.7 percent), Infiniti (-15.9 percent), and Land Rover (-17.4 percent), however.

While the overall market is down significantly in this regard, the decline in Lincoln brand loyalty could be at least partially blamed on FoMoCo’s decision to stop making sedans a couple of years ago. As Ford Authority reported back in October of 2020, the luxury brand is unlikely to reverse that decision anytime soon, though there might be a glimmer of hope given recent developments.

As Ford Authority reported in May, a Lincoln sedan revival could possibly be in the cards, though such a model would likely be all-electric, given the brand’s pivot to electrification. Lincoln is selling quite a few sedans in China, where it just launched the new Zephyr, and is watching the U.S. market closely to see if enough demand exists for such an offering.

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  1. crabbymilton

    Builder loyalty does no good if you don’t have the product or quality that customers demand. If you get attached to one brand/builder, you risk being very disappointed as opposed to just making it easy on yourself and take the generic approach to vehicle purchase.

  2. Joe

    Most luxury car brands still make cars, 4 doors are still in demand for people with money.

    1. crabbymilton

      Exactly. MERCEDES BENZ, LEXUS, and even CADILLAC has a few sedans. Then you look at the non luxury brands and most of them have sedans in the line up. FORD is the one with the problem.

  3. Larry Leikam

    I have a 2022 Lincoln Corsair GT. It is in the shop because my recharge cord failed. Also the rear head liner keeps coming down due to a crease in it. It should be replaced, but will probably just be glued or something. The car has 775 miles on it and has been to the Ford dealer twice already (Since April 30th). We also have a problem with the front passenger seat making a clunking noise when my wife exits. Lincoln says it is normal! Needless to say, this is my LAST Lincoln unless workmanship improves!

  4. JE

    As former Lincoln buyer I stopped buying Lincoln the day they stopped producing sedans. Specially when all Lincoln competitors do produce at least one or two sedans in their lineups. Not everybody like SUV´s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what.

  5. Alan

    I bought 5 loaded MKZ hybrids between 2013-2020. Lincoln abandoned sedans and I abandoned Lincoln. China gets a sedan (Zephyr), we get boxy truck-like SUVs that get poorer mpg than i got with my MKZ hybrid sedan!! Forced me to buy another make hybrid sedan. Sorry Lincoln, your loss!

  6. Jim Groff

    Loyalty is hard to retain when my 2021 navigator Has to sit outside awaiting vandalism to keep my car from burning down my house because of a fire recall under the navigator hood. This fix has taken way too long to navigator buyers.

  7. MarkV

    Ok, Lincoln has no sedans/coupes/excitement/ convertibles in the lineup. I get it as part of the mismanagement of Lincoln Motorcar Company. The major problem is there isn’t enough style and distinction. Lincoln has been the fancy Ford/Mercury for the last 20 years. MKZ and Continental did not sell as well as they should have because the vehicles were not up to the competition’s level. The Lincolns are only adequate and not outstanding/ above average. This is the problem.

    The Problem:
    Why can’t Ford allow Lincoln to be up to and beyond the competition? Why can’t Ford allow Lincoln to offer outstanding, distinctive models? Why can’t Ford allow Lincoln a dedicated factory to produce an abundance? Why can’t Ford utilize platforms such as S650 for example to include a proper LS, Continental and Mark 9? This is what we want not an suv truck.

    Solution to the problem as used in the past:
    There was a time when Lincoln was compared to Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillac and BMW with the Mark VII, Mark VIII and Continentals. There was a time when Lincoln had distinctive styling that would stand out such as Mark II, Continental and Early Model K/ KA/ KB’s. There was a time when Lincoln had its own manufacturing plant in Wixom so it could produce higher volumes than it was allowed to produce during the last 20 years.

    Why does China get the Zephyr and possibly a newer revised better Continental (to compete with the new revised 2023 Cadillac CT6) and we can’t have this?

    I recently saw that China will get an Ultra Navigator. Why isn’t this being offered here?

    Stockholders should demand more of the Lincoln Brand than Ford is allowing. If not, my money is going to a competitor. Loyalty went out the window years ago. There needs to be major “Damage Control” like yesterday to fix Lincoln.

  8. crabbymilton

    Mark you have some great points. Personally, I think that ’15-’20 CONTINENTAL was a beautiful sedan. Some were put off because it was front wheel drive but it was available with all wheel drive and the idea was for it to be smooth riding sedan not a hot rod so most people would not have cared which type of drive it had. The problem I noticed is that the grill was nearly identical to the MKZ so they should have given it a grill that was exclusive to the CONTINENTAL. I’m not sure branching GM style out too far is so good in regards to LINCOLN. Too much overhead is never good then they will feel compelled to start building engines just for LINCOLN. Then you would have more duplication and overhead just for that. As long as the engine fills the desired power requirements, why not leave that the way it is. Remember the nonsense when OLDSMOBILE was caught using CHEVROLET engines? They should have disclosed that but it wouldn’t have made any difference when you start the engine and drive the car. So yes LINCOLN could be much better but don’t get carried away with creating more overhead unless the market demands it thru higher sales. I agree, why doesn’t FORD allow these bigger sedans to be sold here too?

  9. John

    Considered a Navigator for a family hauler for a bit awhile back, then discovered they no longer offered the V8 option. Zero interest in a truck/SUV without a V8.

  10. crabbymilton

    I know how you feel. We all like the time tested reliability of most of them and the nice smooth sound. I dreaded the day that I was going to have to replace my ’04 GRAND MARQUIS since V8’s in sedans were becoming non existent and even V6’s were less and less too. But these new 4 and 6 cylinder engines are much smoother and quieter than years ago and they put out more power often equal or more than a V8. FORD isn’t the only one moving away from V8’s. GM is starting to push that new turbo 6 and as CHRYSLER in the RAM and JEEP lines in their new L6 turbo. In fact there is talk that the 2500-3500 RAM may get the upcoming gasoline version of the CUMMINS ISB to replace the V8 at some point. Yes the V8 will be very much missed but how much is just sentimentality rather than looking objectively at the numbers to determine if an engine meets or surpasses the desired power and durability requirements.

  11. Mike

    What do you expect from a company that makes Russian doll, carbon copy SUVs and no sedans.
    Even start up companies like Genesis make attractive SUVs AND sedans. Why cannot Lincoln do that?

  12. MJ

    Lincoln needs a convertible , more distinctive SUVs so they don’t all look the same, and one or two cool sedans. As a Ford retiree, never buying a Lincoln again, was going to buy a 2023 Corsair , but why spend 10-15,000 more when the Escape is comparable except for interior materials. Don’t understand with all the fake climate agenda stuff, Ford should make all vehicles hybrid models. Can’t buy the Corsair since it gets such low mpg. Guess it’s time to shop other brands. The 2023 Kia Sportage is fantastic and has a large touch screen and not those ugly units Ford sticks up by itself like it was added at the last minute , plus they are farther away and block your view a little too.

  13. Tennc

    Lincoln closed the dealership in my town even though it had been in business for 50 years and had a loyal following of repeat customers. Now my Corsair is serviced by a dealer 45 miles away. “Loyalty” should work both ways.

  14. C. Price

    I’m having dismal service issues with the dealer that sold me a 2020 Lincoln Corsair in Alpharetta, Ga. The best we can do for a routine scheduled service appointment is 6 weeks out. The roadside assistance was zero help when we were stranded on the side of the road for 6+ hours. Where’s the customer service ? Don’t ask me to come back …


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