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Lincoln Navigator Outsold By Escalade, Jeep Grand Wagoneer During Q2 2022

Lincoln Navigator sales decreased in the United States, while increasing in Canada and Mexico during the second quarter of 2022.

Lincoln Navigator Sales - Q2 2022 - United States

In the United States, Lincoln Navigator deliveries totaled 3,902 units in Q2 2022, a decrease of about 11 percent compared to 4,396 units sold in Q2 2021.

In the first six months of the year, Navigator sales decreased about 34 percent to 6,050 units.
MODEL Q2 2022 / Q2 2021 Q2 2022 Q2 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022 YTD 2021
NAVIGATOR -11.24% 3,902 4,396 -34.44% 6,050 9,228

Lincoln Navigator Sales - Q2 2022 - Canada

In Canada, Lincoln Navigator deliveries totaled 463 units in Q2 2022, an increase of about 25 percent compared to 369 units sold in Q2 2021.

In the first six months of the year, Navigator sales decreased about 4 percent to 618 units.
MODEL Q2 2022 / Q2 2021 Q2 2022 Q2 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022 YTD 2021
NAVIGATOR +25.47% 463 369 -3.59% 618 641

Lincoln Navigator Sales - Q2 2022 - Mexico

In Mexico, Lincoln Navigator deliveries totaled 66 units in Q2 2022, an increase of about 12 percent compared to 59 units sold in Q2 2021.

In the first six months of the year, Navigator sales increased about 14 percent to 140 units.
MODEL Q2 2022 / Q2 2021 Q2 2022 Q2 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022 YTD 2021
NAVIGATOR +11.86% 66 59 +13.82% 140 123

Competitive Sales Comparison (USA)

The 11 percent drop in Lincoln Navigator sales during the first quarter of 2022 places the flagship luxury SUV in third place in its segment.

The Cadillac Escalade took first with a 15 percent decrease to 9,221 units, followed by the Jeep Grand Wagoneer in second with 3,932 deliveries. The Navigator took third with 3,902 units, followed by the Infiniti QX80 in fourth with a 45 percent decrease to 1,803 units. Finally, the Lexus LX took fifth (and last) place with a 31 percent increase to 1,239 units.

The Escalade outsold the Navigator more than two-fold (by 5,319 units) during Q2 2022, but the newest competitor – the Grand Wagoneer – barely bested the Navi’s well established second place position, only selling 30 units more than the Lincoln.

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Luxury SUVs - Q2 2022 - USA

MODEL Q2 22 / Q2 21 Q2 22 Q2 21 Q2 22 SHARE Q2 21 SHARE YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
CADILLAC ESCALADE -50.31% 5,403 10,874 33% 56% -42.91% 11,827 20,716
JEEP GRAND WAGONEER * 3,932 * 24% 0% * 7,101 0
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR -11.24% 3,902 4,396 24% 23% -34.44% 6,050 9,228
INFINITI QX80 -45.18% 1,803 3,289 11% 17% -62.43% 2,867 7,631
LEXUS LX +30.56% 1,239 949 8% 5% -21.49% 1,797 2,289
TOTAL -16.55% 16,279 19,508 -25.64% 29,642 39,864

From a segment share standpoint, the Escalade accounted for a dominant 46 percent share, down ten percentage points from the year-ago quarter. The Grand Wagoneer followed with a 20 percent share, up 20 percentage points. Meanwhile, the Navigator accounted for 19 percent share, down four percentage points from the year-ago quarter. The QX80 earned nine percent, down eight percentage points, while the LX saw six percent, up one percentage point from the year-ago quarter.

Notably, the Lexus LX was the only model in the segment to post an increase in sales volume, which is likely the result of the recent launch of the all-new model.

The full-size luxury SUV segment expanded three percent to 20,097 units in Q2 2022, meaning the Navigator significantly underperformed the segment average.

For reference, we’ve included sales figures for full-size luxury crossovers below. Though they differ mechanically from “true” body-on-frame SUVs by having a unibody construction, they are typically cross-shopped and considered as alternatives to the full-size SUVs mentioned above. Currently, the only luxury automakers with full-size luxury crossovers are the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class, though Audi is rumored to be working on a Q9 that will compete in this segment.

