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Another Ford PowerShift Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed

The much-maligned Ford PowerShift transmission has been the subject of numerous lawsuits, dating back several years at this point. Early on, owners of 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012- 2016 Ford Focus models equipped with the dual-clutch gearbox complained about slipping, bucking, jerking, premature wear, and hesitation while changing gears, issues that numerous technical service bulletins failed to resolve. In 2020, FoMoCo settled one lawsuit and paid out $77 million while also buying back some models, and it continues to dish out money over this never-ending case. In fact, another Ford PowerShift lawsuit was recently expanded to include later Fiesta and Focus models, and now, yet another class-action lawsuit has been filed over this faulty transmission, according to Car Complaints.

The new lawsuit – Victoria Berghuis vs. Ford Motor Company, et al., which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California by the Law Office of Robert L. Starr, Pomerantz LLP, and Frontier Law Center – alleges that the automaker failed to diagnose and repair PowerShift transmission problems in the state of California, which it claims should have been covered for 15 years or 150,000 miles.

The lawsuit stems from the owner of a 2014 Focus who brought that vehicle to a dealer when it began to experience transmission issues with 77k miles on the clock. The dealer charged the owner a diagnostic fee and Ford ultimately refused to cover the repair under the California emissions warranty, leaving the customer to pay for it out of pocket. As such, the lawsuit includes all partial zero emissions vehicles (PZEVs) in that state for which The Blue Oval has received a zero emissions credit from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

“Ford is engaged in a nefarious scheme to limit its warranty exposure under California’s emissions warranty requirements in violation of California emissions law by unilaterally defining and wrongfully limiting the parts that should properly be identified as parts covered by the California Emissions Warranty and covered for 15-years or 150,000-miles under the CCR,” the lawsuit reads.

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  1. David Dixon

    My wife had two versions of the Focus, a ‘12 and a ‘14 and if I remember got to about 30K miles on both…..and zero problem with either. I drove them on many occasions and didn’t experience any of the afore mentioned issues.
    Guess we were fortunate or it’s limited to a specific build line of systems

  2. Paula

    I had a 2013 Focus and had no issues until 95K, at which point Ford made the repairs and I traded it in. I now have a 2018 Escape and just had the engine replaced for the second time due to cracks causing coolant leaks and compression issues. I’ve owned Ford products for a long time, but ready to move on.

  3. LWAp

    I love how people with anecdotal stories (“I had one and it was fine!”) Come out of the woodwork when stories like this run. These transmissions we’re abysmal and in discovery emails showing Ford knew about the issues were found. To try to suggest that these lawsuits are meritless because you put 30k miles on one of the transmissions in question without incident.

    Ford’s quality issues are terrible and will not be fixed overnight.

    1. Shilo

      I am a single mom that has had to wal everywhere for almost 2 years and I have a 2018 Ford Escape. I have been making pyaments so buying a new car is not in the equation. My very NEW looking car just sits in the parking lot while I am still legally responible to pay insurance on it. So I have been paying almost 400/mo for a car that the engine is gone. Ford has been so rude and not helpful when I call. On top of all this, I paid over 3500.00 in unessary repairs (new transmission)

      1. Nan Willett

        In September 2017 I bought a 2017 Ford Escape EcoBoost 1.5L. I’ve taken it in for all recalls including the Powertrain Control Module and the car has been serviced and maintained regularly. The Auto-Start-Stop stopped working not long after owning the vehicle with no alerts/dashboard warnings. I let that go since I wasn’t crazy about it anyway. Last month, at 29K miles, the engine light(service soon) came on. I took the car to my dealership and they found that it qualified for the FSA 21N12 which was issued in June ‘22. This was due to a cylinder design issue which allowed coolant to leak into the engine. My engine block and all relevant parts. I was not charged for any of the repairs. You can find the published FSA 21N12 details online. It’s interesting that Ford does not list their Ford Satisfaction programs in their customer app FordPass.

