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S650 Ford Mustang V8 Will Most Likely Be Last Gas-Powered Model

The 2024 S650 Ford Mustang will be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in mid-September, but so far, the finer details about the forthcoming next-generation pony car have been kept close to the vest. As previously reported by Ford Authority, the upcoming Mustang’s interior will receive an extensive overhaul, and will not offer any all-wheel-drive configurations in favor of a traditional rear-wheel-drive setup. The S650 Mustang will launch with the same lineup of gasoline engines as its previous generation too, but now, Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with the matter that it will likely be the last generation to feature an ICE-powered V8 Mustang.

As a reminder, there are two V8 engines currently offered under the hood of the Mustang. The Mustang GT and Mustang Mach 1 harness Ford’s 5.0L V8 Coyote engine, while the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 gets its power from the 5.2L V8 Predator engine, where it makes a whopping 760 horsepower. If the lifecycle of the S550 Ford Mustang is to be used as a template, then it’s likely that the Mustang V8 could survive until as late as the 2032 model year before it makes way for an all-electric Mustang lineup.

In the meantime, though, Blue Oval enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to from the S650 Ford Mustang. The eight-cylinder powerhouse it offers will likely approach 500 horsepower, gaining back some of the power it lost for the 2022 model year. It’s not clear if the Mustang GT or Mustang Mach 1 will receive this power upgrade, but that should all come to light soon. Recently, a leaked photo provided a glimpse of what may be the upcoming Mustang GT, giving a clearer idea of what the high-performance vehicle could look like.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Will

    We will continue to buy ICE vehicles and when the time comes we will buy the last model year before it goes to electric and keep it a very long time.

  2. Ron

    Not a smart move with most people boycotting EVs at a National level. Pretty soon Ford won’t have the luxury of there being politicians that give them our tax dollars to stay afloat. Most Ford owners already hate Farley, this makes it worse.

  3. vbondjr1

    While I don’t have the same zeal for most electric vehicles as “Ford Owner” does, I can not argue with the fact that more and more cars will become electric, especially “muscle” cars. While I don’t consider the Mustang to be a Muscle car, the fact is that it’s a performance vehicle, similar to muscle cars like the Charger, Challenger & Camaro, or Sports cars like the Corvette. Electrification of the auto industry is happening at a very rapid pace. While the infrastructure of the country has yet to fully change, more and more there are electric charging stations popping up all over. What your are going to start seeing are parking lots full of charging stations, and alot of them will more than likely be solar powered. You’re going to start seeing them more and more in grocery store parking lots and mall parking lots, places where people spend more than 10 minutes at a time in. Will all vehicles just suddenly change over to electrification? No. But we are going to start seeing alot more of them. A lot of auto manufacturers are changing the game when it comes to electrification and making them more and more desirable. And yes I understand it is hard for alot of us who fall under such umbrellas as traditionalists, enthusiasts and all around gearheads to accept the fact that some of our favorite vehicles will some day be powered by a powerplant that is foreign to us where there are no spark plugs to change, no gears to tinker with and things like that, but it is happening. The thing is that even with these new vehicles, some companies are still going to make it to where we can “tinker” with them. Just think even now, we download tunes to make cars faster by changing setting in the ECU and all of that kinds of stuff to adjust air fuel ratios and things like that. I’m sure there will be things to adjust on these new ones and if left up to one awesome auto manufacturer, these new EV Muscle cars will not go quietly into that good night! The actual issue with EVs right now is cost and maintenance during the event that something does go wrong with the electric powertrain. To be honest, Mechanics will truly now be Technicians because they will be working on electric motors just like any electrical technician would. Electric motors for industrial use are built to be repaired just like anything else, these aren’t that different, just smaller. In alot of ways, I do see this being alot more retro than things are now in the fact that now things will be built not just to be replace but actually repaired if necessary. People used to rebuild starters and alternators back in the day, I’ve actually sold alternator rebuild kits and actually helped rebuild one back in the early 2000s when you could still get rebuild kits for an alternator. It was kind of fun. I will fully admit it took me until Dodge brought out the new Charger to really climb on board this electric train and see the potential of it and yes I still love V8 engines and ICE vehicles, but this electrification thing is happening but the truth of it is, It’s not that different than anything that has happened in the industry before. We went from hand cranks to electric starters, from carburetors to fuel injectors and now from gas to electric. I’ve been in this industry for almost 20 years and I’ve seen alot of things change. Do I think that in the next 15 years, nearly everything could go to electric? The answer is yes. Do I see that in that time period we will loose alot of mom and pop auto shops? Yes. Do I see stores like advance auto parts, Auto zone, Pep Boys, etc. closing down? No because even with these new electric vehicles parts are still needed. Do I see the government offering huge buy back incentives to trade in ICE vehicles for electric? Yup, sure do. Will it make owning a car while living in urban or low income areas a bit different? Yes. Why? because those areas don’t have alot of parking and it will be hard to try and plug up an electric car to your house when you have to park around the corner and can’t park right in front of your house. Yes I do think that grocery stores (as I said before) will have charging stations and just about every parking spot and more jobs and parking garages will have solar powered charging ports, but yes it does change things. Also trying to figure out how to have Charging stations to offer an equivalent to what a gas station would offer in time convenience. A two minute trip to the gas station can get a car a full tank of gas. there is no way a two-minute charge will get an EV the same kind of range. What will need to happen is that every parking lot would need to become a solar powered charging point. All of those places in the city where you having parking meters would need to be replaced by solar powered charging ports. Even if they are still pay to park spots. The reason I say solar on most of this is because not only is it cleaner energy, It would also cut down the drain on the power grids. Honestly, beyond the auto industry, the industrial industry needs to really get it together on more solar and wind energy. We build tons of sky scrapers in cities, why don’t nearly all of them have a huge windmill in them for generating their own energy? Why aren’t more of the glass windows in sky scrapers, or residential homes or other commercial buildings solar power glass panes? Reducing emissions is one thing but there is so much more that needs to be done to reduce the carbon footprint and promote clean energy. Just saying.

