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2023 Ford Bronco Will Not Offer Black-Painted Modular Hardtop

As Ford Authority reported last month, a Bronco6G member recently posted a screenshot that allegedly showed off some changes coming for the 2023 Ford Bronco. One of the most notable was the addition of the long-awaited black-painted modular hardtop to the SUV’s lineup, a feature that was originally supposed to debut along with the sixth-gen Bronco for the 2021 model year, but was ultimately delayed multiple times as the automaker faced numerous woes related to its hardtop supplier. Now, however, Bronco Nation has nixed this report by revealing that the body-color and black-painted modular hardtops will not be available on the 2023 Ford Bronco, after all.

This means that Bronco buyers will continue to wait for the arrival of the black-painted modular hardtop, which was originally pushed back to a late availability option following the launch of the 2021 model. After that, the painted top was pushed to the 2022 model year, and later the 2023 model year, and now, it’s unclear when this particular feature might arrive.

This means that the only 2023 Ford Bronco models available with any sort of hardtop other than the Carbonized Gray unit are the Heritage and Heritage Limited, both of which can also be optioned with the dual top package, which consists of the standard Oxford White hardtop and black soft top. However, that particular option – along with the Heritage models themselves – are both late availability, meaning that neither is available at launch. In addition to these changes, the 2023 Ford Bronco Wiltrak also gains the previously-optional H.O.S.S. 3.0 suspension system as standard equipment, while a navigation removal option is once again listed for the new model year amid ongoing supply constraints.

As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, 2023 Bronco order banks opened up on August 29th, 2022, while production is currently scheduled to follow at at the Michigan Assembly plant on October 31st, 2022. However, those order banks are not open to new customers – rather, initial orders are being prioritized for current Bronco order holders. Orders will then open to all customers next year, regardless of current reservation status. Luckily, the Heritage Edition will live on beyond the 2023 model year.

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  1. Guitarded

    Or they could just go visit a local bodyshop and have their current hardtop painted.

    1. GaryB

      yes true, if color is all that mattered. These are different type of hardtop. Instead of a molded in color honeycombed delaminating hodgepodge hard top, they get a rigid fiberglass top with a gunner port hole. And unlike the MIC HT, you can remove window panels and leave the clam shell on. It seems to be a finer quality and more functional top

      1. Offroader


  2. Deadarmadillo

    And that’s one reason I won’t be buying a Bronco.

  3. Bronco Billy

    Since Ford is only letting existing 2022 Bronco order holders transfer their orders to 2023 Broncos at this point, it sort of makes sense to me that they wouldn’t bother adding a painted black hard-top option yet.

  4. Craig

    This is very disappointing. May consider not converting order. I don’t know about others but waiting on the painted top was reason I didn’t take delivery in 2022. Now painted is reserved for Heritage, what a bunch of bs. If you reserved a painted hard top in 2020/2021 you should get what you ordered.


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