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2022 Ford Mustang Coupes Stolen From Flat Rock Yet Again

Over the past couple of years, Ford has faced a major theft epidemic right at its front door, with over a hundred vehicles stolen from the automaker’s various company-owned storage lots around the Dearborn area. Thus far, these thefts have targeted higher-trim levels of the Ford F-150 including the Raptor and even the brand new Raptor R, a number of Ford Bronco SUVs – one of which led police on a wild chase – a Ford Mustang Mach-E EV crossover, and a handful of Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator crossovers. The Ford Mustang has proven to be a popular target as well, with a handful of coupes recently stolen from the Flat Rock Assembly plant, as well as four Shelby GT500 models. Now, at least a dozen new 2022 Ford Mustang coupes have been taken from that same plant, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

It’s unclear exactly how many 2022 Ford Mustang coupes thieves made off with in this latest heist, but police believe it’s somewhere between 12 and 15 total, all of which were taken around 2am on Tuesday morning. Police have since recovered two of those pony cars, which were taken from a parking lot in Woodhaven across from the Flat Rock plant, where the Mustang is built.

According to the news article, this is the second time vehicles have been taken from this same parking lot in the past week. But Ford isn’t the only automaker facing this rash of thefts, as Stellantis’ Warren-based truck plant was also hit on the very same day. In that case, thieves broke into the plant itself and made off with a number of Jeep Wagoneer SUVs, though police have since recovered two of those models.

As Ford Authority previously reported, these thefts are part of a year-plus-long string of crime involving the theft of Ford vehicles from Detroit-area storage lots, one that has resulted in more than 75 vehicles worth millions of dollars disappearing into the night, taking a toll on the automaker and the local community alike.

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  1. flp

    First theft, terrible. Second theft, security gets fired. Third theft, complete overhaul of security with guards weaponized, new fences, more procedures in leaving in vehicles!

  2. JoeBryant

    According to the news a second attempt to steal Camaro’s (the first was successful until they were caught by the police) was committed around the same time from the Lansing facility.

  3. Dave Mathers

    Apparently Ford is unable or unwilling to hire PROPER security people? These thefts take abject stupidity to an all new level.

  4. Heritage1998

    Hope the black on black 5.0 G.T. I ordered wasnt one stolen!

  5. Michael J Genzale

    Wonder why there are NEW 2022 at the plant. 12-15 of them.


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