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Lincoln Nautilus Among Top 10 Models With Highest Brand Loyalty

The Lincoln Nautilus has faced its fair share of trials and tribulations in recent months, as well as a few notable achievements. The Nautilus was the slowest selling new vehicle on the market in June, even though it gained market share in the the D-segment luxury crossover segment in the first quarter of 2022. The Lincoln Nautilus also finished as the highest-ranked mid-size premium SUV in J.D. Power’s most recent Initial Quality Study (IQS), though the crossover is also slated to be discontinued following the 2023 model year. Now, the ups and downs continue, as the Lincoln Nautilus has been ranked among the top 10 models with the highest brand loyalty – joining its platform-mate, the Ford Edge in that regard.

While the Edge topped all other vehicles in IHS Markit’s most recently analysis of brand loyalty, the Nautilus finished eighth with a loyalty score of 64.9 percent, behind its Blue Oval counterpart and its score of 71.2 percent, the Tesla Model 3 (67.9 percent), Toyota Corolla (66.1 percent), Mercedes-Benz S-Class (65.9 percent), Toyota Corolla Cross (65.8 percent), Chevrolet Equinox (65.6 percent), and Tesla Model X (65.5 percent), though ahead of the Chevrolet Trax (64.8 percent).

IHS Markit derives its data from new and used registration and loyalty information and publishes those figures as part of its monthly Top 10 Trends Industry Report, which aims to identify high-level trends in the new and used automotive markets in the U.S.

Regardless of this good news, as Ford Authority originally reported back in June of 2020 and confirmed this past January, the next-generation Lincoln Nautilus has already been canceled in a move that seemingly stems from labor negotiations over the future of the Oakville Assembly plant, where the Edge and Nautilus are built. Ford and the Canadian union Unifor eventually came to an agreement that will see the Oakville Assembly plant retooled to produce five new EVs starting in 2025.

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  1. Michael K

    Nautilus is not being discontinued, just the Edge. We get a new one imported from China.

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      May as well not buy it, then. Call my thinking old fashioned, but, I am not buying anything made by our enemy unless there is no choice. Small appliances and the like, I have no choice, but, last I looked, there were cars – good cars – being made in any number of countries, including our own.

      The Buick Envision is supposed to be one of the best cars out there today. That may very well be, but I am one potential customer in that class, but won’t touch one.

  2. Will

    Bought a 2022 this year when we heard it was discontinued. Will probably but a Corsair also when they get rid of that and the Escape. Will not be buying a EV.

  3. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Nautilus. Highest initial quality in segment: check. Highest brand loyalty in segment: check. Recent sales numbers have no doubt been impacted by supply chain issues (I ordered and waited months for my 2021).
    So FMC just dumps this model from only four remaining ones at Lincoln dealers next year. When was the last time anyone saw a Lincoln advertisement for the Nautilus? I can’t recall one the past two years, but suffice it to say marketing has been minimal at best. But shouldn’t the name Nautilus carry forward given its reputation?
    Count me among those not eager to buy an e-vehicle at this time, especially for cross country travel. My guess is, if Oakville isn’t cranking out e-vehicles until 2025, the Nautilus will return for 2024. How about a hybrid Nautilus as a bridge to all electric?

    1. Joe

      No, it will take some time to retool the plant. Don’t expect a 2024 model.

  4. David S

    Lincoln is making a big mistake pushing EV’s on the consumer. I just bought a 2022 Nautilus that I will keep for 20 years if I have to, instead of my usual 6 year replacement cycle. I think most consumers want choice which is slowly disappearing from the line up. We should also take note at the lack of transparency. How long does a battery last? How much does it cost to replace? I need to know the true price of something before taking on such a huge cost.

    1. Joe

      We ordered a 2022 also and enjoy it very much. Took only 12 weeks to get it. We will put a 8 year 100K Ford ESP plan and let the guinea pigs buy the EVs.

  5. Gary

    My Dad has had 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 MKXs and currently has a 2019 Nautilus. If not for supply issues, he would have gone for a 2022 this past December. Instead, he bought out his lease, after which the dealership offered him $10K over his buyout to sell it back to them. No deal. They literally had no new vehicles to sell him and he wasn’t interested in special ordering, given the circumstances.

  6. William J.jr. Offutt

    I got a Chuckle from the Person who wants a Vehicle From CHINA ! Really ! They have been Shelling Taiwan for over 6 Days , and want to continue until they Punish the United States , and Rep. Nancy Pelosi for a visit to the Far East of Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan ? You want a Vehicle from China like a Volvo ? How certain are you going to have parts for a car built in China ? Remember a car like the Yugo , or the Delorean ! If a auto is not built , and Assembled in the United States , with a Promise of Replacement Parts for at least 10 years,; don’t even think about buying it ! i have a 1955 Packard 400 -Hardtop with another 45 yrs. of Parts in a warehouse ! Do you have any Assurances of parts , availability ?


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