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2023 Lincoln Corsair Pricing Increased Across The Board

The refreshed 2023 Lincoln Corsair was just revealed this morning, breathing new life into the luxurious compact crossover after it received a redesign for the 2020 model year. With updated styling inside and out, along with a host of new technology features, it was pretty much expected that the 2023 Lincoln Corsair would cost more than the outgoing model, particularly amid numerous price increases incurred by other 2023 model year vehicles – and that’s precisely the case here, too.

2023 Lincoln Corsair Price Changes
2023 Lincoln Corsair Price – September 12 2022 Lincoln Corsair Price – September 12 + / – September 12 Price
Standard $38,690 $36,580 +$2110
Reserve $43,075 $41,410 +$1665
Grand Touring $53,385 $51,810 +$1575
Destination $1,195 $1,195

2023 Lincoln Corsair pricing has increased across the board, with the Standard trim jumping by $2,110 to $38,690, the Reserve moving up $1,665 to $43,075, and the Grand Touring plug-in hybrid variant now starts out at $53,385- $1,575 more expensive than the 2022 equivalent. Destination and delivery charges remain unchanged, however, at $1,195.

For that extra outlay of cash, the 2023 Corsair does gain a few features, including the latest version of the luxury brand’s ActiveGlide hands-free highway driving feature, which includes Lane Change Assist, Predictive Speed Assist, Intersection Assist 2.0, and In-Lane Repositioning. Inside the cabin, shoppers will find a redesigned center stack, a new 13.2-inch infotainment screen with Sync 4, and over-the-air update capability, along with two new interior themes – Smoked Truffle and Eternal Red.

The 2023 Corsair has also dropped the optional turbocharged Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost engine – a change Ford Authority originally reported in early August. That leaves just two powertrain options in the luxury crossover for the 2023 model year – the standard turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost engine, and the 2.5L plug-in hybrid setup present in the Corsair Grand Touring. Order banks for the redesigned 2023 Corsair are open now, with the very first deliveries of the luxury crossover expected to begin in early 2023.

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  1. Mike

    For those prices, I am going to wait on the Grand Touring until the Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV ( or Dodge Hornet PHEV ) is available and see what it is like, and priced like.

  2. Drew Ford Retiree

    Active Glide is an option. So the price increases are not substantiated by that content. The larger center screen and standard full electronic instrument cluster may partially substantiate the price increase, assuming consumers value those changes. IMHO, these price increases are mostly inflation-related.

  3. MJ

    Sure wish they had better interior color options. Most are ugly or boring, amd the headliners are oddly contrasting on the interior choices. Plus way to many dark exterior colors, and a few less exterior colors and more are optional cost . I would never pay for an exterior color, , didn’t I already pay for paint on the car 😎😎
    Alao, why didn’t they offer the regular hybrid? Is it because they all have that fluid leak issue and potential fire issue? Wht cant Ford make better looking vehicles, the interior of the Kia Sportage is stunning. No clunky stick on screen like Ford does

    1. RichG

      No surprise here — another list of harsh complaints about Ford/Lincoln, many of which are true about every car company.

      Paying for the exterior paint? Uh…you do know that just about everyone charges extra for that, right? Yesterday you said you were done with buying Ford products, and here you are again complaining about them — while again pushing the Kia Sportage.


  4. Markii56

    Looking at the picture with the red interior above and noticed that the red on the IP compliments the seating. Why do the door panels do not contain red trim. Looks like a tack-on after thought the owner did after 6 months. The interior color does not flow if not carried to the door panels as well.

  5. Keith

    I don’t like any of those engine choices. I truly wish the Corsair had a 3.5 V6 engine. Sync 4 sounds cool especially with wireless Android auto. I am currently on my 3rd Lincoln vehicle, but I don’t think I’ll be getting a 4th one with these engine choices.


    This matchbox sized vehicle is getting closer to being unaffordable, it’s definitely a poor value for the money.

    1. Joe

      Only if you don’t have it. I don’t think you own a Lincoln.


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