    1. Laserlight

      Nice commentary. I would agree with you but then I’d be wrong too! It would take tens of millions of charging stations in easily convenient locations to be a viable infrastructure for pure electric. There is not enough copper, solar, wind power, or parking spaces to support this massive of an infrastructure change. A huge number of the population live in apartments that don’t have enough parking or available charging stations that cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and install into existing lots. It is not an easy nor cost effective investment for landlords to fund. The future is most probably hybrid vehicles that offer the benefits of both electric and internal combustion drive trains. This offers the advantages of reliability, long milage, efficiency, existing infrastructure, millions of existing and future jobs, extreme power requirement vehicles like bulldozers, etc., along with the ability to operate in extreme weather environments in which pure electric vehicles cannot compete.

      1. Chip

        Someday and probably sooner that later the car body will incorporate highly efficient solar cells built into the bodies reducing recharging needs. Think back about how computers evolved over time, we have no comprehension at this point just how everything will be solved with EV but you can bet it is going to evolve in a way you can anticipate. Instead of complaining about the limitations why not focus on the solutions which is much more constructive.

    2. James Delaney

      All I have to say is , you ever had a cell phone? Well just like they start going down hill after about a year so will those expensive EVs. Batteries don’t last that long where has ICEs run perfectly for many years.

  4. Mark B

    I’d be surprised if an ICE Mustang makes it to 2032. With Ford moving quickly to electrify everything. I hope it does…but just in case, I’ll be hanging onto my S550 for the foreseeable future.

    1. Laserlight

      Ford will be forced to change it’s all electric plans, along with GM. They have strategically misread the future and their future sales will suffer tremendously. All electric vehicles will appeal to some of the population but will not meet the needs of more than 70%. Hybrids will be the future. Toyota has it right. American car manufacturers will need to pivot in order to compete.

  5. Steve

    The typical Mustang buyer will not buy an electric version. Many buyers are of a younger age group that like to modify them and many are used for track events. Eliminating gas engines will cost Ford most of their sales. Roush conversions are very popular can you imagine one of those being electric.

  6. MarkV

    So PLEASE give us a proper LS, Continental and Mark 9 off the S650………….Please!
    Throw in a 4-seat Thunderbird to round it out. Lincoln could use image cars to bring people into the showroom.

  7. David R. Keetch

    They will also say goodbye to the majority of loyal mustang fans. Ford you would be stupid to abandon gas mustangs. Kick the millennials out of the design department and hire some old school mechanics. Sales would skyrocket.

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  11. JoeyP

    I’ll make mine gas. It’s a lot less hassle. In California, about 20% who bought EVs went back to GAS.

  12. Rick

    You are calling up fools, but you are a tree hugging leftist sheeple just waiting to be led to the slaughter.


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