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Watch Thief Steal Ford F-150 Raptor Pickups, Mustang Mach-E: Video

Ford has been dealing with a true theft epidemic over the past year or so, with thieves going straight to the source in a way by stealing vehicles directly from the automaker’s various storage lots around the Dearborn area – many of them from the very same lot on Miller Road. In fact, over 100 vehicles have been taken from the automaker in the past year-plus, with the Ford F-150 Raptor representing one of the most popular targets among thieves. Now, TCD Dearborn has captured footage of one thief making off with several Ford F-150 Raptor pickups and a Ford Mustang Mach-E before a police chase ensued.

Though the video is sped up, it took the singular thief mere minutes to enter the lot, snag the Mach-E, and exit. He then returned and managed to grab a Ford F-150 Raptor, followed by another Raptor and several other pickups. The footage then cuts to the police chase involving the stolen Mach-E, though it’s unclear if the thieves managed to get away or not. However, they did get away with at least one of the F-150 Raptor pickups.

Though these incidents have been happening for some time now, the most current rash of thefts began in June, when over a dozen F-150 Raptor pickups were taken from a Ford lot. A few weeks later, another dozen-plus Raptors were stolen, followed by 15 more vehicles – including Raptors, the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator – in early August, after which some of the Raptor pickups were discovered missing wheels and even engines.

At least some of those vehicles have since been recovered, though these crimes continue to plague The Blue Oval. In fact, several Ford Bronco SUVs were taken from another lot earlier this month – which led to a police chase and one of those vehicles crashing into a utility pole. As Ford Authority reported last week, one of the stolen pickups was actually a 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R, which was reportedly on its way to a FoMoCo development facility when it was taken from that infamous lot on Miller Road in Dearborn.

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  1. TC

    It didn’t occur to Ford, after the first few thefts, to beef up gating, higher private armed security(actual good security), to prevent these thefts from continuing?

    1. Rory

      I’m waiting for the media to interview Ford AND its insurance carrier to reveal their reasoning for allowing this to continue.
      I’m thinking that Ford has bought into the foolish and dangerous new age philosophy that it shouldn’t take any action that might lead to a confrontation with these jacklegs. Said jacklegs might resist armed security with their own violent use of force and be injured or killed. We couldn’t have that. It would not be “equitable” justice. The tail is now in full control and is very much wagging the dog – at will.

  2. Rich Aftanas

    Inside job?

    1. Rob M

      It looks inside to me.
      Yes the video is spread up but that guy walked to the car and opened the door and started it and drove away!!!!

  3. Jim

    Is there not an issue with the security on these $80K+ vehicles (not to mention the lot) that they can be stolen this easily??

  4. Tom D.

    It looks like a 10yr old could take these vehicles as it appears they’re unlocked with the keys in them and the gate is so easy to open! What incompetent is in charge of this? I would hope that Ford has fired several people and seriously beefed up their security, but it has to be an inside job because this individual knew exactly what he wanted and where to get them in the lot.

  5. Vince Schmuki

    FORD looks like the buffoons here. How much money do you let slip off your lot before taking action? Apparently millions of dollars worth and counting!

  6. Rory

    Why go to the trouble of ordering one or even buying one? Just contract one of these mopes to go get one off of the Dearborn lot and pay a fraction of what you would at the dealership. I jest of course but geez…Ford obviously doesn’t take these thefts seriously or they wouldn’t continue to allow them to occur. As I said last week, one of these pursuits or stolen units will end up hurting someone…and Ford will have to pay a hefty $ for its lax and repeated failure to secure its vehicles. It’s ridiculous…on several fronts. RCS

  7. sayswhatothersarethinking

    It is disturbing to see a company like Ford not attend to even the simplest of details like proper care and security of their inventory. Makes you wonder about how the rest of the operation is being run. Oh well, it’s just shareholder money.

  8. Mike

    Who was watching the video camera while the thefts were taking place? No one? If someone was ( which I am sure someone was suppose to be watching it, as the camera was pointing at a gate that thieves could use ), why did they not call the police right then and there? Saving a pennies and loosing dollars, not having someone monitor the video camera live.

  9. George S

    Are these stored vehicles missing parts or chips?

  10. DcB

    Total inside job!
    I’ll guarantee those vehicles left went right to the port of entry and we’re loaded on a boat or into containers and see you there in Dubai


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