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We Render A Hypothetical Lincoln Aviator Coupe Variant

The demand for small SUVs is through the roof right now, prompting many automakers to design and introduce coupe variants of their most popular SUVs. Lincoln has yet to enter the space itself, but Ford Authority couldn’t help but wonder what a potential Lincoln Aviator coupe would look like, leading us to render our own hypothetical version of the vehicle.

The current Aviator commands an upright, large presence on the road, as evidenced by its boxy exterior and high profile. Our rendered Aviator coupe takes these bold lines and refines them. We’ve given our hypothetical vehicle a rearward sloping liftgate and given the C-pillar more of a slant to compliment its fastback-like profile. Note the small, sporty spoiler poised above the rear window, along with the black-finished wheels that give it a sleeker appearance.

There is certainly a market for a luxury SUV coupe. If the Lincoln Aviator coupe were to become reality, it would compete directly with vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class coupe, BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne coupe and Audi Q8. All of these vehicles are derived from their respective “regular” models and are marketed as more expressive variants.

Interestingly, all of the aforementioned vehicles are sold at a considerable premium over their “regular” counterparts, meaning there’s a potential for a Lincoln Aviator coupe to be a highly profitable vehicle. In turn, this could provide increased potential for sales volume, and since they require fewer materials to build due to their smaller physical size, they enable the automaker to produce more units over time.

Ford Authority has already rendered a hypothetical two-row Ford Explorer to replace the Edge, which could easily be introduced alongside a potential Lincoln Aviator coupe, since the two vehicles are very closely related and share a platform. While neither of these SUV coupes are in the cards for The Blue Oval quite yet, they’re certain an interesting concept to explore.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. what

    please.. don’t..

  2. Paul Benedict

    It’s not that bad. But I’d rather see something closer to the silhouette of a BMW 4 Series Coupe (without the ugly grill) or an Audi S5 Coupe. Maybe I’m in a small minority, but I would love a medium to large-sized luxury coupe (a real one with 2 doors) that had a rear seat big enough for real adults on the rare occasions when you have more than one passenger.

  3. Robert.Walter

    Coupe? The rear doors say 5-door fastback sedan.

  4. Gary

    So sacrifice cargo volume and passenger capacity for the sake of weird niche-market aesthetics? The Lincoln brand can’t afford to do something this frivolous.

  5. Mark B

    From the “A” pillars back looks pretty good. Now, if they can only get rid of the blunt nose styling, we might be onto to something. Mmmm, maybe since they seem to be lowering SUV’s closer to the ground, eventually we may b back to…dare I say…station wagons!

  6. Larry S.

    ?? Coupe ??
    Since when is a “coupe” a description of rows of seats???

  7. Michelle

    Love the look and luxury class. I don’t understand the cramped third row though. Thank you Lincoln!

  8. Martin Scott

    Good job I would say ….. but……. maybe a Nautilus rather than an Aviator. Read a few comments. These clowns seem to hate Ford but are on a Ford specific page, go figure? That’s like hanging around a jail and hurling insults at the criminal cause u hate them.

  9. Mike

    Never mind this thing, bring or make the Lincoln Zephyr here, that is being offered in China.

    1. Art


  10. MarkV

    Looks more like a Ford 500 hatchback suv. Please don’t do the “egg-look” to Lincoln like MB and BMW already do.

  11. Carguy

    In the olden days that would be called a hatchback. A coupe should really only have 2 doors.

  12. Anthony

    I would buy this in 1 second!!!

  13. ascarissdesign

    Interesting designs. Not sure the rear 3rd window being so large works that well in the second photo. The first photo’s design seems much better. Made a sportier Corsair, coupe design if you wish to call it, a while ago, went for a more audi Q8 inspired design though.


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