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Ford Bronco Among Top New Vehicles Being Priced Over MSRP

With demand far exceeding production capacity since the day it launched, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco has been a commonly marked-up vehicle on the new market, as well as one that sells for far more than its MSRP on the used vehicle market as well. For the 2023 model year, order banks are not open for new retail orders either, which is only compounding the problem for those looking to purchase a Ford Bronco. Thus, it doesn’t come as a big surprise to learn that the Ford Bronco remains one of the top new vehicles that’s priced over its original MSRP, according to new data from iSeeCars.

After analyzing 1.9 million new car listings, iSeeCars discovered that the average new vehicle is priced at 10 percent above MSRP. However, there are quite a few models that exceed that percentage by a significant amount, including the Ford Bronco. The rugged SUV is selling for 21.6 percent or $8,697 more than MSRP, on average, which is good enough to rank fifth on this particular list. The list is topped by the Bronco’s chief rival – the Jeep Wrangler – which is selling for a slightly higher 24.4 percent or $8,433 over its sticker price.

“The Ford Bronco has been in high demand since its debut last year, and this demand has exceeded supply as inventory shortages have led to long waitlists and frequent dealer markups for the vehicle,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “Ford closed the order books for the 2022 Bronco in May and began taking orders for the 2023 version in late August.”

“Dealers have responded to market conditions by pricing cars above MSRP making a higher profit on specific models to help offset lower sales volumes from restricted new car production,” Brauer added. “In today’s market, consumers are willing to pay well-above sticker price for new cars because inventory is so scarce and because they know that new car pricing is not expected to improve until 2023 at the earliest.”

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  1. John Rainey III

    A few months ago Fort authority posted that there is a problem with the flat towing of the Ford bronco. You said that those are software update needed, my question is has Ford addressed this at all and have they come up with an update? My local Ford dealer seems to know nothing about this issue. Thank you.

  2. Dave

    Farley needs to go! He needs to be replaced with someone who will actually take action and hold dealers accountable. Bring customer service back at Ford.

  3. finalley99

    Ford said they would discipline dealers that over charge customers awhile back by restricting inventory of those offending dealerships. I’d like to see a list of those offending dealerships published and posted on Ford Authority and like forums.

  4. DB 64

    Cold day in hell before in would pay over sticker on any vehicle.

  5. Earl

    Ford nearly got it write with the GT.

    They need to tell dealers nothing higher than MSRP and vehicles may not be sold or traded until 24 months and 10,000 miles after initial purchase. Limit exceptions to death, repossession, verified loss of drivers license for >12 months.

    1. Robert.Walter

      Telling a customer they can’t sell their mass market, non halo, vehicle for 2 years?

      LoL, that’s called a lease.

      As for a sale, trying to restrict commerce like that on a mass market vehicle will cause customers to walk, more than delays or dealer markups do.

  6. Jess

    Farley is a fool. He makes threats with no teeth. Look on CarGurus and you’ll see tons of Broncos way over MSRP. Have been for over a year. His threats are like farts in the wind. Additionally, it’s obvious that ordering online does not work by the complete debacle that we see in the ordering system now. No quality on the Broncos (leaks, bee-hive tops, body panels that don’t align, 6 cyl that have bad valves, no badging delaying F150’s (didn’t you learn from the chips?).
    I own 10k shares of Ford. The only thing standing in the way of progress is him.


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