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Next Generation Lincoln Nautilus Spotted Testing In Michigan

A report surfaced back in 2020 that suggested that next generation Lincoln Nautilus had been canceled, and that the luxurious crossover would be discontinued in North America following the 2023 model year as the Oakville Assembly plant – where the Nautilus and Ford Edge are built – will be retooled to produce five new EVs starting in 2025. However, the Nautilus is still produced in China for that market, and Ford Authority spies have recently spotted more than one next generation Lincoln Nautilus prototype driving around, signaling that it might stick around in North America after all, though it could possibly be built overseas. Regardless, Ford Authority spies have spotted yet another next generation Lincoln Nautilus prototype, but this time, in Michigan.

Like the previously-spied Nautilus prototype, which was spotted in Spain, this model is also wearing a considerable amount of camo that conceals its appearance quite effectively. However, we do get a better look at the front end at least, which bears a strong resemblance to the China-only Lincoln Zephyr, with thin headlights and a large grille that features a diamond-shaped pattern in the center, with a smaller lower grille beneath it sporting a tighter version of that same look.

The Zephyr-like look continues down the side, where this prototype is fitted with mirrors that are tucked up close to the A-pillar like the sedan and are similar in style as well. This prototype is covered up quite well, but we can see that it also sports Lincoln’s signature wheel design, while the European model was fitted with flush-mounted door handles, which have been a staple of all mid-size Ford C2 platform vehicles thus far. Out back, an EPA exhaust setup signals that a new-to-the-Nautilus powertrain is being tested in this particular prototype, too.

Ford Authority spies also spotted a next generation Ford Edge prototype testing alongside the Nautilus in Spain earlier this week, but that version of the crossover leaked on an official Chinese government website last week, giving us a very good look at that country’s version of the new model.

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  1. Michael K

    FWIW, this prototype has the mandatory Chinese-spec license plate bracket on the front fascia, so this is still a Chinese-spec Nautilus.

    1. Chris Ignott

      That’s a solid observation. Why would a Chinese-spec model have EPA exhaust tips on it? Could they be using the front plate to test cooling/aero for states that require a front plate?

      1. Michael K

        You can see the dimensions of the bracket are unique to China, you can also see the Chinese speck bracket on the rear hatch. But perhaps the biggest clue that this is being tested for the US is that they gave it the Dearborn Suit, that heavy black camo is unique to the Dearborn development center which means they have a fleet of these prototypes on hand right now.

  2. JonFA

    While reading the article, I started to wonder IF this may be/could be the 2024/2025 EV model.

  3. Kyle

    Would love to see this in the US. I’m sure it looks great.

  4. Jim

    Ford and Lincoln are just as screwed up as our current administration, only care about kissing the rich liberal tree huggers in the United States with a couple of expensive electric vehicles that you still have to wait two years for and not producing any news ice products dealers could selling now and for many years, they only build and come out with updated models for China.

  5. Rashid Pelpuo

    I use Lincoln Navigator black Label, 2018. My step on draw back has been staked inside and I can’t get it to work. Either than that it’s a wonderful car. I love it. It makes me a proud owner


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