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2023 Ford Maverick Prices Increase, But 2.0L Fee Dropped

The 2023 Ford Maverick will represent the model’s second year of production, while it remains as popular as ever, with some 2022 model year customers still waiting to take delivery of their new compact pickup. However, new customers looking to purchase a 2023 Ford Maverick will find that prices have increased across the board, though the turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost I-4 is now a no-charge option on all trims, while the all-wheel drive option price has also been changed to reflect that.

2023 Ford Maverick Price Changes
2023 Ford Maverick Price – September 19 2022 Ford Maverick Price – September 19 + / – September 19 Price
XL $22,195 $20,995 +$1200
XLT $24,455 $23,360 +$1095
Lariat $27,955 $26,860 +$1095
2.0 L I-4 EcoBoost $0 $435 $-435
2.0L I-4 EcoBoost AWD $2,220 $2,655 $-435
Destination $1,495 $1,495

Price changes for the 2023 Ford Maverick vary based on trim, but the base XL now starts out at $22,195, which is a $1,200 jump from the previous MSRP of $20,995. Both the XLT and Lariat will be $1,095 more expensive for the new model year, with the former starting out at $24,455 and the latter featuring a base price of $27,955. Destination charges remain unchanged at $1,495. In addition to these price changes, the 2023 Ford Maverick will also be getting a Black Appearance Package for the new model year, while the 2023 Maverick XL is gaining standard cruise control, as Ford Authority reported last week.

The biggest change coming to the 2023 Maverick, however, is the addition of the new Tremor Off-Road Package – which adds a unique all-wheel drive system that utilizes a twin-clutch rear-drive unit with a differential lock feature, specially-tuned springs and shocks, upgraded half shafts, a heavy-duty transmission cooler, steel skid plates, unique dark gray anodized 17-inch aluminum wheels, standard all-terrain tires, and various Tremor Orange accents to the pickup.

However, both the Black Appearance Package and Tremor Off-Road Package are currently supply constrained, along with a number of other options and packages. Regardless, in addition to a delay in order banks opening up, 2023 Ford Maverick production was also pushed back several weeks recently and is currently scheduled to begin at the Hermosillo Assembly plant in Mexico on November 14th, 2022.

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  1. DWH

    It’s confusing that Ford introduces a fantastic new S650 Mustang that will likely be extremely popular, but they can’t fill the pending orders for the 2022 Maverick. It seems like a waste of time placing an order for any Ford products. Somebody tell me why after two years we still have a chip shortage. Something doesn’t add up. My interest for ordering a Maverick has waned realizing that with Ford back logged filling 2022 orders. The 2023 orders when ordering banks open will likely take at least a year to get the vehicle. I’m not following other manufacturers, but it seems that Ford has bigger issues than others filling orders. I’ve decided to pass on a new Maverick, keeping my current vehicle

    1. Ted

      If you look a the sales data, Ford is actually having fewer problems than other manufacturers currently. The entire industry and most electronics industries continue to struggle with semiconductor availability.

      The release of S650 has nothing to do with Maverick as they are designed by different teams and built in different factories, ignoring that S650 won’t be built until the 2024 model year.

    2. Mike

      Me too.

    3. Jordan

      Please stay off the internet gramps. Especially YouTube

    4. DonA

      Sure, because electric vehicles don’t use chips? I’m sure that ALL of the vehicle manufacturers globally are losing many millions of dollars just to help Biden push electric vehicles. And then lithium shortages will be the republican lie to get us back to gas I guess? Sure thing Capt. Conspiracy

    5. Jim

      The chip shortage started with Trump. The electric cars need even more technology to function. We need to manufacture the chips here in the usa for our big 3.

    6. Miike

      Does your brain not work the same as others, or do you just choose to be ignorant? It’s a real question, I am sure that you a smart and able to rationalize an idea, so it must be that you just choose not do. It’s MIND BLOWING

  2. David R. Kerschner

    What is the root cause of all these production issues of the Ford Maverick?? When will production start on the 2023 Ranchero ? Maybe Ford needs a change in their Marketing,Manufacturing and Supplier Management Group!

  3. David R. Kerschner

    Build it ( Maverick and Ranchero) and sales will come!! Ford needs a major change in Upper Management !! Stock price would more than double!

  4. Charles Tate

    So if I don’t order a Maverick this week, I won’t be able to order one later ?

    1. Bill

      It may already be too late. Though, unlike last year, you may actually see Mavericks showing up at dealerships.

    2. Vince

      9/20 was the last day for hybrids. 9/21 is the last day for Ecoboost.

  5. Peter H Aveleno

    I finally got mine.. Ordered 8/21/2021.. Delivered 9/14/2022 XLT w/ Luxury package.
    It’s even more than I expected. I’m glad I waited!

  6. Michael Reese

    Still waiting on my XLT with luxury package ordered 09/22 /21 for the 2022 supposed to start production on 09/22-22 so you don’t know when it will be delivered

  7. Susan

    I missed the window on ordering a 2023 hybrid as I had planned so I take it as not meant to be. I would really rather wait until the Maverick comes in a plug in hybrid. I have a Prius PHEV and I absolutely love it. Most tanks of gas I ave 90+ mpgs

  8. Christopher Newman

    Me too— wanted a hybrid badly but wasn’t aware of the back log— missed the 4 days to order a 2023 too-/ heard about a lot of recalls on them & now am waiting on the new Toyota & Rams all new small hybrid trucks !!!

  9. David C

    I ordered a Maverick XL Hybrid on Sept 17, 2022. I have received a few emails indicating Ford is still experiencing supply issues. No other info. I have not been given a vin or build date? Any suggestions?


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