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Patent Filings Suggest Ford Pickups Could Get Pivotable Sill Assembly

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for a pivotable sill assembly for pickups, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on February 24th, 2021, published on August 25th, 2022, and assigned serial number 0266915.

The Ford Authority Take

Ford has filed a number of pickup bed-related patents over the past few months as automakers continue to innovate in that particular area, including filings for a new type of cargo management system, a modular storage system, a pickup truck bed to cab pass through system, and a multi-panel bed. Now, this new Ford patent presents an idea for a pivotable sill assembly that’s actually coupled to the cab/rear glass of a pickup, giving owners yet another way to haul things.

The sill assembly depicted in this new Ford patent would be able to pivot from its closed position to make room for larger items, moving back and forth, as well as into a stowed position when it’s not in use. Additionally, this panel would allow access between the cab and the bed, which not only gives occupants easier access to that area, but also makes room for larger objects to fit.

As Ford points out in the patent, this type of system may be limited to unibody pickups like the Ford Maverick, as the cab and bed are not supported on a vehicle frame separate from the cab. Traditional body-on-frame pickups like the Ford F-150, on the other hand, feature a gap between the cab and bed and may not be suitable for such a feature.

Trucks that could take advantage of this kind of feature figure to benefit from it greatly, at least, particularly something like the Maverick, which has a small bed. This opening would allow owners to haul things like lumber or drywall more easily, without having to worry about them sticking far beyond the tailgate. In that case, it could prove rather useful for owners if it ever makes it to production.

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  1. FlashG

    Ford the Maverick hybrid needs all-wheel drive.

  2. TJones

    So they are borrowing from GMs Avalanche & Envoy Denali. This would be a nice addition if they built the rear seating to fold up against the fronts allowing for more cargo area

  3. Tom B

    A pass through that would enable the safe carrying of the occasional 10 ft length of conduit. Unistrut or 2×4 would give Ford short bed unibodies the capability my Grand Prix, Nisan Altima and Mazda CX5 had.

  4. Bill Byrne

    GREAT, just BUILD THE DAMN ones we ordered over 10 months ago !!!!! still waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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