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Stolen Ford Bronco Part Of Larger Incident Near Michigan Assembly Plant

Over the past year or so, a rash of thefts have occurred at Ford storage lots in and around the Detroit area consisting mostly of higher-trimmed Ford F-150 models, including the Raptor. Over the course of the last year, more than 75 vehicles have been stolen from these storage lots, in fact, taking a massive toll on both FoMoCo and the local community. That total continues to climb as well, as more than a dozen F-150 Raptor pickups were stolen during one incident back in June, and just a couple of weeks later, more were taken, with few recovered. Earlier this month, an additional 15 vehicles were stolen from a Dearborn storage lot, and now, a number of Ford Bronco SUVs have been taken from a lot near the Michigan Assembly plant, with one of them leading police on a wild chase, according to Audacy.

The occupants of a red Ford Bronco led Redford police on a chase early Tuesday morning that wound up reaching Detroit before the SUV crashed into a utility pole on 7 Mile and Shiawassee Drive. There were reportedly multiple occupants in the Bronco, all of whom exited the vehicle following the crash and took off on foot. At least one person was captured, however, and is now facing charges.

The report notes that it was unclear what led to this particular police chase, but it was later discovered that it occurred following the theft of five Ford Bronco models from a storage lot located near Ford’s Michigan Assembly plant, where the SUV is produced. A stolen Bronco was actually used to transport the thieves to that lot, ironically enough.

The entire incident went down within a 10-mile radius of the Michigan plant, though it seems as if no one was hurt, at least. The crash didn’t even knock out power in the area, even with the utility pole almost completely knocked over. Regardless, this is just the latest in a string of thefts in the Detroit area that continue to plague The Blue Oval.

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  1. Joe

    No way, trouble in a Blue City with crime. I guess no security is watching them.

  2. truth speaker

    maybe once someone gets killed and they get sued ford will start taking security seriously at their plants.

  3. grumpyunk

    Bet the missing are in a container on their way to Mexico or South America. Never to be seen again in USA. Wonder if the theft group takes orders for color, model, etc.
    The theft will go on as long as it is low hanging fruit. Make it harder, and the theft will stop.

  4. Miller k

    So they r ready to drive off ………. Why r they sitting on the lot then ❓❓❓

    1. Steve

      Why are they sitting in a lot? I will tell you why. Ford is waiting for reservation holders to cancel their order. Then Ford will release these to the public. They will get more money for them. As it stands right now, the Bronco I ordered is going to cost me 55,000. That same Bronco right now would easily sell for 65, 000. I ordered mine back in Sept of 2020. Yeah Ford will fill some orders as to look like their “trying” to fill orders. Come up with excuses why they can’t deliver but the bottom line is all about the money. Just you wait, I’m usually correct about stuff like this. Time will tell.

      1. JeBronco

        You could get $75k easily. I am not sure that you are right but I am certain that you are not wrong in that Ford is certainly slow playing the delivery of Broncos to reservation holders. The minute they refunded the $100 they no longer had a vested interest in losing money by honoring price protection. Thus by not cutting off 2022 orders to the public before filling res orders, they clearly showed they are motivated by greed over customer satisfaction.

      2. Steve

        Your wrong buudy have you not read where all car manufactures are having supply issues

  5. Shelbykl

    Ford has a problem they need to work on anti theft feature Fords are too easy to be stolen.


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