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More Ford Vehicles Stolen From Dearborn Storage Lot

The Ford F-Series line of pickups have remained near or at the top of the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) Most Stolen Vehicles list for years now, including 2020, when the Ford F-150 and Ford Super Duty ranked as the most common target for thieves, a result that the F-Series repeated in 2021. Most recently, a rash of thefts have plagued Ford-owned lots around the Detroit area, taking a toll on the automaker and the surrounding community.  Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that this problem continues to rage on, as 15 additional Ford vehicles were stolen from a Dearborn storage lot this past weekend.

This time around, the stolen Ford vehicles consisted of a variety of F-150 Raptors once again, as well as the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. However, several of those vehicles have already been recovered by police across the Detroit area, which is a bit of a consolation prize for The Blue Oval.

These vehicles were taken from the very same Dearborn storage lot as more than a dozen Ford F-150 Raptor pickups that were stolen back in June. Several more examples of FoMoCo’s rugged high-performance off-road pickup were lifted last month as well, though Michigan State Police were able to recover some of those vehicles, as well as apprehend three suspects believed to be involved in the rash of thefts.

As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, more than 75 Ford F-150 pickups – many of which were higher-trimmed models or Raptors – have been stolen from company lots over the past year, a staggering number indeed. Assuming an average MSRP of $65,000 USD, this means that a collective group of thieves has stolen roughly $4.875 million worth of Blue Oval inventory just from the 75 units alone, and that total just continues to climb.

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  1. Michael Fornetti

    Sounds like they need a new security organization.
    I bet this is an inside job.
    How much of this “shrinkage” is going to cause the price of my 2023 F350 to go up by????
    I decided in 1969 to get out of Detroit maybe Ford should do likewise.

    1. Src1975

      They have many thousand of vehicles just sitting there, last time I was in Dearborn. In many empty lots. Sell the damn things. False shortage created, IMHO.

  2. CW McCall

    I just don’t understand how this happens. Can someone explain it to me? Are they hotwiring these cars? Am I dating myself by even saying it that way? Unless they’re leaving the keys in the visor (again, dating myself…) how the hell does this even happen?
    Second and related question – what does a car thief intend to do with a car that has its VIN registered as stolen? I guess they sell to other criminals? Because if I go to buy a car off a “guy”, as soon as I ask about transferring the title, surely this comes up, right? They may be worth a lot, but not without a title. I guess I don’t possess the pea-brain necessary to resell stolen vehicles.

  3. Tim

    Probably customers who have grown tired of waiting for delivery…….it’s a joke lol

  4. JR

    And what is Ford doing with those “recovered stolen vehicles” which are most likely special order vehicles for customers. Do they sell them dispose of them as used vehicles ? Let the corporate insurance claim pay them
    off and the insurance company sells them as used vehicles ? Or fix them, polish them up and still sell them as new. You would only know if the vehicle was previously reported stolen by going into an insurance database (which most don’t have access to). Interesting to see if they show up on the open source NICB database

  5. Larry Dickman

    Is there no security at this lot? Why are these trucks so accessible? It looks like there will be a run of 2022 Raptor parts available on eBay, Craigslist, and OfferUp in the next few months in the Detroit/Dearborn areas.

  6. Greg

    Hey Ford I know a guy that installs fences and gates!

    1. Mb

      Hey..Rottweilers work well too..maybe a few Dobermans… they hate big dogs..

  7. CPT(R) Richard D VanOrsdale

    Instead of keeping Super Duty trucks in a storage lot, why not release them for sale?! I ordered and have been waiting for my F-250 for over six months!!

  8. Richard

    Don’t be weak on crime! Actually punish criminals when they are caught. Plus, force them to pay for damages as part of their sentence. Consequences!!! A word that has lost all meaning in today’s world.

  9. Rich G

    This reads like a story from The Onion — that’s how ridiculous it all is.

    I cannot for one minute fathom how this goes on and why there’s apparently no security on these lots.

  10. Jack 321

    With all of the incredibly cheap wireless trackers these days, is there a reason Ford aren’t installing them in random places on the vehicles till they are sold? It would be a great way to bait and trap car theft rings.

  11. Bobby Ward

    What makes the difference of who steals from who. I mean dealers are price gouging the public for 25 to 35 thousand dollars over msrp. Karma is a b!tch!

  12. Let’s just say these Raptors will not be getting stripped or sold for parts that’s a fact

    I know exactly where these are going I sure do but unfortunately I’m not giving that information up at no cost.Let’s just say these Raptors will not be getting stripped or sold for parts that’s a fact

  13. Isaac

    Ford can’t afford security?

    1. Mb

      Rottweilers and Dobermans.. train them to chew first and ask questions later


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