  4. Stephanie Barnes

    I have a 2018 for Ecsport with 40,455 miles with Transmission problems the torque converter went bad & 2 weeks later the ignition coil went bad so I know the feeling cars aren’t cheap and you can’t return them. I went to Malloy Ford in Alexandria Poor Customer Service. It was Jerry when I purchased my vehicle and they act like they aren’t suppose to service my vehicle. They made a comment to go as far as to say Jerry is in Leesburg. I’ve been dealing with the since the end of July. Now it the Automatic Start and Stop after they put the torque converter in also.

  5. Anthony DeAngelo

    All l ever owned was Ford’s and never ever had any engine or transmission problems They are the best by far automobile company They just wanna bash Ford cause their always number 1 in sales Cars and trucks . Keep up the great vehicles Ford your the best .

    1. Richard

      Well said, the bigger and better you are the more they will come for you.

  6. Bryan Diez

    You idiots talking about other years and models not having any problems …who cares .. Ford made a crap product , said they would cover to fix it and did not .. they will never get another dime from me!!!! They are criminals ,nothing less!!!

  7. Cindy Trotnic

    I have a 2014 Ford Focus that had a shuddering problem and they told me it was out of warranty and in order to get it repaired I must pay for the labor and price of the dual clutch which cost me $1,900 out of my pocket. I picked up the car on a Friday drove it to my Sons and the Transmission Control Module went out and this part they are unable to get for months so I am without a car. Please add me to this lawsuit or instruct me on how I can be added to this Lawsuit or who I need to contact to get compensation for all I have paid and for a car I cannot drive bec they can’t get the parts. This is a faulty car and needs to be recalled and I need reimbursed. Cindy Trotnic
    2815 Frisco Ave.
    Parsons, Kansas 67357

  8. Lisa

    I bought a 2017 new right out of the dealership since then Ive had 3 clutches and 2 times transmission work most recent is april 2022 once again clutch is going

  9. Lisa

    It was a ford focus se

  10. Patty E

    I have a 2014 Ford Focus that has been at the service dept since Aug 2022. It needs a transmission module that is very hard to get. I am not alone at this Ford service dept waiting and there are thousands of us throughout the US waiting. I have heard of people not getting their cars back for a year. The service dept cannot give me an estimate on when the part will be sent. It is just whenever Ford decides to send them. If anyone from Ford reads this, please send a few to Classic Ford in Galveston. I would like my car back before my tires rot and my battery needs to be replaced.

  11. Betty Rike

    Betty October 27,2022 at 10:53AM
    I have a 2018 Ford Focus that has been at the service dept since Sept 2022. It needs a transmission module that is very hard to get. I am not alone at this Ford service dept waiting and there are thousands of us throughout the US waiting. When the part will be in is unknown. My car as well will be ruined and is Ford going to pay for that? I doubt it. They need to be exposed to the world and in Newspapers and on the news of the television. Also complain to the Better Business Bureau. We are the victims!!!! What a nightmare!

  12. Sherry Massey

    I am shaking my head….. How is it that the owners and drivers only received $ 20 or upto $2500 when many of them are sitting on the debt of an useable vehicle. Meanwhile, the attorneys received $8 million dollars plus $320,000 in costs. Ford should owe WAY more to the consumers. Shame on both the attorneys and Ford!
    I am a 2013 Ford Focus Driver stuck with a $8000.00 loan balance. I replaced the engine, only to discover it also needs a transmission.
    The car has been in drivable since November 2019. I have receive NOTHING! Visited the dealership minimum of three times for the Dual Clutch Transmission. And, I do not qualify for a repurchase or buy back. Unbelievable

  13. Sherry Massey

    If anyone knows how to help…. I am ready to talk!

  14. Jay

    I also have a 2018 Ford Focus that is under 50k miles but already having transmission and mechanical issues. The warranty has expired as of two weeks ago and their now requiring I pay out of pocket for those expenses when there has been a recall on my vehicle, simply not my VIN. I’m ready to take apart in a class action lawsuit as I know of a few that are pending and legal representation, I just don’t also want to lose all of my money… This is a nightmare as Ford as well as dealerships are not taking accountability and I have to pay for something that is an internal issue!

  15. Amanda

    God bless you all. Just went though this worh our stupid 2012 Fiesta. Sat at the Katy Ford for 3 months waiting on that dang tcm

    We were in hell. Talked to the BBB had corporate involved. It was a nightmare. Lies after lies after lies.

