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Stolen Ford F-150 Raptor Pickups Recovered Pretty Quickly: Video

There have been a rash of vehicle thefts lately, with thieves notably targeting the Ford lots in Dearborn, Michigan, and showing particular interest in high-dollar vehicles like the Ford F-150 Raptor. Over 75 Ford F-150 pickups were stolen from a handful of Ford-owned lots over the last year, many of which were Raptors accounting for a $700,000 loss. Thankfully, authorities have tracked some of these missing vehicles down, according to Click On Detroit.

Ford F-150 Raptor

WDIV, a local Detroit news station, recently aired a report regarding the recovery of the stolen F-150 Raptors. The vehicles were reportedly taken from a holding facility near Ford World Headquarters, and it didn’t take long for the alert to get out and for authorities to get a visual on one of the muscular pickups. Four masked men had entered the storage lot and made off with the Raptor pickups, then attempted to flee. However, with the help of an infrared camera, police were able to identify and track one of these Ford F-150 Raptor units.

Ford F-150 Raptor

The driver of this particular Raptor stopped in front of a house not far from the scene of the theft, exited the truck, appearing confused as to where to go next before being apprehended by Michigan state police. The authorities’ efforts recovered four F-150 Raptors on July 28th.

“The individuals that stole the cars were all wearing ski masks,” a police spokesperson said. “In July, it was pretty easy to figure out who they were.”

Earlier this month, police recovered seven stolen Ford F-150 Raptor pickups in a separate search. Three of these vehicles were found in Detroit with their wheels missing, and another stripped of its engine. Unfortunately, vehicle thefts are continually on the rise, and have already made a lasting negative impact on Ford and the Dearborn community.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Bruce Holberg

    How does Ford intend to sell the recovered stolen trucks, especially those that have had components stripped? Are they going to be written off?

    1. NateO

      Probably see them show up on Copart.

  2. Bob the builder

    I think it quite odd that a known problem , the multiple thefts of very expensive vehicles , from Ford owned properties , is not addressed by the corporate offices. So it’s a $700,000.00 loss so far, how long do they let it continue before engaging private armed security to protect their property?
    Or are the executives so Woke as to what is happening in their judicial locale that they just expect to be victims of crimes and want or need to be punished for not handing out free cars and trucks to all who desire them and can’t afford them?
    So Dam Funny!

  3. Bill C

    With all the technology available, why not put a temporary lojack device on the trucks until they are sold. Instead Ford keeps adding more and more useless features. OR make lojack a standard item.

  4. Larry Dickman

    When corporations make “donations” for these progressive politicians, what do they expect expect other than decay from the inside out – take a look at Chicago. Why aren’t any of the corporations that are based in Chicago calling for Beetlejuice’s resignation and promoting a non-woke politician to clean up the mess she has created?

  5. AZKev

    Let’s see the names and photos of the criminals like we publicly posted for two centuries.

    Oh, can’t do that because of the deadly corporate Woke virus?

  6. Bob Dobson

    Interesting because each Raptor has a 4G LTE modem that is constantly communicating with Ford servers. Ford has the ability to communicate with each of those vehicles so tracking their location wouldn’t be difficult at all. Ford still owns them so customer permissions are irrelevant. I think what’s really going on here is that this is an inside job and the investigation is still ongoing so to give away too much information right now would be detrimental to the larger investigation. Also Ford is very “woke” and they don’t want to single out any specific employees for fear of being challenged.


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