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Next Generation Lincoln Nautilus Potentially Spotted Testing In Europe

Back in June of 2020, Ford Authority reported that the next generation Ford Edge had been canceled in a surprising move that was seemingly spurred by labor negotiations over the future of the Oakville Assembly plant, where the Lincoln Nautilus is also built. With the Oakville plant now slated to begin building five new EVs starting in 2025, Ford Authority reported that the Nautilus will also be discontinued following the 2023 model year back in January. However, it’s possible that a next generation Lincoln Nautilus will live on in other parts of the world, and now, Ford Authority spies have spotted what could be a prototype of that model testing in Spain.

This possible next generation Lincoln Nautilus prototype is wearing heavy camo, but it bears a strong resemblance to the next-gen Ford Edge, which leaked last week via an official Chinese government website. Aside from its similar front end design, this prototype is also equipped with side mirrors that are very similar to the China-only Lincoln Zephyr, while both are mounted close to the A-pillar. Additionally, this prototype is also fitted with Lincoln’s signature wheel design and flush-mounted door handles, which have been a staple of all mid-size Ford C2 platform vehicles thus far.

As Ford Authority reported nearly two years ago, Lincoln Nautilus production is slated to end at the Oakville plant in 2024, after which it’s unclear what could become of the luxurious crossover. The Nautilus is also produced at the Ford Changan Hangzhou Assembly plant in China for that market, which means that it could continue to be built and sold there after production ends in Canada.

The Ford Mondeo (also rebadged as the Taurus in some parts of the world), as well as the Escort and various other Blue Oval models once sold in North America are still on sale in various other countries around the globe, so it’s certainly conceivable that the Nautilus could live on in that manner, too.

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  1. Michael K

    Woah, they finally realized this is not the Fusion Active! Hooray!

    It is on track to be sold in the US as a Chinese import.

  2. Will

    We bought one this year and glad we did. Ford will never hit the EV goals.

  3. Karl

    You guys seems to correct with this one be a Lincoln, the backlights looks very similar to the China only new Zephyr along with the side mirrors and grille.

  4. KevinD

    Dear Ford, Please send us both this and the Zephyr sedan under one Branding for Lincoln: Zephyr Sport and Zephyr Touring??

  5. Bruce Holberg

    Interesting that ICE Fords will live on in other countries while we will get only EVs. The US ties itself up in knots to eliminate pollution, but other countries are not so motivated. Inasmuch as China is larger and already more polluting than the US, how is building more ICE vehicles there going to save the planet?

    1. Michael K

      That might be true for Crossovers, but I think you’re forgetting all the ICE Broncos, F-150s, Mustangs, Expeditions, Transits, Rangers they are still selling here. That’s a ton of ICE right there.

  6. MarkV

    Lincoln needs a design change to really get noticed. The current design is dated and snoozeville. Something radical would be a good start. Lincoln design needs to stand out and be noticed. (and taken seriously) Let the designers imagination run wild.

    Use Cadillac’s “Break Through” from 20 years ago as inspiration. Time to wake the dead.


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