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2024 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition To Gain Peak Blue Paint Option

Slowly but surely, more details regarding the 2023 Ford Bronco are becoming apparent. As recently reported by Ford Authority, orders for the forthcoming model year SUV will not be open to new customers, meaning that only reservation holders who have yet to receive their Bronco will be eligible to receive a 2023 model. There’s also been hints of a Ford Bronco Oates trim level, as well as the 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition, which throws it back to the iconic SUV’s debut 1966 model year. However, there’s one detail about the 2024 Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition that we already know – particularly, one of its available paint colors.

2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Edition In Robin’s Egg Blue

The Blue Oval decided to not only outline the upcoming 2023 Heritage Edition paint lineup, but also explained that the 2024 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition will add a new color upon its debut, stating that “Peak Blue is planned for the 2024 model year,” according to a recent statement. Currently, the Ford Bronco Heritage Limited Edition is available exclusively in Robin’s Egg Blue, but will also become available in Yellowstone Metallic in the near future. This is the first official piece of information about the 2024 Ford Bronco to come to light, and confirmation that the new trims will last beyond 2023.

Interestingly, the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition will be offered in Peak Blue right out of the gate, instead of having the color withheld for a future model year. It’s also worth noting that no photos of Peak Blue have been released as of this writing.

As a reminder, the 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition is based on the Big Bend trim and is outfitted with the turbocharged Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost engine and standard seven-speed manual transmission or optional 10-speed automatic. The Bronco Heritage Limited is based on the Badlands. Standard on this model is the twin-turbocharged Ford 2.7L V6 EcoBoost and 10-speed automatic. These powertrain options are expected to continue for the 2024 Ford Bronco.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. 2 people, Rick &Sharon French J. French

    Having had Broncos since my first new one in 1968, I’ve had 7 E.B.s and 1 Bronco2. Really glade to see colors offered one new models similar to 1960s & 1970s! Ford has done its homework in recreating “Throwback style” Broncos! We have a 1967 E.B. that’s resto mod ,P.S. Auto,4wheel disc’s ,But still 289V8. The more we see the new styles the more we like em!

  2. G

    Oh Lord, FORD can take a decent model and make it uglier. Retro or not. Its bad enough they make the “Sport” editions.

    1. H

      It’s mostly the red badging up front that ruins it for me.

  3. Chaz

    Why do you not like the sport editions. I think they are a nice featured vehicle.

  4. Todd Sowerby

    F O R D….Just build the Broncos that folks have already ordered. Tell your Dealerships to Stop Price Gouging over MSRP as a Shareholder it really makes the company look bad.

  5. Bibs

    I get alot of compliments on my sport, I had work hard and save my money to buy it. I couldn’t Afford the BIG bronco. Love the retros

  6. Robert Schneider

    In December I will have waited 2 years for my Bronco Badlands Sasquatch. I’ve had my build date changed 3 times. Frustrating to say the least.


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