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2023 Ford Maverick Order Banks To Close By End Of This Week

As Ford Authority originally reported in July, 2023 Ford Maverick order banks opened up last week – on September 15th, to be exact – following a bit of a delay, while production was also pushed back several weeks to to November 14th. However, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that 2023 Ford Maverick banks won’t be open for very long, as they’re set to close by the end of this week, in fact.

2023 Ford Maverick order banks will close for new retail orders at some point this week, though a specific date will be provided as soon as possible. This decision was made for two different reasons – demand for the 2023 Maverick has been even higher than expected, while FoMoCo still has a number of unfilled 2022 model year orders to fulfill. Thus, the automaker plans to close order banks early and focus on filling existing orders, though dealers will still be able to order stock units.

It’s unclear why Ford chose to open 2023 Maverick order banks for retail customers in the first place, as 2023 Ford Bronco order banks did not open for new retail orders as the automaker works to fill its backlog of existing orders for the rugged SUV. The 2023 Maverick is also facing a number of supply constraints already, many of which pertain to new packages and features.

Regardless, the 2023 Ford Maverick is set to receive a few changes for its second model year, including the addition of the new Black Appearance Package, while cruise control is now standard on XL trimmed pickups. The new Tremor Off-Road Package adds a unique all-wheel drive system that utilizes a twin-clutch rear-drive unit with a differential lock feature, specially-tuned springs and shocks, upgraded half shafts, a heavy-duty transmission cooler, steel skid plates, unique dark gray anodized 17-inch aluminum wheels, standard all-terrain tires, and various Tremor Orange accents to the pickup. Additionally, the turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost I-4 is now a no-charge option on all trims, though Maverick prices have increased across the board.

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    1. Bryan

      2024 Models

  2. CRCclt

    Hybrid orders close tomorrow. EcoBoost closes on Wednesday. Get your orders submitted with you dealers ASAP. COVP can be collected and done after order bank closes but the order has to be submitted to Ford by 10pm EDT each day respectively.

  3. EP

    Flippers and dealers of non-Ford brands are putting in orders these past few days. They are treating vehicles like concert or sports tickets. Only the financially foolish pay more to get into the show at a premium while the savvy consumer waits for the popularity to wane. The bubble will burst.

    1. grace

      yes, aren’t we lucky to be able to flip these trucks as the rich have done with everything else. I’m proud of reselling my 22 Maverick to Carvana at a 5k profit, it was not a order but on dealers lot, just got lucky. Waiting on my Hybrid to hopefully be built soon, happy to accept 2750.00 offer for the long wait, so I’m 7750 ahead of the game and will be happy to resell another one after my other orders come in. Why not use them for free until your other back orders are being built?

  4. Steve

    To all that have ordered these Mavericks. Have you seen how cheaply these are put together? Just remember what they say,” You get what you pay for”.

    1. Rick

      yes we all know we are not ordering a $50,000 dollar truck. Thanks.

    2. Neil Kynaston

      So just don’t bother. All new car components are” cheap” -as in lightweight,thin and minimal. It is all designed to save weight and still work.

    3. Steve

      I have a 2022 Maverick and so far I’m very happy with it. I think it drives great and is quiet. I also get very good gas milage.

  5. Frank

    question: I got my 2023 order in for the XL and only option was a trailer hitch what kind of ballpark waiting period do you think ?

    1. Jason E

      @Frank, did you get the Hybrid, or EcoBoost? If Hybrid, Ford may or may not pick it up for 2023, and you might be waiting for 2024. If an EcoBoost with the XL trim, it shouldn’t be but 4-5 months, possibly sooner.

    2. Jo

      I was told about 8 months, so likely July 2024. Builds start in November I believe.

  6. ROCKY

    So the XL price jumps 11% ($2200)! What do we get for that extra price? Cruise control, which, by the way, was actually installed but deactivated on the ’22, and we lose the full-size spare. Also, the veteran rebate applies only to recently separated vets. VN vets take it in the shorts again.

  7. Mike

    I have an order for the Hybrid with no options. Maybe I get it before next Summer.

  8. Brad Barefoot

    Maybe if you’d stop trying to be a EV manufacturer, stop building EV’s no one really wants, then you could make Mavrick customers happy by delivering their vehicles … again, stop building the EV no one really wants.

    1. Norman

      Brad, could you be wrong? 2023 Maverick orders are indicating a very high percentage of Hybrid requests…possibly more than they can build. Next year they will have a Plug In which will be even more popular….

  9. Brad Barefoot

    One other thing … every EV built, bumps a Maverick customer aside … Ford you claim to be worried about “damage” to the Ford brand … Well Ford you’re doing the damage, you’re trying to create a market for a product no one really wants … Ford continue to do this … Ford there are companies like Mahindra who have vehicles not sold stateside, they could be watching you right now and making that decision to do what it takes to bring their vehicles here. Their pickup won’t as it looks like currently won’t win ANY beauty contest … but suppose they could bring in a pickup for the same $1,995,00 … well those wanting basic transportation for a work truck, looks won’t matter … availability … value … and oh yes filling a need in the marketplace not being done. A small car named the Volkswagon “Bug” did this in the early 1950’s. History does repeat itself.

    1. CRCclt

      All current Ford EV models are produced in different factories than Maverick… so no “every EV built, bumps a Maverick customer aside” is not true. Not to mention Ford is splitting EV and ICE company models. Global supply chains are still recovering, it took decades to build these before so logically they cannot be shut down almost completely and restarted to the capacity we were used to in a matter of months or even a year.

  10. Michael

    Stop with the anti EV bs. People do want EV’s at an affordable price. I ordered a Maverick Hybrid. I’m looking forward to a Maverick Hybrid plug-in.

  11. Tim

    2023 Maverick orders ending this week? Like many, I really wanted the non plug-in hybrid with AWD , which according to your reports was undergoing test. New ordering doesn’t include such a model and the 2023 ordering window is about to close, which means such a model will not be available until 2024. Ford is losing its first mover advantage as time marches on. Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline will have hybrid models in 2024 and potential new Ford customers will go elsewhere.

  12. David S

    Wild comments – I find it interesting – A truck so popular the window for ordering is really less than a week then you have to wait another year …….. A truck that no other manufacturer has come up with any real competition – wild I tell ya .

  13. Kurt

    Ford should focus on the orders that customers want and not what they think we need.I have seen the same logic close steel mills , sears, Wards and many more. What pays your bills is what you make and slowly bring other products on line. Keep base customers happy

  14. TheQuixotic1

    Put my order in last week for an EcoBoost Lariat. Would have switched my order over to the Escape PHEV if they offered it in AWD with the partial refresh they are giving it for 2023.

    Ford does its best to make non-sensical vehicle trims/pairings. The demand for PHEVs is insane and it seems like they can’t even be bothered to stick their toe in the water. Everyone saw from a mile away that the Maverick was going to be a massive success and they couldn’t accommodate demand. Same with the Bronco and Bronco Sport. They’re letting the Escape, Edge, and Ranger languish as outdated boxes because… reasons?

  15. Skip in GA

    They close today 9/21/22. Source: got mine in this afternoon.

  16. Larry

    I ordered a 2023 Ford Maverick XLT, I gave the dealer $100.00 deposit. Its been a week now and I haven’t got anything from Ford to confirm my order. What now?

  17. Tim hurt

    I too ordered the Maverick XL with the 2.0 and fwd. Process was very easy. Now comes the hard part. The wait! Will we ever get back to “normal”…


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