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2023 Ford Escape Gains Standard Mini Spare Tire

For the 2021 model year, the Ford Escape followed a trend that’s become more prevalent in modern vehicles in general – it ditched its standard spare tire in favor of a repair kit, though the automaker continued to offer the spare as an option. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape has gained a mini spare tire in a bit of a reversal after the automaker’s decision to nix that item a couple of years ago.

The 2023 Ford Escape now once again comes standard with a mini spare, or a “donut” as it’s otherwise known. In the meantime, the previously-available Tire Inflator and Sealant Kit has been deleted altogether, which marks quite the shift for the crossover as it prepares to launch with revised interior and exterior styling, along with a larger touchscreen and various other changes to boot.

As Ford Authority reported last week, the 2023 Ford Escape has also ditched the current model’s trim level lineup in favor of entirely new trims, with the plug-in hybrid becoming its own standalone model, while the new-for-the-U.S. Active trim won’t mimic its European counterpart, as it’s merely an appearance package with no additional off-road capability.

Meanwhile, the refreshed crossover won’t be available with Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free highway driving feature, and has also dropped the MyKey feature as well. The 2023 Escape PHEV will not be available with all-wheel drive, while the refreshed crossover won’t offer BlueCruise in any configuration. As Ford Authority reported back in June, order banks for the 2023 Escape opened up on September 19th for select dealers, which will be followed by the start of production on November 1st.

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  1. Robert.Walter

    Nothing like dragging around dead mass.

    Never had any concern about sealant and a mini compressor doing the job.

    1. Mike

      Dead mass? Poor Mary, she is still kicking around and screaming.

    2. Reid Hester Ph.D.

      Until it doesn’t. We caught a broken off key in the tire of our new (then) Chevy Volt. Using the compressor and sealant did little good as the sealant just leaked out of the tear in the middle tread of the tire.

      Since then we’ve always carried a spare tire kit in our cars when we go on trips.

      1. Robert.Walter

        On the average, a flat tire is still a pretty rare occurrence.

  2. Car man

    You don’t typically need a spare tire until you do. That’s the whole idea of a spare. If you use your vehicle within 10 radius of your home around town, you may not need it. But when the car is frequently used outside town area, having a spare is a good “insurance”. I find this notion that a spare is “dead weight” laughable, looking at the average waist line of an American

  3. Kathleen Giacobbe

    bought a new ford 1922 escape 10 miles tire blow out no one had a tire had car towed to ford dealer took 4 days to get new tire i waited 4hrs for help


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