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Lincoln Star Trademark Also Filed In Canada And Mexico

Ford Motor Company has filed to trademark “Lincoln Star” in Mexico and Canada, Ford Authority has learned.

Filed on August 10th in Mexico under serial number 119852798332 and August 11th in Canada under serial number 2203670, this application contains the goods and services description of “motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, electrically powered four-wheeled land motor vehicles, four-wheeled motor vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and structural parts and fittings therefor.”

Lincoln Star Trademark Filings
Trademark Office Application Number Application Date
Lincoln Star USA 97541225 August 9, 2022
Lincoln Star Mexico 119852798332 August 10, 2022
Lincoln Star Canada 2203670 August 11, 2022

The Ford Authority Take

These trademark filings come just one and two days, respectively, after FoMoCo also filed to trademark “Lincoln Star” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The name comes not only from the luxury brand’s signature logo, but also from the concept of the same name, which debuted back in April as an all-electric design study that previews Lincoln’s future styling direction as well.

Built on FoMoCo’s flexible rear- and all-wheel drive EV architecture, the Lincoln Star Concept utilizes the next-generation version of the Lincoln Intelligence System, which acts as a digital assistant that touts vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure capabilities. The concept’s flexible architecture also provides designers with the ability to completely reconfigure the interior layout if and when desired, too.

While it’s important to note that the Lincoln Star Concept is precisely that – a concept, one filled with futuristic tech and features that may never make it to a production model – it’s also a vehicle that is intended to give us a glimpse at the future of Ford’s luxury arm. As Ford Authority reported back in February, Lincoln is planning to launch an all-electric variant of each one of its vehicles no later than 2027, while also adding at least one new EV model to the lineup by that same date. Lincoln plans to deliver three new all-electric vehicles by 2025, and a fourth by the end of 2026. This will include a Lincoln Aviator EV, which was originally expected to launch in 2023 but was later pushed back to 2024.

Thus, this trademark filing seems to indicate that the Lincoln Star name will indeed be used on a future all-electric model of some sort. Since the brand’s star is an iconic part of its history and a prominent focus on the concept of the same name, this makes quite a bit of sense, and would seem right at home on a flagship of some sort, which seems like a strong possibility following these trademark filings.

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  1. Gary

    I am very disappointed in how Ford has already forgotten about the Explorer. I was excited in 2020 when they did a total redesign of the vehicle with a new rear drive based chassis, So I leased the 2020 ST. It’s been a great car but for some reason Ford has left it alone and not updated the interior, including the dash design and the terrible vertical screen. I have the horizontal one with sync 3. The processor is slow and I was at least expecting the dash and sync to be upgraded to sync 4. Unfortunately the 2023 has no improvements so I will not be leasing or buying a new one. In fact they have deleted some nice options. This has been Fords history lately. They redesign a vehicle which is a good thing, then they forget about keeping it up to date. That’s not how to keep customers. Worse, they did a beautiful redesign of the Explorer for the Chinese market but not the US.


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