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Luxury CUVs - Q2 2022 - USA

MODEL Q2 22 / Q2 21 Q2 22 Q2 21 YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
BMW X7 +18.26% 7,706 6,516 +25.61% 14,168 11,279
MERCEDES-BENZ GLS-CLASS -4.89% 6,191 6,509 -11.74% 12,394 14,042
TOTAL +6.69% 13,897 13,025 +4.90% 26,562 25,321

The Ford Authority Take

The decrease in Lincoln Navigator sales during the second quarter of 2022 allowed the Grand Wagoneer to displace Lincoln’s second place position that it typically occupies in the segment. As expected, the Cadillac Escalade continued to lead the space, despite a 15 percent drop in sales volume.

The 2022 Navigator has undergone a mid-cycle refresh, bringing about a few minor changes such as an updated front fascia and a larger center stack screen – changes that seem to be resonating favorably with consumers. Hence, we attribute the Navigator’s Q2 2022 decline to less favorable availability as a result of production disruptions due to supply chain constraints.

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  1. Gary Weiner

    The reason the Lincoln Navigator is losing market share:
    – The lack of an adaptive air suspension that both the Escalade AND Grand Wagoneer have!
    – The dashboard on the Escalade is peerless AND Grand Wagoneer is indulgent with the amount of screens and the stack, with the Macintosh sound system. Shear Rock & Roll!!

    The exterior of the Grand Wagoneer is not an asset, but the interior can be considered beautiful at the highest $105,000.00 range.

    Escalade gets nod on being “the drivers choice”.

    Navigator is beautiful exterior.

    On my cross ccountry trip, a week in Yellowstone (Gardner, Montana), I saw 1 Escalade and 1 Navigator and 100s of more rugged large luxury SUVs and the Grand Wagoneer was impressive new model in addition to largely GM Yukons and Chevy Suburbans with some larger wheels, tricked out for rough winter weather even though it was middle of summer.

  2. Walter Thomas

    Lincoln does not care about being competitive. They do just enough to get a sale. They should have did an extensive refresh instead of this simple nip and tuck. The Brand as a whole is on borrowed time. The Aviator is the best design in my opinion. It has better road presence than the Navigator.

  3. Mf

    They can’t be surprised. Navigator doesn’t differentiate from Expedition. Same motors, mildly different styling, but expedition looks better. The only real upsell is fancier seats and more speakers.

    Lincoln needs a plug in hybrid version, with 30 miles of range and a regular ice drivetrain (that isnt the same as Expedition) as well. And to absolutely not go to that disgusting screen in the new Expy.

  4. Kyle

    Ford needs to inject some serious money and competence into Lincoln, or it just needs to stop trying. This middling effort they’ve been doing isn’t working. Other companies seem to be able to do it. Ford’s level of incompetence is astounding.


    With sales being this low, along with the fire recall, there is no way this vehicle can be profitable.

  6. MarkV

    Lincoln needs more distinction, style and sophistication. The first question is why does Escalade keep selling so well?? Then ask what does Ford need to do to bring Lincoln into the same level? That has been the problem with Lincoln for the past 20 or so years. Ford really needs to get serious and do everything possible to high-end the whole Lincoln lineup. Offer more limited edition models like coach door continental such as a coach door Aviator, gull wing door Navigator and a convertible Corsair. Give us something nobody has is the key to success. The current group of fancy fords is not enough to carry the future. Forget being a Boutique Brand and become serious please.

    We have not seen or heard much about Lincolns EV future. The Lincoln Star Concept LSC show SUV a few months ago, while nice isn’t going to be breathtaking or sell in numbers unheard of either. Where is the halo/flagship??? Need something to draw potential buyers into the showrooms then have the magic of the Halo rub off on the lessor models. Cadillac Celestiq is one classy concept. Such a 928-vibe to the rear.

  7. GrussGott

    Dudes: the Navigator isn’t selling because … there aren’t any to sell!

    I put in my order in Jan and I don’t have it yet and don’t expect it until Oct or later and the forums are full of people like me waiting and wondering … and there’s “decontenting” going on: no park assist, no hands free tailgate, no 30 way seats, no special edition package, and the list is growing …

    It’s a great product as is (get quality & reliability up though), but Ford simply can’t make them in enough quantities and with all the options.

    That’s the problem.

  8. Bill Byrne

    maybe because YOU CANT FIND ONE ?? our 3 near dealers have one between them, now our ram dealer has 10 waggoneers to choose from, last month they had 3-4 at at time,

  9. KevinL

    Why does Cadillac have no problem sell the Escalade and nobody looks at the Navigator? Please explain other than the yada yada chip problem. Exterior styling and interior of the Escalade isn’t that earth shattering.


    Needs a big V8


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