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Ford Announces Disaster Relief Response To Hurricane Ian

Ford has historically been one of the first companies to spring into action when disaster strikes, sending Ford F-150 pickups equipped with its 3.5L PowerBoost V6 and Pro Power Onboard to help out following a string of tornadoes in the midwest, as well as PowerBoost and Ford F-150 Lightning pickups following flooding in Kentucky earlier this year, providing financial relief for victims of historic winter storms in Texas, extending employee pricing to folks that lost their vehicles to flooding after Hurricane Ida, and offering disaster relief extension to customers in Colorado, who recently suffered from historic wildfires. Now, Ford has announced a disaster relief response to Hurricane Ian, which just ripped through Florida on is now on its way up the Southeastern U.S.

Ford, Ford Pro, and Ford Fund are working with emergency response organizations, nonprofit partners, local Ford dealers, and regional team members to deliver support to communities in need. Ford and Ford Fund have already taken a number of actions, including activating an emergency response plan and calling on local Ford employees and Ford dealers to help transport displaced victims of the storm to Salvation Army pop-up shelters.

Additionally, Ford Fund is donating $1 million to the American Red Cross, Team Rubicon, ToolBank USA, World Central Kitchen, and various local food banks, each of which is already on the ground in the area providing meals, shelter, and assisting with the clearing of roads for emergency personnel in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

Ford will also be deploying and loaning F-150 PowerBoost and F-150 Lightning pickups and Transit and E-Transit vans for nonprofits to use and power their relief efforts. Meanwhile, Existing Ford Credit and Lincoln Automotive Financial Services customers affected by the hurricane may be able to defer up to two payments. For more information, customers can go to or, or call 800-723-4016. Ford is also encouraging those that are able to do so to donate their own money or volunteer their time to any of the non-profits to aid in cleanup efforts.

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  1. crabbymilton

    More self important diversionary tactics from lousy quality and customer serivce.

    1. Bill C

      So you would rather that Ford didn’t send help ???
      This isn’t a time to crab about “diversionary tactics from lousy quality and customer serivce”.
      Put yourself in the place of anyone who was devastated by Ian and I’m sure you would welcome what Ford is doing.

      1. Crabbymilton

        I just don’t see what good that will do by sending electric pickup trucks. How are they gonna recharge them with the power being out? Just because I’m not a member of your FORD cult doesn’t necessarily mean I’m wrong. But whatever.

    2. Robert.Walter

      Go take a look in the mirror and be ashamed of yourself crabby.

      1. Crabbymilton

        Why? I’m just as charitable as anyone else. Why does FORD have to send electric vehicles? ICE trucks would be better under these circumstances. But they made a special point of showing off the EV’s in this sad case.


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