    Just for it in under the extended 10 year warranty.

    And forget about rental lol. Haha. Joke.
    Ford should give us all new cars. They gave screwed us all.

  16. Kathy Grossen New Waterford Ohio

    I have 2016 Fiesta 4 door sitting at Ford with transmission control module!! Doesn’t run it’s been there for 6 months!! Bad customer service local and Detroit!! Help me!!!

    1. Rhonda Sherrill

      Same happened to my 2015 Fiesta. Transmission module. Took it back and got 2019. Still has shuddering,shuddering problems.

  17. Carolyn long

    2014 Ford focus SE had it in Ford shop a lot. Two & half months waiting on part TMC. New battery also.Drove a few miles had to return it. Needs clutch assembly. Ford asking 2500 to fix. ( May not last a year) Got two other options they want touch it. ( Want last long they said) Now my only car sits.
    Please send my Eleven Thousand dollars back. Thank you
    Carolyn , Wytheville Va

  18. Melanie

    I purchased a 2017 Ford Explorer about 6 months ago and the transmission went completely out. It will cost 4000 to replace it and I have 3 kids and can’t afford it so I’m paying 600 a month for a vehicle I can’t drive. It should be illegal for Ford to do this to customers. I will never buy another Ford.

  19. Andrea Rainford

    How can I file a lawsuit against Ford for my 2013 Ford Focus that never focus? Ford Customer Care denied me twice to fix my car when they knew what the issue is.

  20. Andrea Rainford

    They change the clutch twice and whatever they did didn’t work. I had the same problem going forward. Shaking as if the car about the shut off in traffic or at a stop light. Jerking, grinding noise. Acceleration problem which can cause a major problem in traffic. I was told when I went back for the same problem during Covid that the warranty was expired. Really! Ford, you knew about this issue. Why are you waiting for major disaster to take place for you to really do something for your customers that purchase these cars in good faith. It’s unconscionable for you to treat your loyal customers like this. All we want is for you to take responsibility for selling these defective cars that leave us stranded.

  21. Rachel Metea

    How do I join the class action? My 2017 Focus has less than 18,000 miles, and the clutch is bad. The dealership charged me $3000 for a temporary fix, and said the transmission will go as soon as the weather gets warm again.

  22. Bill

    Is there a Class Action Lawsuit active addressing the TCM Unit shortage?

    And or also to address the hardship- pain and suffering of we the consumer?

  23. Starlette English

    Is there a current (meaning 2023 lawsuit) again Ford for the faulty transmission control module in certain Ford vehicles, specifically the 2014 Ford Focus? I have one that has been in the shop on 4 separate occasions for the TCM. The first was taken to Heritage Ford in Modesto because it would jerk when I accelerated. The last three times I have taken it back to the dealership where I purchased the vehicle, Phil Waterford Manteca Ford. The last time was just last month (July 2023) to have the TCM replaced once again. Ford refuses to buyback the vehicle. I was referred to the BBB Auto Line Program to file a claim, which was rejected even before I could submit the required supporting documentation. The reason given was that since there is a class action lawsuit against Ford, that makes my claim ineligible. I am not a part of that lawsuit because it was completed back in 2020. That is why I am asking if there is a current class action lawsuit that I can join.

  24. Juliet

    I purchased a 2016 Ford Focus brand new and 4 years driving it, it started jerking on and off and grinding. Took it to Ford for a diagnostics and was told nothing wrong with it. I took it to another shop for a second opinion and same result. Three weeks ago it died by the Ford service center after starting to jerk again and I was told I need a new transmission $5,500. Those transmissions are faulty. 7 years is all this car has lasted and I still owe on the darn thing. Going back to Chevrolet, that car lasted many years and died at 364000 miles. That was a good car!

  25. Lakeisha Young

    I have a 2016 ford focus and the transmission went out. I only have no more than 143000 on it and the transmission went out. The ford dealership here in Fresno California trying to charge me $6000 to replace it. Ummmm that’s a new car. I’m not paying $6000 to replace that transmission I just bout the car not even 2 years ago🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ this sucks big time.


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