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Check Out The Ford Maverick Lighting At Night: Video

The Ford Maverick has proved itself to be one of the most highly sought-after pickups currently on the market, having dominated its competitive segment in the second quarter of 2022Ford Authority was able to test the small pickup, and we took it out in the dark to get an in-depth look at how the Maverick’s lighting elements perform in a nighttime setting.

2022 Ford Maverick

First up, we take a closer gander at the 2022 – 2023 Ford Maverick XL headlights, beginning with the daytime running lamps. The amber lights also serve as the pickup’s turn signals and hazard lights and are set within the regular forward lights. The two outermost lights serve as the primary headlights, throwing plenty of bright LED light across the road in front of the truck. There’s an amber marker light set into the front bumper as well.

When the high beams are illuminated, they activate the third LED within the cluster at the bottom of the headlights, giving an excellent field of view in the dark. The headlights are arranged in The Blue Oval’s signature “C-clamp” design, though the lighting strip across the top of the headlights does not illuminate.

Moving to the rear, the center high-mount bed lighting is incandescent, not LED, but still gives plenty of light for the vehicle’s bed. The taillights are also incandescent, and feature an interesting texture separator. The reverse light is positioned in the middle of the taillight clusters, and the license plate lights are bright LEDs, which provides a little bit of light for the ground beneath it.

Inside, the Ford Maverick interior lights are LEDs, delivering a bright white glow for the cockpit and second row for ease of visibility inside the pickup. From here, it’s easy to see how well the forward-facing headlights perform at night, granting a healthy field of vision even in the darkest environments.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Claude gentsch

    Love my 2022 MAVERICK.
    Why no cruise controll. ?

    1. Jon

      because you didn’t order it with cruise control?

  2. Christopher A. Ash

    When can I order one ?

    1. Maverick Owner

      Tentative date is supposed to be September 15th, but it can be subject to change.

      1. Reply
  3. TOM

    every night i go outside to look at my Maverick in the dark, problem is i can’t see it, oh that’s right Ford can’t build it, 9 months and still counting, nothing, absolutely nothing point is you can’t see what you ain’t got. BUILD THE TRUCKS!!!

    1. Jack Verit

      Just buy an old Sport-Trac and call it a day. It’s a better-looking vehicle and just as practical.

  4. Jack Verit

    This “truck” is a joke. Even Ford’s own promotional pictures show how useless the tiny bed is. Once again, they force a ridiculous four-door king cab on every buyer at the expense of usefulness.

    1. Sparky

      And yet, it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Not being forced on me at all.

      1. Jack Verit

        Gobbling up what’s forced on you doesn’t mean it wasn’t.

        Try to order a two-door Maverick.


        1. Don

          The Maverick perfectly fits what I’m looking for. Nobody is forcing me to order a Maverick. I want a small 4 door pick up with a small utility size bed that can carry up to 5 passengers. You mentioned 2 door trucks. Considering most use their pickup truck as a family hauler with a bed. 4 doors trucks have basically replaced 2 door versions.

    2. Patrick Ford

      And yet they sell every one they build, with a waiting list. Maybe you aren’t as smart as you think you are.

      1. Will Begwich

        There was a waiting list for Yugos, too.

      2. Jack Verit

        Actually, there’s a sufficient supply of consumers who are as dumb as I think they are.


  5. G

    Sadly, LED lighting only in the front, but not in the rear (not counting the license plate light)? FORD obviously doesn’t have a better idea.

  6. Rob M

    I have to hand it to Ford for building a small truck.
    I don’t care for the C clamp light design
    Although the blacked out grill looks a lot better because you don’t notice that ugly bar that runs through the middle of the grill.
    Why is it when companies build low cost vehicles they spend so much time making them look low cost.
    A bit of bold styling would go a long way to make this truck look so much better.
    Ford needs a new design team. Maybe the Mustang gays could spice it up a bit.
    This little truck needs a bit more attention from Ford.

  7. Tim Anderson

    Will the price be as advertised/ordered or inflated on delivery?

    1. TOM

      that will probably be between us and the shady dealerships, from what i’m hearing Ford is leaving us to fend for ourselves on price security. as long as Ford gets their dealership cost they’re happy and the rest is on us, now i hear the rail freight costs are about to explode so get ready for it, go to the store for lube!!

  8. Steve Kotalik Proud Maverick Owner

    You all are b!tching about something you don’t own. I do own an xlt hybrid and waited 10 months for it and I love it. Bought it instead of another sedan. This vehicle is not for you truck guys but for the rest of us who are thrilled to have a truck bed to haul with and a 4 door so others can ride with me. There are so many things I love about this truck price,equipment,ride,fuel mileage and the fact knowing that all you b!tching about how bad it is don’t own one and I do. So don’t go giving your opinion on something you don’t own.


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