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Lincoln Brand Loyalty Ranked Fourth In Luxury Segment For June 2022

Lincoln has produced some mixed results in recent studies, ranking third among all luxury brands in terms of affordability and first in driving comfort in Kelly Blue Book’s most recent Brand Watch report, second in brand loyalty according to IHS Markit, and near the bottom of KBB’s brand consideration list, while the Lincoln Nautilus landed among the top 10 models with the highest brand loyalty. As Ford Authority reported yesterday, Lincoln brand loyalty declined by 9.3 percent between June 2019 to June 2022, though the luxury brand still ranked fourth in its segment in that regard in June 2022, according to new data from S&P Global.

In S&P Global’s recently-released Top 10 Industry Trends report, Lincoln brand loyalty came in fourth place in its segment at 48 percent, which ranked it behind only Tesla (68 percent), Mercedes-Benz (51 percent), and BMW (49 percent). Lincoln tied with Lexus and ranked ahead of the rest of its peers, including Cadillac (46 percent), Porsche (43 percent), Volvo (41 percent), Acura (38 percent), Audi (37 percent), Genesis (36 percent), Infiniti (31 percent), Alfa Romeo (31 percent), Maserati (30 percent), Land Rover (27 percent), and Polestar (23 percent).

Overall brand consideration across the entire automotive market has dropped significantly in recent months, though the decline in Lincoln brand loyalty could be at least partially blamed on FoMoCo’s decision to stop making sedans a couple of years ago while its competitors continue to sell those types of vehicles. As Ford Authority reported back in October of 2020, the luxury brand is unlikely to reverse that decision anytime soon, though there might be a glimmer of hope given recent developments.

As Ford Authority reported in May, a Lincoln sedan revival could possibly be in the cards, though such a model would likely be all-electric, given the brand’s pivot to electrification. Lincoln is selling quite a few sedans in China, where it just launched the new Zephyr, and is watching the U.S. market closely to see if enough demand exists for such an offering.

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  1. Larry Leikam

    Ford dealerships, and probably Lincoln also, do NOT seem to have the ability to test 240 adaptors for my plug in hybrid Corsair. I am going crazy trying to find a way to replace mine.

  2. Mike

    No wonder, for a company that makes Russian doll, cooker cutter SUVs, when just about every other premium vehicle maker ( like Genesis ), is making SUVs and sedans ( with electric and ICE models ).

    1. Rich G

      Cookie cutter SUVs? You’re ridiculous.

  3. Hank

    You can’t expect much if you have limited models to offer. Getting rid of sedans was a mistake to name one of a few. Lincoln gave up 1/3 of total sales. Lincoln needs to move more up market and away from being a custom ford.

  4. Richard Jones

    Ford, how about a completely updated version of your car’s and trucks! Instead of giving them a note facial refresh, how about giving them a total new body style, Technologies and engines, for an example look at the Ford Expedition, that vehicle is about 15 years outdated and it’s competitor such as the GM models the Toyota Sequoia Mercedes-Benz and so on or just running circles around the outdated Ford Expedition. One way to update your cars is to update your engineers, they are well beyond their Prime and need to be replace!!

  5. Stan Hall

    We were Lincoln buyers for decades…we didnt leave Ford, it left us….no wonder it sells well in China..they have the luxury of choice. Next will be Mercedes or Audi for us …..most of us have realized the Lincoln brand wont be around past 10 years anyway


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