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Next-Generation Ford Edge For China Leaked Ahead Of Official Debut

As Ford Authority reported back in June 2020 and later confirmed early this year, the next-generation Ford Edge has already been canceled, with the 2023 model year representing its very last year of production in North America. However, as has been the case with some other Blue Oval models – including the Escort and Mondeo, to name a couple – it seems as if the next-generation Ford Edge will be happening in China, as that model has appeared on that country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website.

The Chinese next-generation Ford Edge takes on the automaker’s current styling direction in that country in a number of ways, including its front end, which features slimmer headlights and a front grille design that are similar to the China-only Evos, as well as the refreshed Ford Explorer. Other modern styling cues include flush-mounted door handles, a “crease” in the lower portion of the doors that slims up the crossover’s look, and a new, sleeker taillight design in the rear.

Next-Generation Ford Edge vs. 2022 Ford Edge
Next-Generation Ford Edge 2022 Ford Edge
Length (inches) 196.8 188.8
Width (inches)* 77.2 75.9
Height (inches) 69.8 68.3
Wheelbase (inches) 116.1 112.2
2.0L I-4 EcoBoost Horsepower 248 250

Available in five- and seven-seat configurations, the Chinese next-generation Ford Edge compares favorably to the Explorer in terms of size, as we can see in the chart above. It’s also significantly longer than the current-gen Edge, as well as nearly two inches wider, and an inch and a half taller, while the crossover’s powerplant – the same turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost as the current-gen Edge – produces two less horsepower, interestingly enough.

While this particular vehicle likely won’t be coming to the U.S. as the Edge, it is possible that we could be looking at a preview of the Ford Fusion Active, a crossover that was last spotted in prototype form by Ford Authority spies back in May. That model was also sporting some Evos-like styling cues, which have found their way onto the China-only Mondeo and Lincoln Zephyr – both of which were also leaked via the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology site just prior to their official reveal as well.

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  1. DJ

    As a current Edge (17) owner, I’m unsure how I feel about this. It’s much longer than the current Edge, which has been near perfect size for me. Since this is most likely the rumored Fusion Active, I’d be interested if Ford actually just calls it the Edge here. Since killing the Fusion, calling a crossover Fusion Active when it can just be the next-gen Edge kinda seems counterintuitive.

    Ford decisions baffle me lol.

  2. Michael K

    This site calls any mysterious Ford crossover a “Fusion Active” even when it’s the size of a Ford Explorer. This time they are labeling a 2024 Lincoln Nautilus prototype as a “Fusion Active”. The rumored “Fusion Active” is actually the Ford Evos in China, and we aren’t getting it.

  3. HankK

    The rear 1/3 of the vehicle looks beyond bad. Can’t wait to see how horrid this translates into a Nautilus. Please remove that “mini shark fin” from just behind the rear door.

    At least China gets sedans which is something unheard of here.

  4. Kevin

    Is it just me or does Ford need to redesign their grille this just looks awful

  5. William murray

    No edge have to go to chevy

  6. StM

    Man, are they paid to draw something so ugly? Were they high or something? The most ugly Ford I have ever seen ! Good luck to sell that !

  7. martin Scott

    fortunately its just for the Chinese market. it is very ugly. Actually it is as ugly as the Aviator is beautiful….

  8. Deb McGregor

    Ford is discontinuing the Edge in the USA market baffles me. It seems to be a very popular vehicle. But this explains it – it’s turning into the Explorer. Can Ford explain why such a change?


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