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2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Trims Are Late Availability

The 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition variants were revealed last month as retro-inspired versions of the rugged SUV meant to pay homage to the original, first-gen version of the iconic model. At that time, we learned that the 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition would be available in two flavors – the regular Heritage, as well as the Heritage Limited, the latter of which is limited to 1,966 units – also the very first model year for the Bronco itself. However, Bronco Nation is also reporting that all Bronco Heritage Edition models won’t be available when the 2023 Bronco launches.

More specifically, the Bronco Heritage and Heritage Limited are both late availability trims, which means that neither will be available when the 2023 model launches in the coming months. Given the many supply chain constraints the automaker is still facing to this day, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but it will undoubtedly be a bit disappointing for those looking to get their hands on the retro-style Bronco.

Regardless, the regular Bronco Heritage is available in five exterior colors – Shadow Black, Azure Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cactus Gray, and Race Red, while the Heritage Limited gets its own special color palette consisting of just one choice for the 2023 model year – Robin’s Egg Blue, though it will be joined by Yellowstone in 2024. Additionally, the Heritage is only available with the Mid package, while Heritage Limited buyers can opt for the High or Lux packages.

As Ford Authority reported last month, the Bronco Heritage is available with Ford’s dual-top option, which includes both a black soft top and Oxford White-painted modular hardtop – although that option is also late availability. Otherwise, the 2023 Bronco is receiving only a small handful of minor changes for the new model year, including the addition of the HOSS 3.0 suspension system as standard equipment for Wildtrak trims, though only carryover reservation/order holders are able to access order banks at this time.

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  1. Tim

    No surprise Ford likes to bait everybody then oh yeah we are only making these for our friends try again next year.
    Ford if you cannot produce enough to keep up with demand IN A TIMELY MANNER then quit playing games.

  2. Todd

    What is the actual order window for the 2023 Bronco, I have a reservation number, but my dealership said the order window is not available!

    1. Gaby

      My brother has been waiting 2 years for his Bronco. They keep delaying the delivery date. They just gave him the option to order the Heritage Edition instead. Which means they haven’t started making his order yet. Unreal

  3. Don Burton

    When will the 2023 Bronco Heritage be available??

  4. JF

    Ford is not able to catch up with demand for the products coming out of MAP. We are told in every town hall that complexity is out-of-control. So, to help they are releasing even more buildable combinations?

  5. Bruce

    All i want is the bronco badlands we ordered 2 yrs ago and 2 color retirements. Ford really FUBAR’d this launch up. What a disaster and lack of customer awareness. They sent us a flag and a hammock but what i want is the d@mned vehicle.
    FOMOCO get yer sh!t together

    1. Stephen Johnson

      My (wife’s) 2 door, hard top Bronco is the same story. Now I need to “spec it out” for the 3rd time. I understand the COVID and supply chain issues. Ford gets some credit for the fact that two years into a new vehicle launch people are complaining about the waiting list instead of the quality of the truck. Still, cancelling colors people had ordered and basing builds on dealer allocations rather than reservation dates at this p oint is stupid… but hey, my wife gets the car but I’m keepingI got a flag, a hammock, a calendar AND — best of all — a really nice cooler from my dealer. Too bad they are all still going places in a 2011 wrangler.


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